True Blood’s Andy Bellefleur Finally Catches a Break

October 8, 2011 by  

The Sheriff’s Hawaiian Vacation:

Chris Bauer, True Blood’s Andy BellefleurAfter watching the tumultuous ending to season four of True Blood, it’s clear that every person on that show could use a nice, long vacation. One person that is finally getting theirs in a big way is Chris Bauer. Now that he’s kicked the V habit, our favorite sheriff is off to the set of the revamped Hawaii Five-0 to film a guest spot on an upcoming episode.

Though the show is a popular crime drama, Bauer will be on the other side of the law this time around. He will guest star as the manager of an off-shore oil rig who runs into trouble when one of his men turns up murdered.

Tune in Monday nights at 10/9c on CBS to see how Bauer fares as a suspect in the popular show.

Source: Vulture – A True Blood Star Will Vacation on Hawaii Five-O

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