True Blood’s Jessica Tuck Opens Up About Nan Flanagan

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True Blood's Jessica Tuck talks about her alter ego Nan Flanagan

Inside True Blood Interviewed Tuck on April 1

Jessica Tuck plays Nan Flanagan, the never speechless (well, unless you pull a King of Mississippi and you wrench someone’s heart out of their chest on live TV) and always fearless spokesperson for the American Vampire League on HBO‘s hit drama True Blood. Flanagan is one of those characters that you don’t always see much of, but when you do, her scenes always stand out. Tuck sat down with Inside True Blood blog‘s writer Gianna Sobol and talked about the fans, life as Nan,and Team Eric vs. Team Bill.

Best Fan Reaction:

“It was very early on in the show, I was at home visiting my family in New York. And New Yorkers don’t really react to actors; I’ve never gotten recognized in the city. People don’t care, they walk around minding their own business. But this guy walked up to me and said “Oh my god! You’re Nan! I love you, man!” And he gave me this huge hug, then kept on walking. And I thought that was so much fun, he dug Nan and that was really nice.”

The Upside of Playing Nan:

“The fact that she has two sides – that upscale, sophisticated Diane Sawyer spokesperson-y side, and then her crass, bitchy…side. I love that I get to play the two extremes.”

Cons of Being Out of the Coffin:

“As the spokesperson for the American Vampire League, I have to behave myself, and that is so boring. I have to tow the party line, though like many of my kind, I fall off the wagon every once in a while.”

Favorite True Blood scene?

“I had a couple of scenes with Alexander Skarsgård, where I got to say things like, “Listen, you whiny little bitch.” It just makes me laugh that he’s ten feet tall and could take me out with the flick of his finger, and I get to scream and yell and threaten him. I had a good time, giving him a piece of my mind.”

Team Eric or Team Bill?

“What do you mean? Where’s the option of Team Nan? I’m not on anyone’s team. They’re on mine… if they’re lucky.”

To read Tuck’s interview in its entirety, please click here.

What do you think Nan will be up to in season four, Truebies? More of the same? Or will we maybe see a different side to the spokesperson?

Source: Inside True Blood – Nan Flanagan: Both Sides of the Issue

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