True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten on his Career and Jason’s Progression During Season 5

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Ryan Kwanten Talks About True Blood’s Fifth Season Finale:

Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) and Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin)

From finishing filming the fifth season of True Blood in May to flying out to London to the Olympic Games more recently, 35-year-old Ryan Kwanten never seems to stop moving. He recently starred in an indie Australian comedy Not Suitable for Children and up next he’ll be working on Sex and Sunsetsa Canadian comedy and “one of the best scripts” he says he’s read in a long time.

With the season finale of True Blood approaching, he notes how his character, Jason Stackhouse, copes when learning about his family’s death:

“It did affect him very profoundly, to the point that it really begins to shift the very fiber of who he is and everything that he thought that he was.”

Adding that this new information impacts Jason for the rest of the season, he also hints that although Jason has evolved as a person through the preceding seasons, he may revert back to his old self with all he is going through now.

This season, Jason is also getting more involved with other characters’ plots such as those of Hoyt and Sookie and the fae people. Kwanten has been loving this, mentioning:

“I love sort of randomly appearing in someone else’s storyline and maybe causing more chaos and more questions than answers.”

Speaking of creating more questions, he also reveals that this season finale will be a “more classic type of finale,” with a cliff hanger at the end rather than the usual True Blood style of tying things up neatly in the last few episodes.

As seen through Jason’s obvious lovable charms and naivety,  Kwanten’s love for good characters is what drives him to each project. Having his great looks and acting versatility gives him lots of opportunity, but he explains:

“I’ve been blessed with True Blood with the great writing, and that is more an inspiration and more what drives me. If a script doesn’t entice me at all, I’ve got no desire to do it because I’m not going to be fully committed to it. On the other hand, if it does drive me, I’ll do whatever I can in my power to make that film a success.”

It’s refreshing to find that Kwanten is happy to be acting for the love of it rather than being role-driven. Thankfully HBO’s True Blood set him up to be in a position of loving what he’s doing and getting paid well to boot.

Can’t wait to see what he creates in the future!

Source: – True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten: Jason is ‘Profoundly’ Affected by Mystery of his Parents’ Death

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