True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Rocks the Mediocre

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Kwanten Opens Up to The West Australian About His New Film

True Blood's Ryan Kwanten plays a not so typical superhero in his new filmThese are definitely the days of the superhero. It seems we’re introduced to a new screen superhero every few months, which is hardly surprising given the billion-dollar business of the Batman flicks and the X-Men franchise, but there’s a new kind of superhero emerging, one that’s a little less super and a bit more mediocre. A mediocre superhero like True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten’s Griff the Invisible.

Griff the Invisible is not your typical superhero movie. It didn’t have a huge budget, it doesn’t have crazy special effects, it doesn’t have over the top costumes, and it only took four weeks to film. Similar to Kick-Ass, whose production was financed independently since no major studio would go near some of its dark and seedy ideas, and The Green Hornet, directed by the uncontrollably imaginative Michel Gondry, Griff is the kind of movie anyone anywhere can relate to. Kwanten, who admitted to being approached by studio executives to play big superhero roles, saw something in Griff that he couldn’t ignore:

“What I liked about Griff was that he isn’t your average superhero. He is full of faults. But who’s to say his reality isn’t better or worse than ours?”

Griff the Invisible follows a sensitive and slightly eccentric young man who, by day, is something of a loner in your typical office environment, where he is either bullied or ignored. However, at night he watches for crime from his state-of-the-art set-up, before suiting up in costume to go to the rescue of whoever needs rescuing. But then, along comes oddball Melody (Maeve Dermody), who is so similar to Griff that it forces him to re-evaluate his life, his past, and his true identity. Our favorite True Blood hillbilly redneck (and Kwanten’s alter ego), Jason Stackhouse, definitely isn’t a superhero, but he did spend much of season four pretending to be a cop, which gave him a huge ego boost and a bit of a superhero swagger. Kwanten filmed Griff in-between seasons three and four, so maybe his stint as the mediocre superhero helped with Jason’s cop swagger.

Griff was shot in Sydney, Australia, allowing Kwanten time to reconnect with old friends and crash at his parent’s house, where he got to sleep on his “old squeaky single bed with the cheesy leopard print sheets”. Right now, life is pretty great for Kwanten. His schedule makes it easy for him to thrive as a breakout star of our favorite vamp drama, while having enough down time to pursue other roles:

“The beauty of it is that I get to explore characters like Griff and Shane from Red Hill in the off-season. It’s no rest for the wicked.”

It’s hard to imagine, but Kwanten’s detour into acting wasn’t intentional. His passion was of the athletic kind, whereas for his two younger brothers, it was of the artistic kind. But in a twist of fate, Kwanten was pulled into one of their auditions, and the rest is history. He spent the next several years playing Vinnie Patterson on Home and Away. Kwanten relates his journey:

“Acting was something I never intended to do. I have a business degree but acting was one of those things that kept knocking on my door. I finally got to a point where the roles slowly got bigger and meatier and I couldn’t deny it anymore. It got to that tipping point where I had to go that business route or take a chance on the acting caper. I asked myself which one would I regret the most and acting shone through.”

It wasn’t easy, either. Kwanten struggled and had a difficult time landing roles and acquiring leads, but it’s hard to deny his natural charm and incredible talent. After struggling for nearly a decade, his mantra, “the harder you work, the luckier you get” paid off.

Griff the Invisible hit theaters in Australia March 17th and is headed to the U.S. in June. Any Truebies seen it yet? Please let us know in the comment section below!

Source: The West Australian – Kwanten a low-key superhero

(Photo Credit: ABC News)