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Dave Walker a TV columnist from “The Times-Picayune” talked with Sam Trammell who plays our favorite shapeshifter Sam Merlotte.  During a recent phone interview with Mr. Walker he discussed Sam’s hometown and  growing up and dealing with his surprising new found fame.  I like the way the article comes across revealing Mr.Trammells laid back personality, and the humbleness in how he deals with being recognized with the wide spread popularity of True Blood.  Since he moved around with his parents, the article focuses more on Sam’s time in Louisiana where the fictional town of Bon Temps exists and also where much of True Blood is filmed.

On living in Louisiana Sam says :

“I remember it being pretty big,” he said during a recent telephone interview. “I went back a few years ago and it’s just so tiny. I remember playing kick-the-can right before dusk. It was such a great neighborhood to grow up in. I also remember going to Mardi Gras parades and just yelling at the people, ‘Give me something, mister!’ That was what I was taught to yell. I think that’s what all the kids yelled back then. I remember the doubloons and the beads. It was really fun, really exciting.”

Also how his life seemed to go full circle:

We shot in and around Shreveport, and one day we were going to shoot this scene and we were driving and driving into the country and all of a sudden we turned this corner and go over this railroad crossing and I realized we were in Doyline.  Doyline is a tiny town where my father’s side of the family all grew up. I have 13 relatives buried in the cemetery.  The scene itself was shot near Lake Bistineau, on land that Trammell’s great-grandfather once owned”.

In Sam Trammell’s words which I felt most revealed what a genuinely nice person he is on the subject of being recognized he stated:

“I was in a Starbucks and one of the baristas sort of was looking at me and came up really timidly and asked if I was Sam Trammell. ‘Yeah, it’s just me. I live right down the street. I’m nothing special, but I’m really flattered that you’re so impressed.”  “It’s all exciting. At this point, I’m not even going to pretend that it’s a hassle. It’s awesome. It’s great to be in something that people like.”

It is great that he enjoys his role in the show and where it has taken him, and also that he truly appreciates his new found fame those are the people I believe most deserving of it.

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