Vampire King’s End Game

June 30, 2010 by  

While several new characters have been introduced this season, Russell Edgington is one of the more intriguing ones. In his first episode we found out that he is responsible for kidnapping Bill Compton and that he is working with the werewolves. The big question everyone is asking is why? We know that Russell wants to marry Queen Sophie Anne and unite the two kingdoms but his real motivation for that is unclear. Denis O’Hare, who portrays Russell, tells the New York Post:
“It’s kind of like the old royalty of Europe, where you’d get married to prevent an invasion or form an alliance. [Russell] also takes cues from today’s politics in terms of playing the media. There comes a point later on when he starts using the media to destroy or create something – it’s wonderful.”

Russell’s kidnapping of Bill has set several other exciting plots in motion for this season. Now that Bill has sworn fealty to the King and is giving up Sookie and his life in Bon Temps, what will Edgington have in store for him? According to O’Hare the plans the King has for Bill are constantly changing.

“What’s great about all the characters is that they don’t always know what they’re doing. They have an idea and a plan, but as they go forward, that plan changes. What Russell initially wants from Bill is much smaller. But what he gets throughout his relationship with Bill is information that leads to a much bigger plan. So Russell himself doesn’t always know what he’s doing. There are times when you’ll see him with Eric [Alexander Skarsgard] or Bill where he’ll be dealing lies on at least two different levels – every character is lying about everything. These people are playing a massive game that keeps shifting every episode.”

How will the Queen and Eric react to the news about Bill, and how does Russell plan to get the Queen to marry him? Watching his end game unfold will no doubt make for a great season. O’Hare is also excited to see how the season plays out.

Russell had two very big secrets that paid great dividends for me as an actor. I can’t tell you what they are, but everyone is fueled by overarching motives – for respect, for affection, for food. Whatever drives you, is the same for vampires – they used to be human, so quite often they’re motivated by their nascent human emotions.”

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