Video: Janina Gavankar Talks to G4 About True Blood and Video Games

August 26, 2011 by  

Who Would Guess Janina is a Were-Geek?

Janina Gavankar who plays shapeshifter Luna, on HBO's True BloodGaming fans of HBO’s True Blood are in for a treat with this video of Janina Gavankar talking to G4! While we may know her as Luna, the shapeshifting girlfriend of Sam Merlotte, this talented actress has many other fascinating sides to her.

Not only does Janina act, but she is an avid gamer who not only confesses to being OCD when it comes to completing video games, but she is close to finishing Portal 2 and Assasin’s Creed.

But wait, it gets better. She is also an accomplished musician, being trained in classical piano and orchestral percussion, as well as singing. Can this girl do everything?

Make sure you check out the full video interview of Janina in all her glorious geekdom!

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Source: G4 TV – Janina Gavankar Talks True Blood, Video Games & More

(Photo Credit: G4 TV)