Video: Ryan Kwanten Talks About True Blood, Australia, and Red Hill

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Red Hill Opens in Theaters November 5, 2010

Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, talks about his new movie, his homeland, and being naked.In an interview with KTLA TV in California, Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, chats about being scantily clad, Australia, and his new film, Red Hill.  Throughout the four minute clip, Kwanten’s relaxed nature and playful humor are on prominent display.

Kwanten revealed that the cast of True Blood will start filming Season 4 on the first of December and feels “very very proud and blessed” to be a part of such a successful show.  He laughed at the nudity questions, simply saying that “I don’t feel like it’s nudity for nudity’s sake…it always feels like it’s (for) a story point.”

A Chance to Play a Real Cop

Kwanten’s new movie, Red Hill, is a western drama set and filmed on his home turf of Australia.  He plays Shane Cooper, a police officer that moves to a small country town and immediately gets tangled up with a pack of vicious outlaws.

Critics have seen it and are calling it Australia’s answer for No Country for Old Men.  We very much have our own version of the Wild West and anyone who knows an Australian or knows of an Australian knows that we are inherently wild in nature.  So, this story captures, I guess it goes back to the western style, the Clint Eastwood style of film making and puts it into an Australian setting.

Leaving Australia

Growing up right outside Sydney, Kwanten spoke about relocating to the U.S. eight years ago and how, even though he doesn’t necessarily consider the U.S. to be home, it is “a home.”

It’s considered a right of passage for us (Australians) to go traveling, y’know, even if you’re penniless you’re pretty much booted out of the country at a certain point just to go and at least see the world and appreciate what you have and I just happened to come here and stay here.

Red Hill will have a limited release in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, November 5, 2010.  The movie premiered in the U.S. this week and CraveOnline was giving away five free tickets to a special screening on October 25th.  Did any Truebies win the tickets?  Any teasers for the rest of us that won’t get to see the movie until it’s released more widely?


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