Video: Stephen Moyer Sends Fans a Personal Thank You

April 26, 2012 by  

Facing the Atlantic Fundraiser:

Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton on True Blood)Stephen Moyer, who plays Vampire Bill on HBO’s True Blood, would like to personally thank his fans for helping the fundraiser, Facing the Atlantic. Overall, approximately $21,000 was raised.

Moyer and his mate Bertie Portal made a video for all of the participating fans who helped fundraise and support Facing the Atlantic.

On the fundraiser, AllStephenMoyer said:

“Facing the Atlantic is the most thrilling fundraiser we have done so far. It was exciting to follow the journey of Bertie and James, with all its ups and downs and we couldn’t have been more happy when they set foot on Barbados after 63 days on the Atlantic Ocean.”

In an email, Moyer said:

“…finally – FINALLY – I have had to reload the whole bloody thing. Can’t thank you guys enough for everything you and everyone on your respective websites have managed to raise…
Bert is gobsmacked by the level of commitment you put in…
I’m at work, and have just spent the entire last hour and a half trying to load this again, so now I’m off many thanks again.
See you all soon
…There is a glitch in the middle of the video where we were discussing how much money you lot had raised which I didn’t realise hadn’t recorded until I was back in the US… bloody annoying.”

Thanks for all of the help Truebies! Don’t forget (wait, how could you?) season 5 of True Blood premieres on June 10.

To watch the video, check out the link below!


Source: AllStephenMoyer

Photo: HBO