Video: True Blood’s Pam is “Completely Unapologetic”

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Kristin Bauer Dishes on her ‘Meaty’ Vampire Role:

PamSeason4TrueBloodSpellboundThe beautiful and self described “softie” Kristin Bauer Van Straten sat down with Wired during Comic-Con, sharing with us about her her role as Vampire Pam.

“Pam is the most unapologetic vampire. She’s happy to be a vampire, she was done with humanity, so it’s a very clear, simple character as opposed to being myself – you know, human. Everything is so complex, nothing is black and white in our lives. For Pam it’s very black or white.”

But is Kristin like her character Pam? She explains:

“I am such a softie, I cry about 30 times a day and somehow to play this relentless bitch is so much fun. I can’t even explain that to you.”

It’s easy to see that Pam doesn’t have to watch her words, or worry about being accepted. Even with her rotting face this season, Pam – and Kristin – take the Witchs’ spell in stride.

“It was really challenging, but really meaty for me – no pun intended.”

Check out the full interview below:

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