VIDEO: What Does Being Part of True Blood Mean to the Cast?

August 18, 2014 by  

Watch as the True Blood Cast Get Asked This Question and Are Speechless:

#RIPTrueBlood vidoFor us truebies, there is a horrible bittersweet moment about to occur: the end of True Blood. We have been steeling ourselves against the inevitable. Enjoying the final season but also sad at all the ‘lasts’  we’ve had; the last first episode, the last promo video, the last Comic Con…

But what of the cast members? They have been a part of this family for just as long as we have, for some, even longer as production started well before we witnessed that very first episode. So, how do they cope with the end of an era such as True Blood? You can find out by watching this video below when the cast are asked the question: ‘What does being a part of True Blood mean to you?’ But, be warned, you WILL need tissues…

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Source: YouTube – True Blood Season 7: No Words (HBO)

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)