Alexander Skarsgard Talks about Being Insecure

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Alexander Skarsgard Tails for WhalesWeek after week, viewers have watched Alexander Skarsgard play Eric Northman, who is both arrogant and great with the ladies on HBO‘s True Blood. Alexander,on the other hand, says that he is not like that in life at all. He actually goes as far as to admit that he is at times insecure.

“I’m insecure, like most people. I have days where I feel like the ugliest person on the planet. It’s not like I walk in a room and go, ‘Yeah, f**k I’m hot!’ Totally not.”

Alexander, who is supposedly dating Kate Bosworth right now, also admitted that when he was younger he didn’t have much luck with girls. Even though he was a child star, he remembers that he didn’t get a lot of attention and wasn’t overly popular. Even as an adult, he has not embraced the Hollywood scene and is not known for dating starlet after starlet. Alexander says that while he does like to go out and have a drink, he mainly drinks to get intoxicated, and not so much to network.

“I have a tendency to drink like a Viking. In England or Sweden, people go out to enjoy themselves, not to network. The good thing about my drunkenness is I don’t remember it. I’ve woken up in a few weird places when I was young. Like in the woods.”
Could you please tell me what woods?

See Alexander back for the final episode of Season 3 next Sunday on HBO.

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  • Sandy

    Didnt take to much for me to get intoxicated the other night haha! 2X 24ounce dark brown ale (keep forgetting the name – lighter than Guinness and much better than American beers) and I had to have my friend walk over to drive us to get some food. Then someone tried to sell me f’ing crack cocaine while I was in the drive-thru! I swear my cousin and I find ourselves in the weirdest positions at times. He’s out touring from Australia and was in town.


  • val

    Be very careful with “intoxication” Alex-it can come back and bite ya!(Been there done that)!!!We love ya too much to see you get hurt-you are our Viking Prince!