Charlaine Harris Says Sookie Stackhouse Series Will End

February 20, 2011 by  

Now Leaving Bon Temps

Dead ReckoningThe book series that started it all, the Southern Vampire Mysteries, will be coming to an end after two additional books. The next addition to the series, Dead Reckoning is due out in May.

Sookie Stackhouse’s creator Charlaine Harris expressed to the LA Times Blog, Hero Complex that she is ready to write something else. Since HBO began airing True Blood two years ago Harris has had little time to focus on other projects due to publicity engagements related to the vampire show.

Worlds Beyond Sookie

But fear not fans of Charlaine’s work! Just because she’s ready to leave Bon Temps in the world of fiction doesn’t mean she’s ready to give up the vampires. Another female vampire by the name of Dahlia Lynley-Chivers has recently come into the spotlight. Having originally appeared in some of Harris’ short stories, Dahlia is now the star of her own game entitled Dying for Daylight which is now available on The game centers on her quest to find the secret of how her kind can walk in the sunlight and how she has to search all over New Orleans to find it. To those Truebies who have seen season three of True Blood in its entirety, the premise may sound familiar.

Computer games aren’t the only things Harris’ characters are appearing in. IDW released the True Blood comic series last year and a volume of the first six issues came out this past week. Harper Connelly, another one of Charlaine’s heroines will also be brought into the comic fold and in addition CBS is looking into giving the character her own TV series.

On True Blood

Speaking of TV series, how does Charlaine feel about True Blood? While she did admit to being a bit overwhelmed by the show’s sometimes graphic (and sexual) nature she is proud of the series and the actors:

“I think all the actors are very fun,” she said. “I think Alan’s genius lies in picking the right person for the right role. They’re all talented and doing a great job. There are some plot lines that have surprised me, but I know that they know where they’re going — I just don’t know because it’s not where I went. So I can only wait to see what’s going to develop.”

Well Charlaine we can’t wait to see what your next project will be and like you we’re also excited to see where True Blood goes next!

Source: LA Times’ Hero Complex– “‘True Blood’ Too Draining?: Charlaine Harris Says Sookie Stackhouse Novels Must End”

(Photo Credit: Ace Publishers/Charlaine

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  • Anonymous

    I love this series and hate for it to end…but I can’t wait to see who Sookie ends up with!!! It’s been a wild read up to this point, just hope Charlaine has some great idea’s for the remaining. 😉

  • ~ Caitlin

    It seems like it takes longer for the post to show up because the one post didnt show up until I logout and back in. Oh well.

    Origionally, CH planned for the books to end at 10. Due too the success of TB they wanted her to write three more. I did think Dead in the Family seemed a little off. It was more of aa filler book. I don’t think it was CH fault because she had to rework the book because of the extended contract. I still liked it though. As much as I love these books I think 13 is a good number to end them. I would rather them end on a good note then to drag them out and dislike them. It probably could have ended at 10 or 11 even. It does seem like CH is ready to be done with them but they convinced her to write 3 more. Plus I don’t want to have to wait years to find out how the books end. CH could always write some novellas/short stories after the series ends. I would love to see a Eric/Pam novella about their time together before they came to Bon Temps.

    • ~ Caitlin

      It worked faster that time when I posted

  • Jaxx

    Caitlin, someone posted these directions and they worked. I’ll pass them along to you too. Go to Edit your profile -> Profile -> in the information section change your Full Name to “Caitlin” and save.


    Isis or anyone know, do we not get emails anymore when someone comments or replies to you??? I liked getting the emails.

    • Jaxx – in order to get reply email, Goto Edit your profile -> Notifications-> Check to ‘Enable Send me Notifcations’ nable email and also in Personal settings, check the ‘Notify me of replies to my comments’.

      Also unlike the old way, you can simply ‘reply’ to the email notifications your comment reply will be posted here in the comments area without accessing the blog. See screen below.

      • Jaxx

        Thank you once again. I will try that now. 🙂

      • Jaxx

        Thank you once again. I will try that now. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hi jaxx,
    Your not alone. I was confused to. I guess my name was in the system from before so I had to add a 7. I don’t know how to edit it to get rid of the 7 not that it’s a big deal though.

  • Jaxx

    I totally agree. Dead in the Family was my least favorite of the series, although friends of mine have told me to re-read it and try it again. They liked it better the second time around. I’ll have to re-read it before Dead Reckoning comes out.

  • I think the last book said it all – she has lost interest for this series. Best end on a high.

  • No! Say it ain’t so!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry people, I don’t know what I’m doing on this new forum and how do I get my old name back????

    • Hey Jaxx, you need to sign up for a Disqus account, I believe. I had to do it earlier myself… New system, and we’re all getting used to it.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Isis, sorry, I’m technologically challenged. LOL. I did sign up but when I tried to use just “jaxx”, I guess someone must already have it??? I had to use “jaxxb” now. No big deal, I guess.

  • Anonymous

    While I love the Sookie Stackhouse series, I do think it’s time for it to come to an end. I’d like to find out once and for all who Sookie ends up with, if anyone at all.

  • Guest

    While I love CH’s books, I think she should end the series at 13. We need to find out once and for all what the fate of Sookie Stackhouse is. Who will she end up with, if anyone.

  • Wanner

    how sad!!