Charlaine Harris Talks Sookie Stackhouse and True Blood

March 22, 2010 by  

Ahead of a tour in Australia later in the year, Sookie Stackhouse author Charlaine Harris answered a few questions for a literary blog about her popular books and Alan Ball‘s hit HBO show True Blood.

When asked how the character Sookie came to be, Charlaine explained it was her attempt to change her career and to write a whole new type of novel dealing with the paranormal.

Charlaine was asked about her opinion on Alan Ball‘s take of her books and characters for True Blood.

“My input lay in writing books. After that, I knew the wise course was to let Alan‘s expertise and experience take over. From our conversations, I knew Alan was tuned into the feel and tone of the books, and since his genius lies in casting, I trusted him. I think Anna and Stephen are fantastic in their roles.”

Charlaine goes on to discuss her relationship with fellow vampire writers Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Stephenie Meyer and states that she and Anne Rice do exchange emails and she knows that Ms. Rice is a big fan of the TV show.  In regards to Ms. Hamilton she states that they have a friendly relationship but has never met Ms. Meyers, “who has said repeatedly that she does not read other writers in the genre.”  Charlaine feels that all of the writers are inspired by each other in some ways and as she states, “I’d like to think we all lend each other some energy in our works.”

She’s was also asked about the creative license Alan and the writers have taken with some of the characters and plot.

“Oh, it’s been fascinating. Obviously, the series has to delve into the background of some of the other characters so Anna won’t have to be on-screen all the time, and I love not knowing what I’m going to see next.”

Charlaine also mentions that she would like to try something different in her writing when she will have some free time, but at the same time, she still proclaims her love for her Sookie stories.

True Blood‘s appeal knows no borders. When does season three start again?


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