Charlaine Harris Talks About Her Favorites From True Blood

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charlaine_smCharlaine Harris chatted with the folks at recently, while attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Ga. In case you don’t know, Charlaine Harris is the author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels that inspired Alan Ball to create the HBO series True Blood. If you’ve never read them, you really should!

She named Sookie as her favorite character when asked, but was quick to add that she enjoyed writing about all of the characters she created because she felt they were all a part of her. She went on to say that other than Sookie, her favorite characters were Amelia Broadway (a witch who appears in the novels, but has yet to be seen on True Blood) and Vampire Pam (played by Kristin Bauer). As Charlaine explained it, Alan Ball’s intention with the True Blood series was to adapt and shoot one Sookie Stackhouse novel per season on HBO. She said Alan made it clear that the series would likely take on a life of its own. She continued:

“Alan Ball explained that because Sookie wouldn’t be able to carry the entire series on her own, other characters would have to become more developed. Hence Lafayette not being killed in season one, even though he was killed in the first novel, Dead Until Dark. This also explains why the character Jessica Hamby played by Deborah Ann Woll was created and why Tara Thornton played by Rutina Wesley has become a main character in the True Blood series.”

So what did Charlaine say when asked who her favorite character on True Blood was? Well, she quite diplomatically praised the entire cast before she singled out Nelsan Ellis for his portrayal of Lafayette Reynold. She also commented that she can’t believe how tall Alexander Skarsgård,  who plays Eric Northman, is. Skarsgård, who stood at 6’4”, towered over Charlaine Harris. She said that he was one of the nicest actors she’d met.

Naturally, she thought that Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin were perfectly suited for their roles as Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse (Don’t we all?).

As for season three, Charlaine showed genuine excitement over who might be cast in the role of Debbie Pelt, a central character in the Club Dead novel. She noted that Club Dead was one of her favorite novels and she looked forward to how Alan Ball would adapt it for True Blood. Charlaine and Alan don’t communicate regularly about the series — Charlaine told the interviewers she was  “Okay with the liberties that Alan Ball has taken with the True Blood series because she looks at True Blood as its own entity.” And if you’ve read all of the novels and are also a fan of the show, you know that is true. As a fan myself, I love that Alan Ball and Charlaine are so accepting of each other and appreciate what each one is trying to do with the amazing characters created by Charlaine.

If you were paying attention during the season finale, you may have noticed Charlaine in Merlotte’s, chatting it up with Sam. Did you catch her?

I’m going to leave you with this final quote from the interview… it’s a whopper! When the interviewers asked her who Sookie would end up with in the novels — Bill or EricCharlaine replied:

“Who says it’s going to be a vampire?”

Aaaack! Oh, the suspense!!

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