Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jace Everett

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jace-everett-2Sunday night as people begin to turn on their television sets, one voice rings out before Sookie Stackhouse asks what her latest table would like to drink. The voice belongs to Indiana native Jace Everett who is singing about wanting to do “Bad Things.” With his album Red Revelations out now, People magazine sat down and found out five interesting things about this country blues singer that the average fan may not know.

Inspiration: HBO’s hit show “True Blood” picked Everett’s song “Bad Things” for its theme song. Every “True Blood” fan knows the lyrics by heart and can picture the opening credits in their mind. There are times we can find ourselves even humming along. Though Everett stated he wrote the song awhile ago, he isn’t shy about letting people know that the show has helped him write new songs. The infamous scene at the end of season one where Bill Compton goes out into the sunlight to try and save Sookie Stackhouse inspired Jace Everett to write his song “Burn For You.” Another song on his album titled “Damned if I Do” is, he lets People know, a love song . He’s sure to let readers know that he has never been in love with a vampire, but the song itself could be geared towards a vampire and a human.

Doing What Kids Do: Many people would admit to doing silly things as a child. Putting snakes in your sister’s bed or perhaps pinching your brother till he cried — they sound like typical things but not to Jace Everett. He recalls being bitten many times growing up. One fight that he believes was about a girl resulted in the other kid losing his ear lobe. Yes an ear lobe, Mike Tyson style. It seems he had a knack of being vampire like, even as a child. Perhaps that is why his song “Bad Things” seemed to fit just perfectly with the show “True Blood.”

Singing Isn’t His Only Talent. Well Maybe: He’s good looking, plays guitar and can serenade any woman off of her feet. What could be better? He speaks French. Though ladies, don’t get too excited. He’ll be the first to tell you that his French is terrible; it’s like talking to a toddler. He’s trying and has a good coach helping him along the way. His 13 year old son lives in the south of France and has become quite fluent in the language – he isn’t bashful in correcting his father’s lack of punctuation or grammar.

Wherever He Goes, They Follow: Though he isn’t headlining big tours like Brad Paisley or Toby Keith, Jace Everett is making his own fans in the country world. In his interview with People magazine, he talks about one woman who traveled 16 hours on a train from Sacramento to see him in Salem, Ore. She ran into some problems, got arrested and missed the show. Sadly, the fan arrived just as the band was packing up. Jace gave her a hug. There was a previous mishap where Everett misspelled her name and this time she wanted to make sure he got it right. “She had an agenda,” he joked. Some fans will do whatever it takes to meet their favorite musicians, especially if their name wasn’t written correctly. Let’s hope she doesn’t have a run in with the law next time she goes to visit Mr. Everett.

Jace Everett to the rescue: His dog Teddy had parvo, a disease which attacks a dog’s intestinal lining in the digestive system, killing cells. Teddy had been in the hospital for five days when Jace found him in the backyard with a bunch of other dogs. The parvo virus is a very serious disease and can spread to other dogs that are not protected. His terrier mutt is not safe at home in Nashville where Jace Everett can take care of him. “I run with my dog everyday,” he tells People. “He’s so sweet and so full of fun.” Talk about a sweetheart. We will have to add this trait to another one of his good qualities.

There is a little insight to the man behind the voice that draws viewers in each week as the opening credits roll. Don’t forget to head over to People’s Web site and listen to Jace’s song “Burn For You” inspired by Bill Compton’s heroic efforts to save his love, Sookie Stackhouse. I highly recommend it. Also, if you find yourself at your local records store, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Red Revelations that contains the other True Blood-inspired song, “Damned If I Do.”

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