True Blood Nominated In 8 Categories For The Scream 2009 Awards

August 31, 2009

true-blood-castAlan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood has been nominated in 8 categories for SpikeTV’s Scream 2009 Awards.  The 4th annual global event honors the the best and hottest films, TV shows, comics, actors, creators, icons and pioneers who have influenced and shaped the industry. This year’s show will be taped Saturday, October 17, 2009 at the Greek Theater In Los Angeles, CA and will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 (10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT). The two hour event will also feature exclusive world premieres from some of the most anticipated movies of 2010 and musical performances.

Scream 2009 nominees are chosen by an advisory board of Hollywood And Genre Leaders including Tim Burton, Wes Craven, Roland Emmerich, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Eli Roth, Zack Snyder and many more.  However, the winners are decided by the public!  That means it is the civic duty of all True Blood fans to vote for True Blood and the actors in their respective categories to ensure that they win!

Beginning today, Monday, August 31 and continuing until Saturday, October 17, True Blood fans can vote and also view exclusive red carpet and backstage coverage of the event, by visiting

True Blood and its cast have nominated in the following categories:

Best TV Show

  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Dexter
  • Fringe
  • Lost
  • Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
  • True Blood

Best Horror Actress

  • Jennifer Carpenter, Quarantine
  • Jamie King, My Bloody Valentine 3D
  • Lina Leandersson, Let The right One In
  • Alison Lohman, Drag Me To Hell
  • Anna Paquin, True Blood
  • Monica Potter, The Last House On The Left

Best Horror Actor

  • Bruce Campbell, My Name is Bruce
  • Michael C. Hall, Dexter
  • Kare Hedebrant, Let The Right One In
  • Justin Long, Drag me to Hell
  • Ryan Kwanten, True Blood
  • Stephen Moyer, True Blood

Best Supporting Actress

  • Jennifer Carpenter, Dexter
  • Ashley Greene, Twilight
  • Carla Gugina; Watchmen
  • Evanna Lynch, Harry Potter An The Half-Blood Prince
  • Shirley Manson, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
  • Rutina Wesley, True Blood

Best Supporting Actor

  • Ryan Reynolds, X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • Simon Pegg, Star Trek
  • Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek
  • Taylor Kitsch, X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • Rupert Grint, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
  • Nelsan Ellis, True Blood

Best Ensemble

  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Lost
  • Star Trek
  • True Blood
  • Twilight
  • The Watchmen

Scream Song Of The Year

  • “War Zone” by Rob Zombie, Punisher: War Zone
  • “New Divide” by Linkin Park, Transformers: Revenge Of  The Fallen
  • “Other Father Song” by They Might Be Giants, Coraline
  • “Desolation Row” by MY Chemical Romance, Watchmen
  • “Decode” by Paramore, Twilight
  • Bad Things” by Jace Everett, True Blood

Best Villain

  • Eric Bana as Nero
  • Helena Bohman Carter as Bellatrix Lastrange
  • Cam Gigandet as James
  • Lorna Raver as Mrs. Ganush
  • Liev Schreiber as Victor Creed/Sabretooth
  • Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman

So go and vote for True Blood in all these categories! Click here to vote for the Scream 2009 Awards.



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Which True Blood Vampire Should Sookie Choose?

August 31, 2009

anna-stephen-alexExtraTV has a new poll on their website and they are asking True Blood fans the question: “Who Should Sookie (Anna Paquin) Choose?”  Should she stays with the dark, handsome 173  year old southern vampire, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), who has sweeps her off her feet with his passion, charm  and romance.  A vampire who worships Sookie and would do anything for the woman he loves.  Or the blond 1000 viking vampire sheriff, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), who is use to getting what he wants and right now he is showing interesting in taking Sookie as his own.  Hmmm, a hard choice because both vampires are sexy in two very different ways.  So if you can choose, go and vote on ExtraTV by clicking the link here.


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True Blood’s Dallas Vampire Stan Is Heading To The Big Apple

August 31, 2009

edquinnDallas vamp Stan Davis made his first appearance during the second season of  True Blood like a character from an old country western film, as if  he owned the night. He was tall, dark, handsome, and had a rugged appearance that made my heart skip a beat, another gorgeous guy added to the roster of True Blood.  I was secretly hoping he would get to use a rifle before his departure, seeing as he was trigger-happy, but sadly that never happened.  Unfortunately, he was one of the vampire fatalities during the explosion caused by Luke at Godric’s home. He may have only been in three episodes of True Blood, but he made an everlasting impression playing Stan Davis and brought the character from Charlaine Harris’ books to life.

The talented and handsome actor, Ed Quinn, played vampire Stan Davis. Perhaps you remember him as Nathan Stark from “Eureka”? Mr. Quinn is alive and well and is heading to the Big Apple to join the cast on CW’s “The Beautiful Life”. He is said to be playing Elle Macpherson’s husband and will make his first appearance in mid-October.  “The Beautiful Life” is earning rave reviews and is slotted to premiere on September 16 at 9pm on The CW.


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True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll Signed To Co-Star In Little Murder

August 31, 2009

trueblood_jessica3Deborah Ann Woll, who portrays the young, newly made baby vamp, Jessica Hamby is finding plenty of work during her hiatus from Alan Ball’s hit True Blood.  We were first introduced to Jessica at the end of season one when Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) punishment was to create a new immortal life given that he robbed Long Shadow of his immortality. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the newly made vampire. My first instinct was, “Oh no,  she is going to come between Sookie and Bill‘s relationship!”, but as time progressed and she slowly matured into her role, I find her to be quite refreshing and one of the funniest characters on the show. Not only is Deborah talented, but also a natural beauty. I hope she continues to grow as Jessica and I look forward to her interacting with more of the cast. It would be wonderful to see her interact with Pam, who is brilliantly played by Kristin Bauer, or perhaps Nelsan Ellis‘ Lafayette since they offer so much comic relief as well.

While True Blood does not start filming season three until December, Deborah will be working on another project entitled “Little Murder” written by Gerald DiPego (The Forgotten) and Justin DiPego. The film will be directed by Peter Antonijevic and centers around a post-Katrina Louisiana police detective who is trying to find the killer of a beautiful cellist with the aid of the murdered girl’s ghost. Starring along with Deborah will be Josh Lucas, Lake Bell and Terrence Howard. The film is set to be released sometime in 2010. In the meantime, don’t miss Jessica and the cast of True Blood in the season finale of season two, on Sunday night at 9 p.m. on HBO! I know we are all anxiously awaiting the fate of so many of our favorite towns people and vampires from Bon Temps.


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Anna Paquin Interview With ABC News

August 31, 2009

anna-paquin-3Anna Paquin was recently interviewed by ABC News to discuss the success of Alan Ball‘s True Blood on HBO.  In the video interview she describes her character Sookie Stackhouse and the trials and tribulations that her character goes through on the show.  She explains her relationship with Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) and how they stay professional on the set and do not let their personal life affect the show.  A wonderful video interview with the multi-talented Anna PaquinTo watch the video click the link here.


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True Blood Season 2: What Did You Think of Episode 11?

August 31, 2009

true-blood-episode-11-queenHBO‘s broadcast of True Blood Episode 11, Frenzy, has left many talking this morning and we want to hear from you and what your thoughts were about the episode.  Bill forced to play with Queen Sophie-Anne as he tried to get information from her how on how to destroy Maryann was interesting especially the Bill and Eric scene.  What is going to happen next at Sookie‘s house and what was that thing?  Alan Ball is doing a fantastic job building up the tension for the season finale, which we know will have us falling out of our chairs. Please join us in our forum where you can post you comments and join in discussions with fellow True Blood fans.

Please remember keep references to what is happening on True Blood and not what was in the books.  We want to have a discussion about the events that have happened up to now in the series.  Also please be cordial and no bashing of any of the characters, otherwise your comment will be deleted.  We want provide a positive environment where people can express their feelings about the events without feeling the characters will be bashed. Click here to join in the discussions on our forum.

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What’s Cookin’ – Merlotte’s Saturday Night Special

August 31, 2009


Lafayette comin’ atcha here. Youse know that I am an Entrepreneur!  I work on da road crew to keep myself lookin’ hot and SEXAY and line my pockets with a little jingle.  Then at nights I cook at Merlotte‘s bar where all the local necks hang out.  So now I’m branchin’ out and I’m goin’ to be Bon Temps version of da BAM! man.  I mean no one has more Bam! Bam! Bam! than ‘lil ole me!  And I kin cook too! Every week or so I’m going to teach y’all to make food good enough to melt even Nan Flanagan‘s heart. Bon Chika Wow Wow – Appetit!

Merlotte’s Saturday Night Special

Child, it’s your boy Lafayette – back in full effect.  I got another recipe for ya, but ya know me – I gotsta tell a lil story to go along wid it..  Hookah, I am tired.  I been busy pushing that “V” for Eric, I’m back at Merlotte‘s throwing down in Sam‘s kitchen while he’s off dealing with his drama and I been trying to look out for Tara and Sookie.  Them heffers is running me ragged.  Between trying to keep Sookie out of hot water and Tara away from Maryann with her crazy self, I hadn’t even had much time to work on my other entrepreneurial projects.  Ya know I got dat internet thang goin’ on – I just ain’t had much time lately to turn that motha out.  Ya boy is hot with a capital “H” and I ain’t even much been on my webcam since I popped back on da scene.  I wouldn’t looked too fine wid dat bullethole in ma leg, but I’m finna get my site back up and when I do, dat heat up in Merlotte‘s kitchen ain’t going to have nothin’ on my website.  Matter of fact, dis here is a recipe you can make in yo crockpot.  You can jus throw it all in da slow cooker and let it simmer.  Marinate on that, playas!  In da meantime, I gotsta keep you mofos eatin’ good.

Alright Hookah, let’s get back to da bidness at hand – dat Now this recipe will tell ya how to cook one of Bon Temps’ fine lil furry friends.  You know I always got a hustle goin’ and I likes to always have a little extra cheddar on hand – cash, that is.  Cabbage.  Ends.  Call it what you want, but it cost to feed a family these days, so I gotsta give my people da hookup.  Dis here is one of the favorites on Merlotte‘s Saturday night menu.  It don’t cost much to hook up and it saves Sam a whole lot on dat bottom line of his.

Ima let y’all on in a lil secret, but ya can’t tell nobody – Sam think nobody know dis, but he be having a whole lotta green in dat safe of his.  I ain’t never tell nobody dat and I just act like I ain’t know dat, but one of the reasons he has so much green, is ‘cuz he know I know how to make a dollar outta fifteen cents.  I do dat for myself and I do dat for Sam – and dat adds up in da long run.

There ain’t much to dis here recipe, but it sho taste good.


1 Rabbit (don’t let Maryann give ya one of hers – child, that thang crazy & I ain’t trust nothing she do)
Creole seasoning & a lot of cayenne pepper
1 cup of sour cream
1 small yellow onion, chopped
1 stalk of celery, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1/2 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce (yeah, yo boy loves him some Worcestershire sauce)
1 can of cream of mushroom soup


Okay, heffer.  You gotsta cut up dat meat and season it real good.  Spice it up like I do dat internet when I be on it twerkin’ it.  Throw all those ingredients in da crockpot and leave it cookin’ on low for about 8 hours.  Dat gives ya enough time to do what ya gotta do, whether that be work or whateva.  At Merlotte‘s, we serve dat sauce over rice.  Dem necks love dat.  You probably could throw it on some homemade mashed potatoes, too.  Dat sauce be so good, it really don’t matter what ya put it on (wink, wink).  Now if you servin’ any Maenads, watch out . . . dey go off when dey eat wild game.  They be punchin’ and kickin’ each other, and dat’s before they be havin’ relations all over Bon Temps.  If you just servin’ vampires, you should be safe – I don’t think dey do anything too wild after eating’ game.  If you servin’ necks, ya gotta watch dem no matter what ya servin’ – they be on that liquor and ya just neva know what dey gon do next.

Until next time, ma peoples, keep it real and keep it 100.  Ya boy gots stuff to do and you best believe I’m finna handle up on dat.


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Graphics Creation Credits: Steven Easterly

To check out my other Bon Chika Wow Wow dishes see the archives!

Disclaimer: These recipes are provided for entertainment and culinary purposes only and should be made by ordinary humans only with ordinary ingredients.  This column is a parody of the Gothic fantasy series, True Blood, and as such, is presented here for your amusement.  What’s Cookin’ and the various writers that contribute to it, have no relationship/affiliation to HBO, True Blood, or any of the cast or crew of said nor any relation to Charlain Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels.


Talkin’ TrueBlood with Rusty: Hotel Design Questions Answered

August 30, 2009

on-bed-togetherRecently Amy asked us:

I’m on a quest to find the fabulous hotel bedding in episodes 8 & 9. Do you have any idea where I can find it?

So we asked Rusty Lipscomb who was the designer for season 1 of True Blood.  She was kind enough to look into it and replies:

The duvet covers were custom made-silk in medium charcoal gray for Jessica’s room and deep eggplant color for Sookie and Bill’s room. Coverlets and shams in grey silk were from Restoration Hardware.  The sheets are from Bed, Bath and Beyond and are ivory 600 count cotton. The scene with Lorena had the same sheets in dark charcoal.

For the dream sequence with Sookie and Eric in bed, the ivory satin sheets were purchased online.

Wow NICE!  Silk and 600 count cotton sheets for a few episodes of a TV show!  I guess they wanted to put the actors in the mood! (As will be confirmed by Deborah in an upcoming exclusive interview with so stay tuned!)


Candice asked almost on cue! :

I love the art and decor in the bedrooms of the vampire hotel they stay in while searching for Godric. Can you give me details on the artist or set decorator please?

To which Rusty replies:

My friend, Laura Richarz, is the season 2 set decorator!

Nominated four times for an Emmy, three times for her work on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” (along with Herman F. Zimmerman: production designer and Randall McIlvain: art director) and once for her work on “New Love, American Style” (along with Dahl Delu: art director and Lisette Thomas: set decorator) Laura has been in the business almost 30 years starting back in 1981 on “Three’s Company”, her work includes such great shows as “Cheers” and “Six Feet Under”.

Thanks Rusty!

Rusty Lipscomb set decorator season 1 and Laura Richarz season 2 set decorator of True Blood
Rusty Lipscomb set decorator season 1 and Laura Richarz season 2 set decorator of True Blood

(Photo Credit: HBO)

Screen Caps: Steven Easterly and James Chin


Mehcad Brooks Interview At The Final Destination 4 Premiere

August 30, 2009

mehcad-brooks-interviewMehcad Brooks, best known as Benedict “Eggs” Talley on Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood recently attended The Final Destination 4 Premiere where Rebecca Murray from had the opportunity to interview him on the red carpet.  Mehcad was a delight to watch and listen to as he discussed some of the wardrobe he had to wear for the show (the infamous “sock), the storyline and a little tidbit about Stephen Moyer on the set of True Blood that will surely generate lots of giggles. It is apparent that everyone on the show gets along extremely well and seem to all have a great time working together.  We would like to express a sincere thank you to Rebecca Murray for informing us about her interview with Mehcad so we may present the information to all True Blood fans. To watch the video interview please go to Rebecca website by clicking the link here.

SOURCE:  Rebecca Murray from

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Kristin Bauer Interview with PopWrap

August 30, 2009

true-blood-spoilers-eric2While Eric was away in Dallas, Pam has been taking care of the business at Fangtasia. This week on True Blood, she’s back and looking like she stepped out of a 1980’s party.

Kristin Bauer spoke with PopWrap of the New York Post about what she thinks about Pam, Eric, and Sookie.

Like the Lafayette videos on the Season one Blu-Ray DVD, Pam shares her cynical thoughts with us on the Season two Blu-Ray set. This has given Kristin some interesting insights into her character’s history:

“She was turned by Eric 100 years ago but released, so she’s no longer bound to him but she’s so in love and couldn’t be more loyal. Whatever he says, she will do.”

Kristin also had some of her questions answered about who Pam was as a human:

“Before being turned she was living with her wealthy and very provincial parents. She says, ‘Small men were lining up for me to be auctioned off to, and then this big Viking showed up and split my world apart…and Eric likes to joke that my legs did, too.’ “

Kristin has only read the first book in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series because she loves the surprises in the show. She is hoping that Pam will have a lot of fun stuff to do in Season three, based on what she has heard about Eric’s storyline and how Sookie and Pam handle that situation.

Kristin also discussed how concerned her character is about Sookie becoming so important in Eric’s life. Recording Pam’s commentary, she made fun of Bill for being a sentimental fool about Sookie, but now she’s worried:

Eric’s got a bit of a Sookie thing, too. She said, ‘If he makes her, I’ll have to deal with it.’ “

As for Pam’s cryptic instructions from Eric for Lafayette to start selling V again, Kristin says the reason will be revealed eventually. Like every True Blood actor in an interview, she was hesitant to give anything away:

“We’re a little unsure what Alan [Ball, creator] would do if we spilled a big secret! It actually makes me sweat a little during interviews [laughs].”

The conversation turned to her recent marriage and how Pam’s confidence helped her get there:

“I was tired of being the only single adult at Christmas. So I thought, I’m going to do something! … So I was at my nutritionist and there was this CD on the only open seat. The woman next to me was playing it on her computer and went on and on about how amazing Abri [van Straten, lead singer of the Lemmings] was. So I went online and bought the record … I listened to it for three weeks and tracked him down. So I sent an e-mail and didn’t hear back so I sent another, and another and [his people] finally gave me his number. We went for coffee on Jan. 14. Then we went out again on Jan. 18 and we haven’t been apart since.”

What a sweet story from Kristin! As for Pam, it’s a good thing she’s reappearing for the end of Season two–we need a little comedy to go with our Maryann insanity.


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