Kristin Bauer Talks Animal Advocacy

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cast-kristin-bauerKristin Bauer, who plays Pam on Alan Ball’s True Blood , had an in depth talk with on her work for animal advocacy.  In the interview she discusses her involvement with The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), The Tails For Whales Campaign and, of course, her role as Pam.
Starpulse asked Ms. Bauer how she became involved with IFAW and she responded:

Well, it’s again how I find my animals, because they found me. A few things happened in two weeks. My brother-in-law is their architect; he did their landscaping and won an award for it on Cape Cod, so my sister was aware of IFAW, so she, for Christmas, gave me a donation to IFAW. Then the certification and the stuffed animal came in the mail, and my dog was running around with the stuffed animal, and that day I was contacted by IFAW and they asked me to do the voice-over for their DVDs. I thought that was an interesting coincidence, so I went to meet her. I heard about the programs they were doing, and they sounded hands-on and involved, but also had enough experience to get the job done. Which I think is an interesting combination, because I think there are a lot of groups that have the best of intentions, but it is mainly volunteer and it is very difficult to get results.”

Being heavily involved in the media, Kristin was asked of her view on shows like Whale Wars to which she replied:

“I haven’t seen it yet, but I saw the documentary “Shark Water,” and I saw what is happening with de-finning sharks, which is one of the most sad things I have ever seen. It is fantastically sad and ridiculous. I believe that about 90 or more percent of our sharks have their limbs cut off, and it is really hard to fight for such a non-popular creature. We are all primordially afraid of sharks, but they are responsible for the air we breathe; they are part of the underwater eco-system that creates oxygen from the plankton. If sharks are diminishing, then we run out of plankton and that is a problem.”

The article then segued to her character of Pam on True Blood.  I guess the interviewer figured might as well go from one predator to another.  I, personally, see Pam as the top of the food chain when it comes to vampires.

On her character Ms. Bauer had this to say:

“You know, I am just more and more in love with Pam. I just did the DVD special edition of the BluRay for season 2. The writers wrote me 35 pages of dialogue of just straight Pam, more than the first and second season combined, just commenting on what is happening on the show, and it just pops up throughout the season if you get the BluRay. So I really got so much more information and love of Pam, because she is unremorseful and she knows who she is. There is a lot to respect about her. She sees humans as food and a source of entertainment, which I find hysterical! And she is just unbelievably fun to play, and I am just completely biased. I look at all the other female vampires and I am just like, ‘Pam is better than all of them!’ And that is not me, anyone who would play her; it is these writers – Charlene Harris, Alan Ball and all his incredible writers.”

Kristin Bauer is someone I truly admire, she uses her notoriety to promote causes she strongly believes in.  I have to also say, I LOVE the character of Pam.  Her screen time was so limited in the first season, even now in season 2 we only see glimpses of her, but when she is on every dry, sarcastic moment is memorable.

I will leave you with a quote of Kristin’s from the article.

“I think people are inherently good. You just tell people that the dog they are buying in a pet store came from a horrible life and you are supporting a horrible industry, and if you go to shelters you can still get a wonderful dog. They are all dogs, all great dogs whether they have papers or not. I have had so many people say they didn’t know and have gone to a shelter and gotten their dog there. I think if you just tell people, they can get interested. I also like “Dog Town,” which highlights the Best Friends Sanctuary, and so I was happy “Whale Wars” was coming on. I also worry about any time we want to fight the opposition, because there is always a line there. It takes two to fight. I want to highlight what is happening so people can change in their daily lives, but I don’t want to give screen time to support the other side and make a game out of this sort of thing.”

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