Open House Movie with Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

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stephen_annaAnna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, stars of HBO’s True Blood, are keeping it all in the (soon to be) family with their newest film, Open House. The movie is written and directed by Andrew Paquin, Anna’s brother. According to, the movie is billed as a horror/thriller.

The basic plot of the movie is this: A wealthy couple with a marriage on the rocks hold an open house in an attempt sell their home. Shortly after the open house, the couple discover a viewer who never left, remains lurking in their home. What follows is a series of events that prompted to use the plot keywords “torture” and “voyeurism”. Sounds right up vampire alley, yes?

Open House marks Andrew Paquin‘s writing and directorial debut. Previously, he has worked as a producer on a romantic comedy (also starring his sister Anna Paquin) ; prior to the  film industry, he worked in the financial sector. Andrew Paquin mentioned during an interview with Filmnut that he wrote at least seven feature length scripts (that he keeps at home in a drawer and may “never see the light of day”), read scripts of movies that had been produced, and let the horror master Alfred Hitchcock influence him as he wrote Open House. He also shared his desire for viewers to be able to empathize with the characters in the film, perhaps more than viewers usually connect  with the characters in this genre of film. Also during the Filmnut interview, Andrew says that his sister Anna has a cameo in the movie, as “the best friend”.

Rounding out the cast of the movie are Tricia Helfer (of TV’s Battlestar Galactica), Rachel Blanchard, Brian Geraghty, and more than a few others. offers the most detailed cast listing. The movie’s official website does not offer much information at all, although it has at least been set up.

Open House is still in post-production, which means that details about it are subject to change at any time. Hopefully we will see it released in 2010 — any chance to see Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin on the big screen is something I’m sure all True Blood fans will jump at!!

You can watch a video interview with Andrew Paquin as he discusses the film with Filmnut’s Jeff Schuber.  At the 34 minute mark he discusses the film and Anna’s role.


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