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True Blood actress Carrie Preston is luckier in love than her Bon Temps counterpart, Arlene Fowler, who has admitted herself that she has horrible taste in men (except for Terry Bellefleur, of course). That is definitely not true for Carrie, who was photographed with husband Michael Emerson (Lost’s Ben Linus) in their Los Angeles home for the March issue of People Magazine.

Carrie and Michael met 15 years ago in Alabama where she was acting in the Shakespeare festival and he was pursuing a master’s in fine arts. After seeing him perform on stage, Carrie says she had a “talent crush” on him and knew within a month that she wanted to marry him. A few years later, they did get married in her hometown of Macon, GA, before settling in New York City.

In 2005, he flew to Hawaii for a guest role on ABC’s Lost, not yet knowing that his character would make such an impression on people that he would be asked to stay as a series regular and live there for the majority of the next four years. Carrie, however, remained in New York where she was on a Broadway play. Even afterwards, she stayed stateside looking for work:

“I don’t like lying around on the beach. I like to be busy.”

Fortunately for her (and us), she was cast in True Blood in 2007 as the fiery redheaded Merlotte’s waitress, Arlene Fowler. She and Michael bought a home in L.A., where “they happily host Lost and True Blood viewing parties whenever they’re both home.”

Carrie is still filming Season 3 of True Blood, in addition to her recently announced guest-starring arc on CBS’ The Good Wife. With Lost airing its series finale on May 23rd, Michael looks forward to being home with his wife:

“I’ll hang out and be her gardener, personal assistant and breakfast-maker as long as she’ll let me.”

If you want to see more of Carrie and Michael, we posted a video last month when Extra toured their house–in fact, I suspect it was on the same day as this People photo shoot because they mention camera crews and Michael is wearing the same shirt. They make such a great couple and always seem so happy and supportive of each other!

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