Rutina Wesley Thinks Grief and Darkness Lie Ahead for Tara

October 8, 2009 by  

Rutina WesleyRutina Wesley recently talked with MTV about her character, Tara Thornton on  Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood. We all watched Tara go through a strange saga with her cohorts Maryann and Eggs last season. The question now is, what will Tara do now that the overwhelming presence of Maryann is gone and the love of her life has died? Well Rutina seems to think that grieving and darkness are ahead for her character in season 3, but hopes that the return of Tara’s beloved best friend, Sookie, will help Tara keep it together.

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  • antonio

    I woulld think there would be some grief,depression and loss issues with her. She lost Eggs~~her love of life And Maryann who was like a surrogate mother/friend to her.
    As for her being with Sam, That was Only an experiment, an affair Nothing More,Even Tara told Maryann that! I think Sam should be with Sookie as He has real and lasting feelings for Her. Tara wiil have lots of grieving to do. I think she always had a crush on Jason. I think that inter-racial aspect would be neat. Of course, if she found out that He shot her lover She might be even More upset!!
    I just hope thatshe doesnt turn to drugs Or To the fangs of a Vampire!

  • Sandra

    I really hope Alan Ball surprises us and gives Tara a more positive during season 3. Maybe Tara will realize that having a positive outlook does empower an individual. Despite Maryanne’s evil agenda, she did have some interesting messages about living in the moment and fully enjoying one’s experiences.

  • MyPrivateMuse

    And don’t forget Sam! 😉 I hope Alan Ball continues the story between Sam and Tara. They have a lot of things in common with personal issues and strife. They are amazing together.