True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard Feels at Home in Sweden

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Alexander Skarsgard True Blood Eric NorthmanIn a translated  interview with, Alexander Skarsgard discusses his fame since True Blood and his current work. He also has a few suggestions for the American media.

The article discusses Alexander’s failed attempts at a film career in his native Sweden, which prompted him to give America a shot. A fear of type-casting has always been a concern for Skarsgard so he chose his roles carefully.

Now, with his huge success on HBO‘s True Blood as vampire Eric Northman as well as the mini-series, Generation Kill, Alexander may have acted himself into a type-casting corner. But he doesn’t let that stop him.

At the time of the interview, he was in Sweden filming a new movie, Melancholia (which includes his father Stellan in a role), a story where the planet Earth may not exist for much longer. But that’s all of the plot Alexander shares. He’s more than willing to discuss working with the director, Lars von Trier. Skarsgard enjoys the freedom von Trier encourages, comparing it to a Hollywood director who maps out every detail to a scene.

“There’s a freedom and playfulness. Yet there is no chaos. And he’s [Lars von Trier] sharp as a blade in his comments. As an actor, you feel completely confident that it will work even though you have no idea how the end result of the movie will turn out.”

He also points out the obsession American audiences seem to have with the naked body. Or at least his naked body, citing the media frenzy over the recent Rolling Stone cover. And while Alexander admits discussing his lack of clothing gets old, he always reminds reporters where he’s from: Sweden.

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Source: – Interview with Alexander Skarsgard: Back as a Winner

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