VIDEO: True Blood Cast Share Insights on True Blood at the 2010 HBO Emmy After Party

August 31, 2010

True Blood‘s Sam Trammell, Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Wesley and Nelsan Ellis shared their thoughts and insights into True Blood as they were interviewed on the red carpet at the 2010 HBO Emmy After Party.  Enjoy this wonderful video!



True Blood Season 3 Music: Episode 11 “Fresh Blood”

August 31, 2010

Anna Paquin, Sookie StackhouseIn episode 11 of True Blood’s season 3, titled “Fresh Blood,” everything started coming together, brewing for the finale. Who can you trust at this point? Relive the episode with this soundtrack list. Here is the complete list of songs used in Episode 11, “Fresh Blood,” including artist, song title, and plot point when each song was played.

(Songs marked with a [*] are available for purchase on

Toro Y Moi – Blessa*
Lafayette and Jesus talk about their experience on V.

Nathan Barr – You Are My Sunshine
Eric and Russell are interrupted by a cell phone.

Wanda Jackson – Tears Will be the Chaser (For Your Wine)*
Tara shows up at Merlotte’s and confronts Andy about the cover-up.

Karen Elson – The Ghost Who Walks*
Sam fires Tommy and kicks everybody out at Merlotte’s.

Beto Villares – Africa La*
Lafayette wakes up frightened by his religious dolls.

BB King & Eric Clapton – Help the Poor*
Sam and Tara have late night drinks.

Eels – Fresh Blood*
End Credits.

One more, baby.


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True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Arlene’s Baby Drama

August 31, 2010

Carrie Preston True Blood Arlene FowlerKristin Dos Santos from E!Online had the opportunity to speak with Carrie Preston and ask her what is going on with Arlene and her baby drama.  Carrie‘s answer doesn’t seem to clarify much, and in fact leaves many more confused and curious as to what we will see in the season finale and for season 4.   Carrie answers the following question, sort of:

Jessica in Tenn.: Are we going to see something happen with Arlene’s baby situation before the end of the season on True Blood?
As a matter of fact, Mrs. Carrie Preston assures us we will…well, kinda. “Arlene is still very conflicted. But there’s going to be a resolution to the conflict,” she says, “But it’s also going to be open-ended.” Either she’s speaking in tongues or my Emmy (lack of sleep and too much ginger ale) hangover is worse than I thought. Does that make any sense to anyone? Carrie’s equally wonderful hubby Michael Emerson weighed in on the baby drama, saying, “I mean, we have to see the baby,” to which she responded, “If there is a baby…” Now I’m really stumped. She’s not pulling a Terri Schuester is she? Or preggo with some sort of supernatural somethin’? The mind boggles.”


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True Blood Women Get Their Emmy Faces On

August 31, 2010

Rutina Wesley (Tara), Anna Paquin (Sookie) and Mariana Klaveno (Lorena) all got dolled up for their appearances at last weekend’s Emmy Awards. did some pieces on how each of these True Blood ladies were beautified.

Anna‘s hair stylist was Renato Campora, explained he wanted to show off Anna‘s neck and shoulders because of her stunning Alexander McQueen gown. “The dress is very strong, and I wanted to show off her shoulders and neck,” he explains. “I didn’t want her hair to seem too severe, so I created a loose structure.” The article explains the products and procedures Renata used to accomplish the soft upsweep Anna wore.  You can read the article by clicking here.

Anna Paquin True Blood 2010 Emmy Awards

Makeup artist Agostina Lombardo said she wanted a soft, romantic look for Mariana who is known as the vicious vamp Lorena and is seen on True Blood wearing deep, sultry makeup.  In real life, though, she looks sweet and flirty. “I was going for a soft, romantic look with a twist,” makeup artist Agostina Lombardo says of the look she created.  Read which makeup Agostina chose for Mariana‘s cheeks, eyes and lips by clicking here.

Mariana Klaveno True Blood 2010 Emmy Awards

Rutina wore a beautifully bold hue for the Emmys sporting Nars Vesuvio Pure Matte Lipstick which comes out on the market on Wednesday.  If you want to reproduce Rutina’s glowing complexion let Bellasugar show you the way by reading about Rutina’s bronzed makeup palette  by reading the article here.

Rutina Wesley True Blood 2010 Emmy Awards


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VIDEO: True Blood Season 3 Episode 12 “Evil is Going On” Preview

August 31, 2010

Here is the last preview for a new True Blood episode that we’ll see for season 3. Though we have to wait an extra week before the finale airs, it looks like the episode is going to be action-packed and that we’ll possibly see a couple of characters go to their final deaths. True Blood episode 12, “Evil is Going On” is going to create a lot of buzz and make our wait for Season 4 even more difficult. But for now, take a look at the preview and enjoy!

Ep. 36: Evil Is Going On – Preview

True Blood Men Are Best Dressed At The Emmys

August 31, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten, Stephen MoyerThe Emmy’s Red Carpet brings the best fashion and the cast of True Blood was no exception. Interestingly enough three male cast members of the HBO hit series were given the honor of best dressed.

Nine men were singled out for their sharp style, but it’s number 4, 5, and 9 who True Blood fans are excited about. Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, and Alexander Skarsgard were praised for their sense of style.

Stephen Moyer, who plays Southern gentleman and vampire Bill Compton on True Blood, took the number 4 spot in Alexander McQueen. Posing with new wife Anna Paquin, Stephen enchanted fans at home not only with his good looks, but with his proper British accent.

In 5th place, Ryan Kwanten stood out in his slick look. Fans usually know Ryan as the undressed and sexy Jason Stackhouse. The Australian hottie didn’t bother to shave, but still managed to look amazing in his navy suit and cranberry colored tie.

At number 9, Alexander Skarsgard flew in from Europe the night before. The very tall Swede, despite the red eye flight, was glad to be at the awards ceremony; he joked that he didn’t mind being Anna and Stephen’s third wheel. He must be used to it, given that on the show he plays Eric Northman, the vampire vying for Sookie’s attention, which causes Bill more than a little frustration.

Others on the list included: Emmy host Jimmy Fallon in a navy blue Tom Ford tux who took the coveted number 1 spot,  number 2 Jon Hamm, Twilight dad Peter Facinelli took the 3rd spot in a crisp black suit and healthy tan, winner of the  Bob Hope Humanitarian Award George Clooney was at number 6 for his style and new haircut, Matthew Morrison, though he didn’t win  for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, did win the number 7 spot on the best dressed list, while number 8  went to Boris Kodjoe, the star of Undercovers.

Needless to say all the men at the Emmys left fans dreaming of being their red carpet dates.

Source:–The Emmy’s 9 Best-Looking Men

(Photo Credit: Details Magazine)


VIDEOS: The True Blood Cast Interviewed on Red Carpets

August 31, 2010

The night of the Emmy Awards is always filled with red carpet interviews of stars. This year, everyone was interviewing the cast of True Blood about several different things, including the Paquin/Moyer wedding and the infamous Rolling Stone Magazine cover.

In this first video, several members of the True Blood cast comment on the Rolling Stone Magazine cover that features Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgard. Many of the responses to the cover were about how the nudity is a “typical day at the office” for them. Marshall Allman takes it one step further to hilarious effect.

MTV Shows

The next video has the cast commenting on True Blood and what could happen in the future, as well as Anna and Stephen’s wedding.

The next video has both former and current costars of Stephen and Anna commenting on their wedding and how wonderful it was while they were at an Emmys after party.

In the final video, Stephen discusses the rumor going around about him being cast as Dr. Doom in the next Fantastic Four movie. Though he denies knowing anything about it, Stephen sure blinks a lot while he discusses it. (Blinking rapidly can be a sign that someone is lying.)

Movie TrailersMovies Blog

SOURCES: — True Blood Cast Weighs in on Their Naked Magazine Covers — True Blood Cast: Why Our Show is Addicting — Video of Alexander Skarsgard, Stephen Moyer, and Anna Paquin at the Emmys and Afterparty — Stephen Moyer ‘Knows Nothing’ About ‘Fantastic Four’ Casting Rumor


VIDEO: Rutina Wesley – Poor Tara All Tied Up in Duck Tape

August 31, 2010

Rutina Wesley True Blood Tara ThorntonAction, fun, bloody things are in store for the season finale of True Blood.  So says Rutina Wesley in the video interview with TV Squad below.

Rutina was getting ready for the Emmy Awards – her first Emmys.  She said she feels very honored to be part of a series that has been nominated.

Speaking of her character, this season has had Tara “all tied up and duck taped and tied up, and tied up”!  She said that while fans loved it, they want Tara to become strong again and become a little more stable.

Hopefully next season will find Tara mentally back on track.  And maybe find a good love.  Wishful thinking or hinting?  Rutina said she could not give out spoilers.

So the discussion went on to the HBO Emmy Luxury Gifting Lounge and some of the freebies that were distributed.  According to Rutina, HBO provides the best gifts because they are practical and useful.

Watch the video to see more of this beautiful lady talk about designers, her dress and the products she received.


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True Blood’s James Frain to Star in Transit

August 31, 2010

For those True Blood fans that were sad to see James Frain’s character, Franklin Mott, find the true death, no worries! It is being reported that James Frain has signed on to be a part of the cast of the new thriller, “Transit”.

The movie is going to be directed by Antonio Negret and will also feature stars such as Jim Caviezel, Elizabeth Rohm, and Harold Perrineau.  The movie tells the story of a band of thieves who are on the run after robbing a bank. They come across a suburban family while on their escape and decide to stash their stolen money in the family’s SUV. Now this family has a band of criminals on their trail.

I am sure James Frain will make a stunning performance in this new film and we wish him much success with it!

SOURCE: – Jim Caviezel, True Blood’s James Frain Also Lost in Transit

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)

Jim Caviezel, True Blood’s James Frain Also Lost in Transit


True Blood’s Carrie Preston Talks to Movieline

August 31, 2010

Carrie Preston as Arlene Fowler in True BloodCarrie Preston, who plays waitress Arlene Fowler on True Blood, is a chameleon character actor: change her hair style and she becomes unrecognizable; for instance she has played three different roles in different episodes on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

She chatted with Kyle Buchanan from Movieline about True Blood, Arlene and that wig (among other things).

Carrie tells how she got the gig on True Blood after working on Alan Ball’s feature film Towelhead. During filming Alan suggested to Carrie there was a part in his upcoming pilot for True Blood that would be just right for her.

“So then my agents got ahold of the script and read it, and I didn’t know what he was talking about. It’s not like you read the description of Arlene and “Carrie Preston” is who jumps to mind. I know that if I hadn’t worked with him on Towelhead, I wouldn’t have even auditioned for that.”

Carrie had been working on a film at the time the True Blood pilot went into production and so when it came to transforming into the red-haired Arlene, a wig was the only option.  That, and the fact that over the three seasons only about 6 weeks or so have passed, meant that there was no scope for Arlene to change hairstyles, either.

“There really hasn’t been any time to change anybody’s look so I was kind of married to the wig, but I kind of like it because it makes me feel married to the character when I come on and put on the wig and the fake nails and the tan and the bustling and the drag queen makeup. Suddenly I’m not myself anymore, and that’s really fun. … [It] is really extraordinary how hair color and style changes you look. I’ve had this very varied career full of every color and style of hair in the rainbow. That’s what’s fun about being a character actor, is you get to transform from one character to the next, but I haven’t played a role that’s this transformative. For it to be the biggest TV show I’ve ever done is funny to me. This is the one that hit, the one where I’m basically in disguise.”

During the filming of Season 3 Carrie decided to dye her hair red, for real, and went from incognito to instantly recognizable.

“Today on the subway in New York, this woman was staring at me but, she couldn’t really tell if it was really me, and she came over and said, “You are such a dead ringer for Arlene on True Blood.” And I said, “That’s good to know, because I am!”

Having a “loud” character like Arlene on a cast-rich show like True Blood, where even the headliners Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer sometimes get only 10 minutes of screen time, is a plus.  While Arlene might only get are few minutes each episode, Carrie makes it count.

In one of the stand-out scenes of Season 3, penned by Alexander Woo, Arlene confessed to the new waitress, Holly, her real feelings about the baby she was carrying.

“I cannot tell you how thrilled I was with that. … I think it was high time for us to see another side of that character, and I think that’s what this whole season has been about: delving deeper into all the series regulars and getting involved in all their personal lives. It was very nice to be included in that, and it was fun to play that scene with Lauren Bowles, who’s new on the show. To play with a woman of equal age to me, it was great to have that kind of energy between two women that we haven’t seen on the show.”

During production of Season 3, Carrie was given the opportunity to guest star on the The Good Wife and she ended up doing several episodes. This caused consternation among Truebies who thought this meant Arlene was going to join the body count on True Blood.  Carrie is quick to put that fear to rest and hints there is still a lot more in store for Arlene.

“I was kind of taken aback by how upset people were about that! It was really nice. I only did a few episodes of The Good Wife and I don’t know if they’re going to bring me back, but the story got a little out of hand and it made it seem like I’m becoming a series regular on the show, and I’m not.

On True Blood, there will be a resolution to the conflict that Arlene is going through right now, but it’s certainly not over. That’s about all I can say! [Laughs]”

For the full interview follow the link below.

Source: Movieline; True Blood’s Carrie Preston on playing Arlene, dying her hair and being married to Ben from Lost

(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)


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