True Blood Love Triangle

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Hoyt & His Newfound Love InterestThere is certainly an interesting “love triangle” of sorts developing on True Blood, however it is probably not the kind of love triangle that normally comes to mind.  Though it is not the one that appears to be developing between Sookie and two of the hottest vampires, it does involve heat – heated arguments, that is.  Yes, I am speaking of Hoyt, Jessica and of course, Hoyt’s mother.

Hoyt’s mother – the typical bitter, mad at the world spurned woman – and she is not going to make things easy for Hoyt, especially when it comes to his relationship with Jessica.  Now that she is under Maryann‘s spell, there is just no telling how heated things will get.

Hoyt – what can we say about him?  He’s goofy, but sweet and has the best of intentions.  He’s brow beaten by his mother, to say the least – and he is totally enamored with Jessica.  Though he started out a relatively unseen character, he is certainly becoming central to the dynamics of the True Blood series.  Hoyt is growing up.  He is maturing and learning that he cannot continue to let the world push him around, or else he will never leave his mother’s nest.

Jessica is probably one of the funniest characters and very likely one to whom many young women can relate.  Her home life is not that different than those of a lot of other females – strong father/weak mother – and that can make for a bad combination when that female is finally let out into the real world.  Quite often, those types of girls become the prey for those seeking to corrupt everything and everyone around them.  And so it was with Jessica that fateful night she met the vampires.  It is truly interesting to watch Jessica mature as well.  She is finally leaving her shell and growing into her own.  She should be grateful that it is with someone like Hoyt; it is so obvious to see how much he cares for her.  He means her no harm and only wants to take care of her.  It will be fun to see how their relationship plays out.  Will she “make him”?  We know what just took place on Episode 10 – or do we?  We could see the attack coming.  We were pretty certain that Hoyt’s mother would anger Jessica to the point of attack – and who could blame her for lashing out?  His mother is a piece of work, to say the least.

Hoyt’s mother certainly can bring out that kind of uncontrollable anger.  She is the stereotypical, small-town/small minded, gossip queen that plagues so many of our communities.  She starts off sweet like honey and by the end of the conversation, one can feel the poison just oozing from her deepest, darkest places.  Though Hoyt is the quiet type, I have a feeling that he has the ability to flip his mother’s world upside down.  She would be wise to give Jessica a chance, but I think we all know that is not going to happen.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  As the end of Season 2 really ramps up, I have a feeling, Hoyt and Jessica will become one hot item – and his mother – well, what happens to her is left to be seen.  Suffice it to say, it probably will not be good.  She would probably make the most irritating vampire of all time, should it turn out that Jessica has “made” her.  I chuckle to think of that.

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  • pbartteacher

    Though it appears as is our little vamp Jessica is going to drain Hoyt’s mama, I feel that Hoyt will be saving his mom from this tragedy. Which is too bad for Hoyt. That boy has got to move out of his mama’s house and find a place of his own. As soon as he steps us and becomes a man, the sooner the better. Though I found the dialogue between Maxine and Hoyt interesting. The whole speech about his daddy being half a man. That was very enlightening. A foreshadowing of a future plot line perhaps for Hoyt, Maxine, Jessica and ?.

    • demetrius

      Maybe referring to him being werewolf?