True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Takes a Deeper Look into Jason Stackhouse

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jason stackhouse ryan kwanten hbo true bloodRecently, the New York Post’s entertainment section, PopWrap, had the opportunity to sit down with Ryan Kwanten, to ask him some questions concerning his character Jason Stackhouse.  Many questions were asked of the True Blood star, but Kwanten most importantly wants the fans to know that Jason is simply misunderstood,

“Even though on the surface, he [Jason] doesn’t seem like the most multidimensional person, there’s a lot of deep rooted anxiety and pain and even loneliness etched in his past.”

When asked how he wants the audience to see Jason, Ryan replies,

“…more than just a ditzy Southern guy…someone like him needs to figure out new ways to get their point across because they’re stunted in one way.”

Kwanten was also asked about how the murder of Eggs will play out during Season 3.

“…that is no small feat for anyone to get over…then to add insult to injury, Andy is taking the glory for killing Eggs and Jason is not one for letting anyone steal his thunder.  Last year he was trying to find faith…and this year it’s almost like he’s found the reason but needs to find what’s inside of him.”

Ryan was also asked about the addition of the character Crystal Norris, played by Lindsay Pulsipher, will affect Jason, considering she is a very interesting character in terms of the books.

“It’s very much a dangerous undertaking Lindsay’s chosen to engage in…Crystal’s a real redneck, for lack of a better term, but Lindsay herself is very intelligent.  So to have that sense of depth to a character, that could be quite a caricature in the hands of the wrong actress.”

Kwanten also had a bit to add about how Pulsipher came to land the role,

Alan Ball definitely got an eye on the way he casts.  I’ve had the pleasure to sit in on a few of the casting sessions…and to see him in that audition room, he gives everyone the absolute chance to shine…a lot of the secret behind the show lies in its casting.”

There is more to the interview, but it contains a major spoiler that I did not want to break, just in case the fans wanted to be as surprised as Ryan likes to be,

For the full interview, and again be aware, there is a major spoiler, please visit PopWrap.

Source:  PopWrap

(Photo Credit:  HBO Inc.  Screencap by James)

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    I so shouldn’t have read that sppoiler. O_O My view of Jason has changed forever. O-o