Video: Season 1-3 Re-Cap of HBO’s True Blood

January 19, 2012

Take a Look Back at the First Three Seasons:

Looking Back at the First Three SeasonsBon Temps, Louisiana is just your typical small town right? WRONG! Filled with vampires, werewolves, werepanthers, witches, shapeshifters, and fairies, Bon Temps is anything but your typical town. HBO’s True Blood first created chaos when scientists discovered how to make synthetic blood that allowed vampires to live with humans peacefully…sort of.

Let’s take a look back at the first three seasons of mass chaos in small-town Bon Temps, Louisiana.

 Season One Major Findings and Happenings:
Sookie Stackhouse can read minds but not those of vampires and starts dating vampire Bill Compton
Tara Thornton, Sookie’s best friend, has a crush on Sookie’s brother, Jason Stackhouse, and has been abused by her alcoholic mother
-Sookie’s grandma, Adele Stackhouse, is murdered in her own home
-We meet Vampire Sheriff of Area Five Eric Northman, his child Pam De Beaufort, who both run the vampire club Fangtasia
Rene Lenier was the serial killer of the Merlotte’s waitresses, not Jason Stackhouse

Season Two Major Findings and Happenings:
-Maenad Maryann Forrester comes to Bon Temps to stir things up, putting the entire town under a sexual euphoric spell
Arlene Fowler and Terry Bellefleur get engaged while Sookie rejects Bill’s proposal of marriage
– Tara falls in love with Eggs while Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica Hamby fall in love
– Jason joined and left The Fellowship of the Sun
-With Bill’s help, Sam Merlotte kills Maryann

Season Three Major Findings and Happenings:
-Arlene is pregnant with Rene’s devil baby
-Bill is kidnapped by the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, who is on a quest for power
-With the help of Alcide Herveaux to protect her, thanks to Eric Northman, Sookie sets out to find her vampire lover
-Sam tracks down his real family and finds out he has a shapeshifter brother, Tommy Mickens, who is forced to particpate in dog fights by his family
-After finding out Russell killed his entire family, Eric kills his lover Talbot and enlists the help of Bill to bury Russell in cement

Check out the short video for the re-cap of seasons 1-3! Excited for season 5 Truebies?

Source: HBO on YouTube

Image: HBO


Dawn Olivieri Lands New Role on Showtime Series

August 19, 2011

Olivieri to Star in House of Lies:

Dawn Olivieri as Janice Herveaux S3 Ep4House of Lies, a new Showtime series will star Don Cheadle and Dawn Olivieri, who has previously appeared on Season 3 of True Blood as Janice Herveaux (Alcide‘s sister). Olivieri will play Cheadle’s ex-wife, Monica, who pops pills, is “smart and crazy”, and runs a high rated consulting firm. The show will also feature Kristin Bell and Donis Leonard Jr. as Cheadle’s gay son. Olivieri is not only known for her True Blood role, but also for her part on The Vampire Diaries as Andy. The actress says the show will premiere in January. Olivieri didn’t know a lot of details about the show, because she was backpacking in India “and didn’t want her character on her mind while there.”

Does this sound like a good idea for a series? Will you watch the new show? Leave us your thoughts in the section below.

Sources: Hollywood Reporter – 5 Things to Know About ‘House of Lies’ – ‘The Vampire Diaries’s’ Dawn Olivieri to Star in ‘House of Lies’ on Showtime

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True Blood Season 4: HBO Makes It Official

July 21, 2011

True Blood Season 4 has been given the green light by HBO according to their press release!  Many True Blood fans are extremely excited to hear that it is official that the series will be returning Sunday, June 26 at 9:00 PM EST for season four!

Looking for spoilers? See the True Season 4 News and Spoilers.

View Comic-Con 2011 teaser for upcoming weeks of True Blood Season 4

View teaser for upcoming weeks of True Blood Season 4

View the first six minutes of True Blood Season 4

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of True Blood regarding this wonderful news! Here is the official press release from HBO.


HBO has renewed the hit show TRUE BLOOD for a 12-episode fourth season, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. Created by Alan Ball, the series will begin production of new episodes early next year in Los Angeles, with debut set for summer 2011.

“The new season of TRUE BLOOD is off to a terrific start, as enthusiasm for this unique show continues to build among both subscribers and critics,” noted Lombardo. “We’re looking forward to more chills from Alan Ball and his gifted team next year.”

“I am beyond thrilled to be able to continue working with this amazing cast and crew,” says Ball. “This is the most fun I have ever had.”

Mixing romance, suspense, mystery and humor, TRUE BLOOD takes place in the not-too-distant future, when vampires have come out of the coffin, thanks to the invention of mass-produced synthetic blood that means they no longer need humans as a nutritional source. The show follows the romance between waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people’s thoughts, and her boyfriend, 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer), who went missing at the end of season two, and is now the object of a frantic search. Alan Ball (creator of the Emmy®-winning HBO series “Six Feet Under”) created and executive produces the show, which is based on the best-selling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.

The 12-episode third season of TRUE BLOOD, which launched June 13, has already inspired critical raves, with Entertainment Weekly calling it “faster, sleeker, more vicious, more fun than it already was,” as well as “summer’s best TV.” USA Today hails the show as “fabulously wild,” while the Washington Post describes it as “electrifying.”

Season three credits: TRUE BLOOD was created by Alan Ball; based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris; executive producers, Alan Ball and Gregg Fienberg; co-executive producers, Brian Buckner, Nancy Oliver and Alexander Woo; supervising producer, Raelle Tucker; producer, Mark McNair.


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True Blood’s Russell Edgington is a Top TV Monster

November 2, 2010

Television has a long list of scary characters. So how well does True Blood rate in the scheme of thing?

Denis O'Hare plays True Blood villain, Russell Edgington

"Now, it's time for the weather, Tiffany!"

To  honour Halloween, TV Squad has announced the scariest TV monsters of all time. And it seems that True Blood’s King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington has rated rather well on the fright-o-meter. While the article lists only six, Russell, from Season three of True Blood, comes in at number four, ahead of Lost’s Smoke Monster and the mutants from the original V.

It appears that this newcomer to our small screens with his progressively scary newsreading abilities is enough to scare us in the middle of the night.

But while the catch phrase: “Now, it’s time for the weather, Tiffany,” will eat into our nightmares for quite some time, there were some monsters who were considered scarier than Russell.

Number three was the observers from Fringe, which was beaten by the emotionless child, Anthony Fremont from The Twilight Zone. Taking the top spot as scariest TV monster was the flukeman from The X Files.

So will True Blood be able to top the list next year?

Source: TV Squad – Scariest TV Monsters of All Time (That Actually Scare Us)

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The Franklin Files — The Revelations

October 25, 2010

It was a slow night at Merlotte’s but you couldn’t tell that by Tara. She was on her very last nerve as she watched Maxine Fortenberry having dinner with one of her friends from church. Maxine had that effect on most everyone but she was pushing Tara into overdrive.

From the minute she’d taken her order and Maxine started drumming her fake-ass red nails on the table, Tara was regretting she told Arlene it was okay to go home early and she had things covered. Yes, Arlene was pregnant and deserved a break. But the sound of those nails on the table was ringing through the restaurant and the longer Terry was taking with the food, the faster Maxine was going. And something about that sound was really getting to Tara. And if she watched them, Tara found she was almost mesmerized by them, like…she…was…right…now…

“Shit, Mrs. Fortenberry, please stop that racket with those nails of yours. You’re bothering the other customers.”

Maxine looked around with her highly decorated, blue shadowed eyes and replied, “Weeell, excuuuse, me, Tara Thornton. The only other customer in here is Mike Spencer, and it looks to me like you’re getting ready to leave, aren’t you, Mike?”

“What? Excuse Me?” As soon as Mike Spencer saw Maxine pull into the parking lot, he began praying for his order to be up, so he could choke his cheeseburger down and get out of there. Maxine had that effect on people.

“Miss Thornton here thinks I may be bothering you, Mr. Spencer. But I said it looks like you’re fixin’ to leave. Isn’t that right?”

“I sure am. I’ll see y’all later.” And with that, Mike put a few bucks on the counter and beat a path of retreat. He may work with the dead, and now there was the undead, but he found Maxine Fortenberry a whole hell of a lot scarier. He’d also like to give her a few lessons on makeup that he’d learned at the DeLong School of Mortuary Sciences in Baton Rouge. He could sure teach her a few things about putting on some rouge. God, that woman sure looked like a freakish, circus clown.

“Terry, you got that food ready for Mrs. Fortenberry?” Tara yelled back through the order window.

“I’m having a little trouble with the grill, Tara. Give them some of this Jell-o Surprise Lafayette whipped up for lunch.”

Tara looked down at the bowls. They were filled with red jell-o cubes mixed with whipped cream. “Holy Shit, Terry! I don’t know what’s wrong with my cousin. Ever since he started dating Jesús, he’s turned into some sick puppy dog bitch. I can’t take all this fruity ass shit he’s cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy he’s happy, but Pineapple Upside Down cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and now Jell-o Surprise? I like a good dessert and all, but all this happiness is making him downright sick in his head. Plus right when you meet someone it’s just going to blow up in your face.” Tara knew this all too well.

“Well, I know I’ve never been happier than I am right now with Arlene.”

“Whatever. Just give me the damn Jell-o.”

Tara walked over to Maxine’s booth, “Terry’s just working on your burgers so here’s some complimentary Jell-o Surprise as an appetizer.”

“Oh, how nice,” said Maxine. “I had no idea that Sam was trying to get so much more sophisticated. Is he trying to compete with that French restaurant in Baton Rouge?”

“Yeah, that’s it, Maxine. This Jell-o Surprise is really classing up the place. I’ll be behind the bar if you need anything.”

Tara sat down behind the bar. Truth be told, it wasn’t just Maxine, it was everything. She was just tired. These had to be the worst couple months of her life. Ever since the vamps had “come out” life hadn’t been the same, and since Bill Compton had walked through the door of Merlotte’s Tara’s life had really taken some strange twists and turns. There was Maryann who’d taken over her mind but she’d led Tara to Eggs who’d been the best man she had ever met. Tara’s heart ached for Eggs and she still couldn’t believe he was dead. Then, there was the psychotic vampire who kidnapped her…

Tara noticed Maxine out of the corner of her eye, she was sucking that damn Jell-o piece by piece, and whipped cream and small pieces of the red crap were getting caught around the sides of her lips and pasty white chin. All of a sudden more of Tara’s memories of Franklin, that crazy ass vampire, came rushing back. She could feel his blood and brains and pieces of his body all over her again. It had happened not once, but twice. The first time was at Russell Edgington’s when Tara beat his brains in with a bludgeon the night before they were supposed to be married. The second time was right outside this bar when Jason saved her life after Franklin came here to get his revenge. Watching Maxine with that Jell-o, the smells, the tastes, the feel of his tissue on her body and face, all of it came rushing back to Tara.

“Terry I gotta’ get out of here.”

Thanks to his PTSD, everything, and nothing, seemed to stress Terry out, so he yelled after her “Okay, Tara, I’ll hold down the fort.”

Tara ran out of Merlotte’s, right past the spot where Jason had killed Franklin, and into the woods surrounding the bar and smack into Franklin’s car.

“Holy Shit, what is that doing here?”

Tara began shaking and curled up under a tree. After a few minutes (or was it a few hours?),  she got up and shook herself off. She finally figured out that Jason probably drove the car in here to hide what had happened to Franklin. Maybe this wasn’t all bad. She remembered all of Franklin’s briefcases. Maybe there was something of value in the car. She opened the driver’s side door.

“God love him. That Jason is one short brick of a full load, the keys are still in the ignition.” She found the key that opened the trunk and went around to the back.

Slowly, Tara opened the trunk, a little hesitant as to what or whom she might find in there. But fortunately, it held just one briefcase. She opened it up and found it was filled with a bunch of files about people she had never heard of. Then her hand found a fat envelope, she caught her breath as she discovered the envelope was filled with $50 bills. “Alrighty then. I think I’m entitled to this, after all, I’m damn near his widow or closest thing to it.”

Thinking maybe there might be more envelopes like that, Tara decided to take everything out of the briefcase and rip the whole damn thing apart. She felt a bulge at the bottom of the case. She opened the tool box and grabbed a screwdriver and tore it apart. There was a large, extremely thick, very old, musty leather bound journal. She took it out to where she could read the engraving on the cover by the lights of the parking lot. And then she turned to the opening page and let out a gasp of surprise, “Holy Mother of God!”

Wednesday, October 31, 1855
This morning’s rain matched my mood as I followed in my father’s footsteps on my death march to a lifetime in his calling. I watched his bowed head of submission and met my mother’s victorious eyes (for truly it was her victory more than his that had led to my mounting the steps that gloomy cold morning) as I gripped the railings and began the first sentences of my sermon in St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Disclaimer: The Franklin Files are provided for entertainment purposes only and is a parody of the fantasy series, True Blood, and as such, is presented here for your amusement. “Franklin Files” and the various writers that contribute to it, have no relationship/affiliation to HBO, True Blood, or any of the cast or crew of said program nor any relation to Charlaine Harris, or the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Written By: Sarahfina

Photo & Graphics By: Sarahfina


True Blood Composer Nathan Barr is Spotlighted by Carson Daly

October 23, 2010

Last Call with Carson Daly Spotlights True Blood Composer Nathan Barr

On Carson Daly’s October 16 show, he put the spotlight on Nathan Barr, a highly talented composer who is best known for his scores for seasons 1-3 of True Blood. Carson visited Nathan’s home and private recording studio to learn more about the man behind the music.

Nathan is a man of many talents. Not only does he compose, but he also performs his own compositions. He told Carson that he works hard to keep things as organic as possible while composing, and also tries to keep everything the audience hears real rather than synthesizing sounds. In making music his way, Nathan has become a popular choice as a composer for horror films. He has worked closely with directors like Eli Roth and Kevin Kever, and most recently scored the movie The Last Exorcism.

Nathan’s Personal Recording Studio

Unlike many other recording artists, Nathan has his own studio right at his house. On most days, all he has to do is walk from his house to his garage, which was converted into his studio. He often “sits down with a cup of coffee and starts working.”

This studio is where Nathan has composed all of the original music for True Blood. He began his work for the show by creating Bill and Sookie’s love theme, which came out of Nathan sitting down with a guitar and playing chords. From there, he doubled the guitar line and played it on his cello. After creating Bill and Sookie’s theme, Nathan had the confidence to create the themes for other characters on True Blood.

Nathan showed Carson how he created the sound for a scene from Season 3 of True Blood when Bill’s invitation to Jason’s house is rescinded. He explained that because vampires have to leave houses as soon as they are uninvited, and they are sucked out of the house backwards, he played a bagpipe, a piano, and a bell, then reversed the sound for each of the instruments to create an entirely new sound to fit what we saw onscreen.

There was a lot more shared in the video Carson showed his audience, and it really gives fans a peek into the process of how Nathan creates the music that we all know and love on True Blood. Check out the video and enjoy!

Source:, user account JodyK78


James Frain Talks Franklin Mott and Tron: Legacy

October 5, 2010

True Blood and Tron: Legacy

Franklin Mott, James Frain, True Blood, Tron LegacyFranklin Mott may have met the true death on True Blood, but actor James Frain’s career is on the rise. In a recent interview with Collider, James discusses his role in the highly-anticipated Tron sequel, and what it’s like playing a crazy character like Franklin.

In spite of some of the outrageous things he was asked to do as Franklin, James says it was never challenging because he was having so much fun playing a liberated psychopath:

“If it’s going well, meaning that the writing is good, the directing is good and the other actor is present with you, then it’s always fun. It’s make-believe. It becomes difficult when there’s something not working in the equation. What’s remarkable is when you watch stuff back afterwards and you go, ‘Oh, my god, that’s terrifying! I remember when we were doing that and it was really good fun.’ Especially when it comes to that intense stuff, sometimes it’s even more fun than not because it’s so absurd, over-the-top and extreme. But, Rutina Wesley is just a very open and generous actor, and we just had a blast.”

James went from True Blood to another big, exciting project–Tron: Legacy, the remake of the 1982 sci-fi classic. He stepped into the role of Jarvis, the right-hand man to Clu, evil overlord of the alternate game universe:

“Unfortunately, [Jarvis is] completely inept and he spends most of his time trying not to be killed. It’s a fun, comic character that’s a little off-beat. It’s an intense, overwhelming experience and one of the things that [director] Joe [Kosinski] did to mitigate that was build in as much human idiosyncracies as he could. Michael Sheen’s character, Castor, is a very flamboyant, comic character. My character is not flamboyant, but more human, in terms of being fallible and absurd.”

Anticipation for Tron: Legacy has been building, given how many actors from the original film are involved (including Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner) and because of the technology available today to create outstanding visual effects. James says that, as an actor, you don’t approach your work any differently now that so much is being filmed in 3D:

“The new technology comes in and it seems like it’s changed all the rules, but then, after awhile, it’s just how things are done. The thing that always applies is storytelling. Good storytelling, good characters, genuine reactions and all that stuff is what’s important.”

Even though there’s a lot of hype for the film to live up to, James definitely thinks it’s going to blow people away when it hits theaters this December. After his impressive, magnetic performance as Franklin on True Blood, we can’t wait to see James in his new role!

SOURCE: — James Frain Exclusive Interview TRON: LEGACY

(Photo credit: Disney)


Lorena and Godric of True Blood Guests at UK Convention

October 1, 2010

Mariana Klevena (Lorena) & Godric (Allan Hyde) of HBO True Blood will be Guest Stars at UK Convention!Lorena

True Blood’s Mariana Klaveno and Allan Hyde will be guest stars at the STARFURY Conventions The Vampire Ball three day event.

The event is a convention celebrating Vampires in the media, and shows such as True Blood. This event will take place between November 26th and 28th, 2010 at the Thistle Hotel in Heathrow, London.

Attendee’s will be able to hear special panels of guest stars, including Mariana and Allan as well as other special guests, have photo & autograph sessions, competitions, make up displays, parties and much more.

Each night of the Convention will feature a different theme.  Friday night’s theme is Sunnydale High, Saturday’s is a Vampire Ball, and Sunday honors The Rocky Horror Show. Tickets can be purchased online via check or debit card.


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True Blood’s Yvetta in NY

September 26, 2010

Natasha Alam as True Blood's YvettaTrue Blood’s Natasha Alam (Yvetta) Hosts Parties.

Natasha Alam hosted a couple of parties  in Long Island, New York this past weekend.  Natasha plays Yvetta, a new dancer that works for Eric Northman at Fangtasia.

Not only is Natasha known for her character on True Blood, she  also was Playboy’s  Magazine cover model for this year’s past July’s cover.

Ms. Alam hosted a party at Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale on Friday night and at  Karma of Patchogue on Saturday night.   The Crazy Donkey gave out free drinks from 10:00  p.m. – 12:00 midnight in honor of Natasha. The club had flyers you could download to participate in the free drink special and free admission to the event before 11:00 p.m.

The Karma club hosted the same promotion as the Crazy Donkey on Saturday night.  It sounds like a lot of True Blood fans had a great opportunity to have fun!

Source: – True Blood Star Makes Appearances This Weekend Around Long Island

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HBO releases True Blood Season 3 Finale Photos

September 18, 2010

New photos have been released from the Season 3 finale of True Blood. These gorgeous photos show several things. First is a picture of Hoyt and Jessica. Next is Sookie feeding Eric after he was in the sun with Russell. Following that picture is one of Tara (with her new, short hair cut) sitting at the table with Sookie. After that is a photo of Sookie in the graveyard with Claudine. The final photo is of Sookie and Russell inside Fangtasia. Enjoy the photos!

Hoyt Fortenberry, Jessica Hamby, True Blood, Jim Parrack, Deborah Ann Woll

Sookie Stackhouse, Eric Northman, True Blood, Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard

Sookie Stackhouse, Tara Thornton, True Blood, Anna Paquin, Rutina Wesley

Sookie Stackhouse, Claudine, True Blood

Sookie Stackhouse, Russell Edgington, True Blood, Anna Paquin, Denis O'Hare

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