True Blood Season 2 on HBO On Demand

January 6, 2010 by  

The wait for Season 3 of True Blood is hard on many fans, however HBO is trying to make the wait a little bit easier.  Season 2 of True Blood will be on HBO On Demand soon! Starting Monday, January 11, 2010 the first six episodes of Season 2 will be up for your viewing pleasure. Those episodes are as follows:

Episode 13: Nothing But the Blood

Episode 14: Keep This Party Going

Episode 15: Scratches

Episode 16: Shake and Fingerpop

Episode 17: Never Let Me Go

Episode 18: Hard-Hearted Hannah

The additional last 6 episodes of Season 2 will be added to the lineup starting on Monday, January 18, 2010 which will include:

Episode 19: Release Me

Episode 20: Timebomb

Episode 21: I Will Rise Up

Episode 22: New World in My View

Episode 23: Frenzy

Episode 24: Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

All episodes will be up on HBO On Demand until Monday, February 8, 2010 so take advantage of all the episodes as many times as you can and tell everyone you know to watch them before they’re gone!


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    OnDemand should be available for all seasons of True Blood. If you pay for cable, all the past seasons should always be available, not pulled as HBO sees fit to give them time to sell more DVDs. OnDemand means OnDemand, not OnDemand when the cable station feels like it! Rip-Off!
    David Wolf

    • David, I totally understand your frustration, but it’s not only HBO that does that. I know that basic cable channels, like CBS, which has shows like The Mentalist, NCIS, and the CSI: shows, never puts previous full seasons on either. They either don’t have the show at all (in the case of The Mentalist), or they give a few select episodes to whet your appetite to watch more. It’s a sales trick with every OnDemand channel, unfortunately.

      That way, in order for you to watch more, you have to either try to find the episodes to watch legally online on their websites or Hulu, or you have to shell out the money to buy the DVDs.

    • erin

      I completely understand…pisses me off so much…it was on a few weeks ago (season 3) and now it is gone again…but yet they still have the sopranos on there?? I don’t get it. I agree that everyone who has hbo on demand should be able to watch all shows that are on now or hiatus so people can catch up. That is why they call it demand so u have the freedom to watch any time you want…ARGHHH!!

  • Terry

    If you want me to watch Season 3, you need to put Season 2 back “on demand”.

  • pbt

    Remember the Ten Step Plan for TB Withdrawals:

    10: Watch TB Season Two on HBO Sundays at 8pm followed by the Waiting Sucks Promos. Order the DVD or Blue Ray Discs. They arrive in May to a store near you.

    9: Read TB Fan fiction that is all over the internet

    8: Read SVM novels by Charlaine Harris. There really are a lot of similarities to TB.

    7: Re-watch Season one of DVD again. You never know. You might have missed something. Lot’s of foreshadowing in those episodes. Let’s face it by now we have the lines memorized. Cult. Not me. LOL.

    6: Watch the Details photo shoot video over and over again for the TB hotties. All three were smoking hot.

    5: Write your own fanfiction. Deadpan contest over at fanfiction

    4: Buy every magazine written about our True Blood favs. There are plenty being published right now. VMan and Details to name a few.

    3: Watch fan made videos on There are plenty with all the characters. Choose your favorite.

    2: Create your own video. It really is very creative, time consuming and a hell of a lot of fun.

    1: Visit this site for the latest and greatest in news and updates about all of our TB favorites. Well done, Ollie.

    As always, pbt
    51 days until the V-ddiction continues!

  • Rolls

    Missed all the episodes they were not on long enough!!!

    • Antonio

      I don’t understand that,either. Now that they have recently begun re-running eps of S2 again on sunday nights,I don’t know why these eps are not available on demand. It would make it more convenient for folks to watch on demand and get caught up.

      • Maria

        Any news as to when S2 will be made available on HBO On Demand?

        • Hi Maria,

          Season 2 was on Demand a while back but is now airing weekly on Sunday nights at 8PM. As to whether they will do another “True Blood On Demand” I do not know. But don’t fret. Season 2 of True Blood will be coming out on DVD in May. 🙂

          • Maria

            Thank you so much for the reply! :)) I am so addicted! I had never watched the series before and then finally decided to start after hearing how everyone loved it. Long story short … I watched the entire S1 in one day on demand!!! I was so upset not to be able to continue with S2 and I have already missed the first half of S2 that HBO has been playing every Sinday at 8. I need to wait till it comes back on Demand or when the DVDs come out. when do they come out?

          • The DVDs come out on May 25th. I can’t wait to get the Blu-Ray myself!

  • Laura

    Never mind. I see where they took it off Feb 8th. 🙁

  • Laura

    I am so sad that I my HBO on demand doesn’t show True Blood. Did they take it off?

  • Antonio

    S2 was when I first started watching the show. I’d seen bits and pieces here and there But never really seemed interested. Someone asked me “You don’t watch True Blood?” I did not at that time. Then I watched with my sister and I wanted to know what happened particularly with the whole Maryann thing.
    I can remember vaguely the episode where Lorena holds Bill Captive in the hotel room and where he smacks her over the head with an HD Tv. Anyway, I had taped some in an effort to get caught up but I dont think That I saw every episode of S2 either.
    I remeber the timebomb Eric deceiving Sookie Sookie’s sex dream of Eric I think that might have been where I came into it.
    I remember Bill going to see Sophie Ann and the end sequence with the leg dripping blood. Of course I talked with my sister and her friend about the finale Of Course I wanted to watch it I wanted to see that creep Maryann get hers!!
    It was incredible The finale was really Cool! I thought that whole “sookie will you marry me” sequence was a bit much
    She was already his he had claimed her as his own in S1 Ep.3
    I guess this is how the writers wrote this.
    Season 2 was good. So many cool memorable moments
    Perhaps the whole Maryann storyline dragged on a bit but other than that it was good writing.

  • Very excited to hear the news. A great way to deal with the True Blood withdrawal everyone is feeling! 🙂