True Blood’s James Frain Joins True Detective Cast

November 16, 2014

Season 2 of True Detective Casts a True Blood Favorite:

TRUE-BLOOD-Season-3-James-Frain.Fans of the unhinged Franklin Mott from Season 3 of HBO’s True Blood are in for a treat with Season 2 of HBO’s True Detective. It has recently been reported that actor James Frain will join the cast in a recurring role. Frain will be playing the role of ruthless police lieutenant, Jeff Hunt.

According to Deadline, the synopsis for Season 2 is as follows:

The second installment in the crime franchise revolves around three police officers, played by Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams, and a career criminal (Vince Vaughn) who must navigate a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder.

In addition to James Frian’s casting announcement, actress Lolita Davidovich will also join the cast as Kitsch’s mother and washed out former showgirl, Nancy Simpson.

And according to E! Online, the following cast have also been confirmed:

True Detective’s second season will also feature Black Box alum Kelly Reilly in a series regular role, as well as Almost Human’s Michael Irby, Suits star Abigail Spencer and The Tomorrow People’s Leven Rambin in recurring roles.

It has been announced that Justin Lin will direct the first two episodes of this new season with creator Nic Pizzolatto writing the script. Production on Season 2 of True Detective will begin in California this fall.

Will you be tuning in just to watch True Blood’s bad boy, James Frain, in True Detective? Or are you already a fan of this new series? Let us know by commenting below!

Sources: Deadline – ‘True Detective’ Adds Lolita Davidovich & James Frain For Season 2

E! Online – True Detective Season 2 Casts 2 More Roles—Who Just Joined HBO’s Drama?

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True Blood is ‘Best in Show’

October 2, 2010

True Blood Wins IAB MIXX Award

True Blood is an awesome show with a brilliant ad campaign behind it. Prior to the airing of the second season of the show, an ad campaign was launched called “Hacking Reality.” The campaign featured lots of real life companies and brands joining up with HBO to create ads that seemed real for vampire-safe items.

However, that’s not all there was to the campaign. There was also an “Inside-Edition type” show that aired weekly and covered all things that are related to vampires as well as viral videos from the American Vampire League (AVL) and the Fellowship of the Sun. There were even websites that were for vampires, including Bloodcopy (which was recreated for Season 3 by HBO).

The campaign could be found everywhere, including at Comic-Con International 2009, where oversized wall posters showed a special vampire-friendly Harley-Davidson motorcycle, a Geico ad for insurance for vampires, and many more.

The campaign obviously worked, as the season premiere for the second season of True Blood was the most viewed show on HBO On Demand, and there was an average of 12.6 million gross viewers for each episode of the season. Congratulations to HBO and True Blood for creating such a wonderful and completely unforgettable ad campaign!

SOURCE: — HBO’s True Blood Wins IAB MIXX Best in Show

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Lorena and Godric of True Blood Guests at UK Convention

October 1, 2010

Mariana Klevena (Lorena) & Godric (Allan Hyde) of HBO True Blood will be Guest Stars at UK Convention!Lorena

True Blood’s Mariana Klaveno and Allan Hyde will be guest stars at the STARFURY Conventions The Vampire Ball three day event.

The event is a convention celebrating Vampires in the media, and shows such as True Blood. This event will take place between November 26th and 28th, 2010 at the Thistle Hotel in Heathrow, London.

Attendee’s will be able to hear special panels of guest stars, including Mariana and Allan as well as other special guests, have photo & autograph sessions, competitions, make up displays, parties and much more.

Each night of the Convention will feature a different theme.  Friday night’s theme is Sunnydale High, Saturday’s is a Vampire Ball, and Sunday honors The Rocky Horror Show. Tickets can be purchased online via check or debit card.


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Preorder Nathan Barr’s Score for True Blood Season 2

September 17, 2010

True Blood Season 2 ScoreWhen the summer ends, True Blood fans do one thing: try to figure out what to do with themselves until they see a new season of their beloved vampires.

HBO and Nathan Barr have been kind enough to help fans through their fang withdrawal. Why not spend the winter months curled up on the couch listening to the score from Season 2?

The 13 track album is due to hit stores on September 21 and will include songs such as Sookie’s Dreams, Eric the Viking, Hoyt and Jessica, and Goodbye Godric. All the songs were written, performed and recorded by Nathan himself.

The album can be pre ordered at; for less than $20, fans can relive the most heart breaking or sexiest scenes of the show, while they commute to work or read the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. Whatever the plan is this winter, the Season 2 score is a great way to keep warm until True Blood comes back for its 4th season in the summer of 2011.

Source: — Nathan Barr’s Photos

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Vampire Boom Gives The Economy A Much Needed Boost

August 26, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood, Eric NorthmanHollywood has always used aliens, zombies, viruses, and a dash of apocalypse scare to thrill movie goers in to paying big bucks, but who knew True Blood and the rest of the vampires were helping Hollywood pay the rent.

Recently the Twilight paraody Vampires Suck made $20 million, while 5 million viewers regularly watch True Blood on HBO. When it comes to books, Justin Cronin’s The Passage, Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn and Charlaine Harris’ Dead and Gone have all made it to the best seller list.

It seems that since the introduction of Twilight, the vampire genre has grossed an impressive $7 billion. From spooky and mythical tales, the genre has now become an inexhaustible and money making industry. The Hollywood Reporter breaks down the numbers:

  • Film: $3 billion
  • Publishing: $1.6 billion
  • Merchandising: $600 million
  • TV, DVDs: $1.2 billion
  • Other: $600 million

How exactly do these supernaturals do it? Simple. Vampires can easily be transported into any genre. It seems there versatility is endless. Julie Plec, writer and producer for Vampire Diaries notes,

“By starting with one simple mythological creature that’s been part of our literary universe for centuries, you can create a story that has it all: romance, horror, action, special effects, sex, epic love, wish fulfillment, romantic leading men, delicious bad-boy villains, female badasses, damsels in distress, death, monsters and, ultimately, the perfectly flawed hero who would give it all up if it meant they wouldn’t have to spend eternity alone… It doesn’t get more universal than that.”

With versatility comes money making. Movies bring in money right away; the Twilight saga has brought in $1.76 billion in box office sales alone. While television shows don’t tend to make money as upfront as movies, True Blood and Vampire Diaries bring a big fan base and have shown good sales in the aftermarket sales. Both shows are predicted to earn impressive figures in the coming years: $100 million-$125 million from “Vampire Diaries” and $50 million-$75 million from True Blood. And this isn’t including the DVD sales, which will produce high figures; already the Season 2 DVD of True Blood has sold a million copies.

With great stories also comes great music tie ins. Soundtracks are another crucial component to selling the vampire genre. The Twilight soundtrack and scores for the currents movies have easily brought in $50 million.

As for books, not only are Harris and Meyers seeing their stories fly off the shelves, but there are scores of vampire novels being consumed by readers, which makes about $1.6 billion.

Along with music and books, video games are also using the vampire theme to generate income. With so many poplar titles out at $40 each, the video game industry is easily raking in $200 million.

The vampire genre doesn’t seem to be dying out either; future projects are already in the works in every industry. So vampire fans open up another bottle of True Blood, pop in Season 1 of Vampire Diaries, download the score to Twilight and play some Legacy of Kain because vampires are doing their part to help the recession.

Source: — Vampires Bring $7 bil to Hollywood Economy

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Allan Hyde: The Challenge of Playing Godric

June 21, 2010

Last season we saw 2,000 year-old Godric face the sun.  It was a heartbreaker for both Eric and Sookie and for many of the thousands of True Blood fans watching HBO‘s hit series.

Allan Hyde, who plays Godric, the vampire who sired Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgard), will be returning in Season 3 in flashbacks.  Talking with Starry Constellation Magazine, Allan spoke about his character.

He would not say anything specific about the Season 3 flashbacks, but he did say the characters are getting more attention and we’ll get to know them better, as well as their secrets.

“For myself, Godric is a great way of seeing what it is like during the different stages of the vampire life. In the second season, we see him at 1,000 years old when he lived in the wilderness and turned Eric.  We also saw the contemporary Godric and two polar opposites of the character.  We saw him very beastlike and very humanlike.”

Getting the part right out of high school in Denmark, Allan found the role challenging.  Although Godric is 2,000 years old, he is still a teenager.  How do you “ooze this experience, age and wisdom that a 2,000 year old vampire would have”?  No one knows, so research wasn’t forthcoming. Allan had to not only make it up, but also make it believable.

Allan was offered the role in True Blood while still in Denmark.  He had never heard of the show but was ready to take on this huge adventure.  It is customary to take a couple of years off after high school before starting university.  So, although coming to the U.S. to portray an ancient vampire was not something he had thought of doing, Allan embraced the opportunity and did his homework.

He said the rapport with the cast came instantly.  In the first flashback last season, the scene involved Alexander (from Sweden), two other actors (one from Sweden, the other from Finland) and himself, from Denmark.  They all had coffee together to meet each other and to translate the lines into Swedish.  “They were just great people.”

Asked why he thinks True Blood is so popular, Allan said that it’s exciting, scary and sexy – a story and universe that people find fascinating.  He watches because he enjoys the storylines and likes the way the characters develop.  The various layers include both funny and scary aspects.

“It’s just got a little bit of everything and I’m really excited to see what happens in the third season.  If you sit down and think about it, it’s a comment on society.  It deals with everything and the problems that we see in modern society, but doesn’t pull specific things out of their element so you have to think about it.”

We will learn more about the history of Godric and Eric in Season 3 flashbacks.


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True Blood Inspires Fashion Line

May 19, 2010

There are a lot of ways to promote a television show, and HBO seems to have spared no expense when it comes to their latest guilty pleasure, True Blood. Viral ads, clips, and posters designed to entice already hooked fans as well as curious new viewers abound. In an interesting marketing move, Warner Brothers Home Video has paired with Australian fashion house, Saint Augustine Academy, and designer, Alvin Manalo, to cross promote the release of Season 2 on DVD and Blu-Ray in a vampire-inspired fashion show during Australian Fashion Week. The designer debuted a collection containing pieces for both men and women in black, white, and – of course – red. Pieces included goth-inspired, yet flowing dresses, one-piece rompers, structured shirts, and metal accents. Models wore heavy boots and unruly hair. The makeup was a severa pale base with red or black lips, chrome fangs, and metal-embellished eyebrows.

Mac Pro makeup artist, Karen Hopwood, summed up the seemingly odd collaboration best when she said, “music and film are really influencing fashion”.

Mumbrella writer, Emma Tom, noted that the current return of the popularity of the vampire genre has renewed an interest in goth style and that designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Christian Dior have previously presented collections in the same spirit.

Although vampire fashion may not be for everyone, the fact that True Blood-inspired a couture collection is reason enough to celebrate your favorite vampire‘s style (whether Jessica‘s envelope-pushing, teenager-rebelling outfits, Pam‘s tailored suits, or Bill‘s clean cut togs). True Blood vampires are not the exotic or extreme variety presented by Manalo, nevertheless, their unique fashion sensibilities are worth a second look at Season 2, which will be released on May 25.


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True Blood Season 2 DVD Review

May 16, 2010

In advance of the release of True Blood, Season 2, on DVD May 25, reviewed the the series and the five disc set. I won’t recount the entire season here, as most of us have already seen it, but I will focus on the site’s review and the DVD set’s features. cites their highlights of the season, including:

1. Sookie‘s discovery of another telepath in Dallas

2. Eric‘s opinion of human children just before asking Sophie-Anne a favor

3. Bill‘s reunion with his maker, Lorena

While the site gave a very thorough and concise rundown of Season 2, I think it fell short when recounting Season 2 hits.

There were several well acted arcs and scenes beyond those noted above:

1. Jason‘s slow descent into the Fellowship of the Sun and his interactions with Steve, Sarah, and Luke (who could forget when Sarah tells him that God wants them to be together or when she tells him they must confess to Steve?)

2. Sam‘s shift in front of the deranged, brain-washed townsfolk (and Jason and Andy‘s reactions)

3. Sookie‘s blood bond with Eric, and the effect it has on her, in addition to her affinity to and compassion for Godric

There are too many more to recount! Luckily, the Season 2 disc set will let you relive your favorite scenes again and again. In addition to all 12 episdoes, the set also includes commentary on episodes 2, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 from all the major players including Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, and Alexander Skarsgard. Bonus features also include Fellowship of the Sun sermons designed to incite the vampire hate in you led by either Reverend Steve Newlin or his wife, Sarah; and, “The Vampire Report” news magazine covering all current events involving vampires with a commercial for the American Vampire League and public service announcements geared toward vampires (have you been tested for Hepatitis D?). All in all, a well conceived season with a series of bonus features designed to enhance the existing episode content and further your entrenchment into the supernatural world of Sookie Stackhouse.

Season 2 will be released on Standard DVD, Blu-Ray disc, and in digital download format on May 25 and will be available from the HBO Store, Amazon, and iTunes.


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True Blood’s Season 2 Soundtrack Track List Released

May 13, 2010

For those of us enjoying the unique musical score of True Blood Season 1, HBOhas released the track list for the Season 2 soundtrack to accompany the release of Season 2on DVD May 25. The soundtrack will include new material and classics as well as an acoustic version of the show’s bluesy theme by Jace Everett, “Bad Things“. If the vampire and supernatural-inspired names of the songs alone don’t tempt you, music by such renowned artists as Beck, Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, Stone Temple Pilots, and Bob Dylan should.

The tracks include –

Howlin’ for My Baby by M. Ward

Evil (Is Going on) by Jace Everett and CC Adcock

Bad Blood by Beck

How to Become Clairvoyant by Robbie Robertson

Shake and Fingerpop by Jr. Walker and The All Stars

Frenzy by the Screamin’ Jay Hawks

Kiss Like Your Kiss by Lucinda Williamswith Elvis Costello

Gasoline and Matches by Buddy and Julie Miller

You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp) by Chuck Prophet

You’re Gonna Miss Me by The 13th Floor Elevators

Fresh Blood by the Eels

The Forgotten People (Bon Temps Remix) by Thievery Corporation

New World in My View by King Britt and Sister Gertrude Morgan

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ by Bob Dylan

Bad Things (Acoustic) by Jace Everett

Ain’t No Invisible Man by Jakob Dylan

You Can’t Drive Me Away by Stone Temple Pilots

Dig by Headbone featuring Bubba Kendall

Get your iPods charged for continuous play to get you in the mood for the debut of Season 3 on June 13!  (The Season 2 soundtrack will be available via HBO’s Shop, Amazon, and iTunes.)


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HBO’s True Blood Season 2 Returns

March 21, 2010

True Blood fans it is time to quench your thirst for some True Blood as season 2 returns on HBO starting tonight, Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 8:00pm. If you need a little reminder (which your probably don’t) here is the synopsis for Episode 2.01 “Nothing But The Blood.”

A shocking murder outside Merlotte’s has Bon Temps reeling. Meanwhile, Sookie’s relationship with Bill is tested when she learns of his siring of Jessica, and of his involvement in her uncle’s death. Sam recalls a shape-shifting encounter he had with Maryann as a 17-year-old. Jason gets a sudden windfall that allows him to pay for a leadership retreat with the Fellowship of the Sun. Two adversaries find themselves sharing a mysterious dungeon and, possibly, the same fate.

You can see our screencaps of the episodes in our gallery or enter our forum to get the True Blood discussions rolling as we relive season 2 and get ready for season 3 to return on Sunday, June 13, 2010.

Below is HBO‘s latest Season 2 Encore Trailer and don’t forget after each season 2 episode there may be a little treat from HBO so stay tuned through the end of the credits.

Season 2 Encore Trailer


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