True Blood Season 2: New HBO True Blood Posters

May 16, 2009 by  

New True Blood Season 2 posters have come out from HBO promoting the return of the second season of True Blood on Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 9PM/ET on HBO.  There are 7  new True Blood Season 2 posters featuring Bill, Sookie, Eric, Sam, Jason, Tara and Maryann.  So enjoy these tantalizing posters as we countdown to season 2 of True Blood.









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  • antonio

    These posters are Awesome!! I particularly like the 1 where its a group shot with Eric in the middle and the cast surrounding him.Each with some blood on them…just amazing!!
    The poster of Sookie with bite marks on her neck and Bill near her with blood running down his mouth…Cool!!!

  • astarais

    i missed first season of true blood hope i can catch up… and pick up the season. I noticed from those posters there are 2 charters from Lost, Ben and one other person don’t know her name.

    • astarais

      sry error meant to say characters


        Which characters from lost are on this show??

  • Katzie

    I want those posters!!!!!! =O

  • I want to purchase all the posters. Maybe there will be a competition and the prizes could be a poster???

  • Kris

    LOVE the poster. Would love to purchase the one of Bill!!!!!

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  • Nia

    Its about time we had posters like these!!!!!!

  • crystal

    OMGAH….i SO want that picture of eric on MY WALL -drool

  • excellent poster, everyone looks very sexy-especially Alex/Eric-Bill too!Great in Black & White

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  • FlowerBite

    Do you have any high-res versions of these? I NEED these as posters for my walls and I just know it will end up being impossible to find them…

    • Hi there! These posters just came out so perhaps later on high-resolution versions will be made available.

      • FlowerBite

        I hope so, they are FANTASTIC! I hope HBO ends up selling them *HINT to anyone from HBO who might read this* ^_^