True Blood Season 3 Casting Call for Episode 3.04 – “9 Crimes”

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True Blood season 3 casting call news this time for the newly entitled Episode 3.04, “9 Crimes”SpoilerTV is posting several calling calls for this episode and by the looks of the characters being recruited, it is definitely going to have True Blood fans speculating what is going to happen.  Fans will be very excited to see one particular character finally being cast.

Of course I am referring to Debbie Pelt, who is Alcide Herveaux, the werewolf’s ex-girlfriend who is described to be in her late 20s, stubborn, strung-out and highly addicted to “V” (hmm very interesting wonder where Alan is going with this one).  She is set to be a strong recurring character and although she will be seen in a bra and panties, no nudity is required for her part.

We will also be seeing Alcide‘s protective older sister, Janice Herveaux, who is described as a 32 year old, fit, tough-as-nails woman in biker gear.  It says that she is somewhat into New Age stuff such as horoscopes and psychics.  Wonder if she can see what lies ahead for Sookie and who is the best man, vampire, were, shapeshifter or whoever, is for her. It states that this is a guest star appearance so it will be interesting to see who they will cast for the part.

Another guest star appearance with a recurring role is for the character Kitch Maynard who is described as 17 years old (actor must be at least 18), cocky, a Golden Boy who is the new high school football star who has replaced Jason as the hometown hero, and he enjoys rubbing it in Jason‘s face.  It states that there may be a “car ass type nudity” which I’m going to take a wild guess may mean some mooning may occur but I could be wrong.

We will have a guest star appearance for another stripper by the name of Ann who is exotic and striking-looking, but dead behind the eyes.  Apparently the scantily clad stripper will be glamored and devoured by three vampires. The casting call states that there will be topless nudity and that strong actresses should be submitted for the role.

It seem another guest star will appear on True Blood as Chip Whelling.  Described as a clean-cut, all-American Christian youth who recognizes Jessica from Bible Study and is relieved to see her alive.

Another interesting recurring character that fans will meet is Felton Norris, who is a 20-something, violent, punk who is a relative of Calvin and ends up stripping Lafayette‘s car and helps beat him up.

Other characters roles are Donny, described as a road crew member with Jason, who  kisses up to Kitch, the new high school football star and Tammy.  A 16 years old, who is Kitch‘s hot girlfriend and who drives around with him in his sports car and giggles at Kitch‘s rudeness. We may see her around as she is mentioned to be a recurring character.

There you have it. The latest casting calls with some interesting characters which may lead to some very interesting plotlines.

Let the speculations begin!

SOURCE:  SpoilerTV

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  • Danielle

    I absolutely love Damien Rice. When I first read the title of that episode I have to admit I shouted with major excitement lol. I think that song fits perfectly. “Leave me out with the waste this is not what i do. Its the wrong kind of place to be thinking of you. Its the wrong time with somebody new, its a small crime and I got no excuse. Is that alright with you.” I think that’s perfect for Sookie and Alcide. (Though I am Team Eric) I think the song altogether is perfect for what Sookie goes through the entire book/season.

  • jaxx

    This is the one I’m waiting to be cast. Debbie Pelt in such a great character and if AB has her addicted to V, well I can see her having something to do with the Queen and possibly having something to do with the abduction of Bill (maybe to somehow trying to lure Sookie for her powers through abducting Bill??)
    I think she has something to do with the abduction of Bill, what AB has in mind, I don’t know, but she is going to be involved somehow. Should be interesting.

  • Gilly

    You know how the episodes are named after song titles?
    I was thinking the other day how “9 crimes” by Damien Rice reflects, quite nicely, what happens in the third novel (Club Dead).
    Just seems kind of funny to me that the third episode is called “9 Crimes” 😀

    • Hi Gilly,

      Yes I heard someone mention the same artist of the song. Can you or anyone else explain what is the theme in the song or what the verses are about? 🙂

      • Loleaf

        I think it’s about two people that are lost without the other, afraid that if they love someone else it will be cheating on the other somehow!
        It could be centered around Sookie heartbroken thinking Bill left her and Bill thinking Sookie was going to turn him down. It could also be centered around Tara missing Eggs and feeling guilty thus going into a downward spiral, not caring about what happens to herself. Which could lead her into the vampire scene, as in the books. But that’s just my take on it.

        • WOW Loleaf thank you so much on the info about the meaning of the song! Yes it does sound like the song will fit perfectly with the theme of the episode. Thank you! 🙂

          • Loleaf

            Your welcome Ollie, but that’s just my take on it.
            But, what I do know, is that this season we will have so much eye candy that HBO could start it’s own candy store, which we all will most definitely shop in!!! LOL!!

          • Gilly

            I think it will be more related to Sookie and Alcide…if they stick close enough to the book, and shes told that Bill’s left her for Lorena and (for those who’ve read Club Dead) there’s that sense that Alcide and Sookie would be perfect together but both of them are still in love with Debbie and Bill.
            I think the song is more about surrendering to your hearts desire and need…hence “giving your gun away when its loaded”…
            the kind of thing that when two people have had their hearts broken and immediately form a connection…if that makes sense.
            but then you feel so guilty about it that its almost as bad as cheating, but you have no reason not to do it. Just like Sookie and Alcide have no reason not to get together, but its just too soon after their heartbreak.
            And I just think that the little relationship between Sookie and Alcide perfectly describes the meaning of song, I couldn’t have though of a more perfect song to be honest.

            haha I’m a (young) performing arts student so I tend to really take in the meaning of the words on the page in front of me and i find the relationships between characters soooo interesting and absolutely essential to plot progression.

            Hopefully one day you will see me on Film and TV in the near future, with my goal to act along side (or even in the background of) Anna Paquin. 🙂
            I am very excited for season 3, although being from Australia means I’m gonna have to wait that little bit longer 🙁

  • I actually told a friend about this yesterday. She told me she’s going to talk with her agent about trying to audition, and IF she gets any role, I’m going to be her personal assistant!

    • Antonio

      That sounds cool! best wishes for your friend! 🙂 Even if someone were able to do TB for a bit and nothing else it still would be worth it!

      • Thanks for your best wishes to my friend, Antonio. I’m hoping she gets it too!

  • LOL! Sorry everyone you are right it is DEBBIE PELT NOT FELT! The funny thing is I know the character and was so excited to hear they are finally casting for the role. Even after reading it over my mind kept seeing it as Pelt even though it was spelled Felt. LOL! Need to drop my multi-tasking down from 10 to 8 things at a time LOL! 🙂 Sorry everyone, please forgive me! 🙂

  • rc

    Her name is Debbie Pelt,

  • Antonio

    Hi This is some news,Ollie Thanks for sharing it with us.
    You didn’t mention if this was an “open” audition or casting call. Could Anyone show up for an audition? I think that these casting calls are neat. It’s inspiring and hopeful that maybe they will hold open auditions at some point especially if the show goes on for a few more years! My sister went to an open audition for the Sopranos a few years back (She Is Not an actress) They had to close a whole block for it. Almost 3000 people showed up! it seemed every1 wanted to get on the show even if it was just a walk-on or an extra with no speaking parts
    Does True Blood do this? I’m sure they hire “extras” all the time. Anyway, She did not get a part…But that did not stop all those people from going to try to get a part!
    If TB were to have open auditions in NY where HBO HQ is Maybe I’d try and go. It would be interesting just to try I think
    You wouldnt have to be an actor with a long resume to be an extra or have a brief walk on part like maybe a busboy or waiter or valet or something. Even to speak 1 line and then walk off Something like “Their waiting for you in the interrogation room,Ms. Thornton.” or even “What will it be,Mr.Compton the usual??” I think it would kind of cool just to work at Fangtasia serving drinks or cleaning tables “You wanted to see me,Mr.Northman?” It would be Awesome!!
    Then I could say I had a walk-on part on True Blood That would be really Cool!!
    They(the producers) probably have some1 very specific in mind but in the case of an open audition they could see a lot of people All trying out for a part! Cool!! 🙂

  • MarleneEmmett

    They’ve not told us who will be playing Debbie Pelt~only what
    she’s suppposed to be like~Which is nothing like the books!!
    Same with Janice,Alcide’s sister,who’s ownes a beauty shop that
    Sookie visits on a few times.

    Now as to some of the other additions to the mix:
    Alan Ball seems to be getting carried away again,just like he
    did in Season 2 with Maryanne Forrester!!!

    Give me a break~Bring the show back to what it was in Season 1
    when it was “Fresh and exciting” not dragged down with excess fat
    and characters that weren’t needed to really tell the story.

    What I’m looking foward to is the supposed flashbacks we’ve been
    promised of Godric and Eric! Can’t wait to see those.

  • Loleaf

    AARG!! We have so long to wait and it’s driving me CRAZY!! LOL
    I love the idea of Alan and crew bringing in so many characters. The books were great and were a quick read, I’m hoping all of the other characters will make the series more interesting and not fly by as quick! (If that makes any sense to you guys) But that’s just my own opinion.

  • Pamela

    Glad I’m not the only one that noticed that its suppose to be Pelt not Felt. Idk how I feel about the addition or changes to certain characters. I guess that just adds to the drama

    • Val

      I think all the book-readers probably noticed the faux pas! after all-SHE is a were and Pelt makes a much fuzzier name LOL!!

      • Loleaf

        Hey Val, in the books she is a panther, but if you meant were-panther sorry for the correction..

        • Leanne

          Debbie Pelt is NOT a panther – not even a werepanther. I think she’s a shifter that takes the form of a fox or a lynx; not sure which one. But I DO know she is not a panther. The Norris families from Hotshot are the werepanthers.

          • Loleaf

            Thanks Leanne, Your right!! I got her and Crystal mixed up for a minute, your right she was a lynx. Thanks for calling me on it.

          • Leanne

            No worries, Loleaf. I’ve noticed a lot of confusion between Debbie and Crystal on several different sites. Easy to do since they are both b****es.

          • Loleaf

            SO true Leanne SO true! Though I shouldn’t have made it to begin with since I’ve read the books through about 3 times already. Guess I’ll have to refresh again huh! LOL!! And that was during last seasons hiatus, I’m bad r-e-a-l-l-y bad LOL!!

  • jakqe

    ummm i think her name is Debbie Pelt? lol

  • Heather

    Debbie Felt? lol