True Blood Season 3 Casting Call for Episode 3.04 – “9 Crimes”

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True Blood season 3 casting call news this time for the newly entitled Episode 3.04, “9 Crimes”SpoilerTV is posting several calling calls for this episode and by the looks of the characters being recruited, it is definitely going to have True Blood fans speculating what is going to happen.  Fans will be very excited to see one particular character finally being cast.

Of course I am referring to Debbie Pelt, who is Alcide Herveaux, the werewolf’s ex-girlfriend who is described to be in her late 20s, stubborn, strung-out and highly addicted to “V” (hmm very interesting wonder where Alan is going with this one).  She is set to be a strong recurring character and although she will be seen in a bra and panties, no nudity is required for her part.

We will also be seeing Alcide‘s protective older sister, Janice Herveaux, who is described as a 32 year old, fit, tough-as-nails woman in biker gear.  It says that she is somewhat into New Age stuff such as horoscopes and psychics.  Wonder if she can see what lies ahead for Sookie and who is the best man, vampire, were, shapeshifter or whoever, is for her. It states that this is a guest star appearance so it will be interesting to see who they will cast for the part.

Another guest star appearance with a recurring role is for the character Kitch Maynard who is described as 17 years old (actor must be at least 18), cocky, a Golden Boy who is the new high school football star who has replaced Jason as the hometown hero, and he enjoys rubbing it in Jason‘s face.  It states that there may be a “car ass type nudity” which I’m going to take a wild guess may mean some mooning may occur but I could be wrong.

We will have a guest star appearance for another stripper by the name of Ann who is exotic and striking-looking, but dead behind the eyes.  Apparently the scantily clad stripper will be glamored and devoured by three vampires. The casting call states that there will be topless nudity and that strong actresses should be submitted for the role.

It seem another guest star will appear on True Blood as Chip Whelling.  Described as a clean-cut, all-American Christian youth who recognizes Jessica from Bible Study and is relieved to see her alive.

Another interesting recurring character that fans will meet is Felton Norris, who is a 20-something, violent, punk who is a relative of Calvin and ends up stripping Lafayette‘s car and helps beat him up.

Other characters roles are Donny, described as a road crew member with Jason, who  kisses up to Kitch, the new high school football star and Tammy.  A 16 years old, who is Kitch‘s hot girlfriend and who drives around with him in his sports car and giggles at Kitch‘s rudeness. We may see her around as she is mentioned to be a recurring character.

There you have it. The latest casting calls with some interesting characters which may lead to some very interesting plotlines.

Let the speculations begin!

SOURCE:  SpoilerTV

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)