True Blood Season 3 Casting News: Meet Eric’s New Dancer

December 15, 2009 by  

Natasha-AlamToday, once again Michael Ausiello from is providing us all with juicy detail of more casting news for season 3 of True Blood.  This time Michael is reporting that Eric Northam‘s new Czech dancer/lover at Fangtasia, Yvetta will be portrayed by actress-model Natasha Alam (The Bold and the Beautiful).  According to previous casting calls Yvetta is described as a gorgeously hot Czech-speaking Eastern European stripper who will have a sexual relationship with Eric.  Looks like Eric fans will be getting their wish fulfilled by seeing LOTS of Eric in these scenes.


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  • Betty

    I think there will be something more to Yvetta than just a lover for Eric. Would they bring in someone just to have a sexual relationship with Eric, or will it turn out that there is an underlying plot? Sort of as in the Sam and Daphne hookup in S2. I know she has just a few scenes, but I`m thinking Yvetta might have something to do with Eric losing his memory later on. Can`t wait until june 13!

  • jay

    I agree with most people here. But I dont think yvetta is hallow just given a different name as someone suggested. I think she is working 4 hallow..

  • m

    yeah i don’t care who eric is with….. it’s eric….and this this whole bill/sookie relationship in almost every episode is getting kind of annoying…you know??….eric is my favorite vampire so far….

  • Shan

    I am curious to see if Eric will “graphically” fantasize about and/or feel sookie while with yvetta, and whether or not Sookie will be able to sense or have feelings of all the erotic nasties Eric will surely do with her.

    • jaxx

      Good point, we’ll have to wait and see. This should be a very interesting S3.

    • pbt

      I agree Shan. This season will be very interesting indeed. According to the dream sequences of the Viking in Season 2. Since the blood has not been exchanged both ways, I am not sure that Sookie will sense what Eric is up to with Yvette.

      Though, if she walks in on the Viking in the Fangtasia basement that could set up for all sorts of Sookie and Eric dreams. Loving that possibility already.

      77 more days until the Viking gets his freak on!

      • Antonio

        Can He wait THAT Long? LOL I think it will just be a fling with her nothing more Which Should Have Been the case with Tara and Sam! I’d also be interested in knowing more about Eric’s past. Hes pretty old Were All his victims or lovers female over the centuries? 1 has to wonder!

        • pbt

          Definitely not all female. It was already spoiled that we will get man-man action. Bring it on. Remember Godric was Eric’s maker. And they were together for sometime. Bring it all on!! BTW in the books (I know), Apius was Eric’s maker and they did have a relationship of loving and killing. Though Eric admitted to Sookie, he was not into the loving part. In MHO, we will have Godric and Eric action. You are right about being able to bring Godric for so many more flashbacks. That can only be a good thing. Loved his character.

          • Antonio

            Hmmmmm! Of Course 1 has to also wonder about Bill and Pam
            Pam seemed “attracted” to Sookie in S1 Ep.4(1 of my All time Fave episodes BTW) About Bill Well,Hes been a vampire for well over a century a vampire’s life is cloaked in mystery,right?
            Who knows who he had been with? Did he ever have a male lover?
            Is Sookie Really his first “true love” in All this time?
            Certainly things worth pondering IMHO anyway

          • pbt

            I don’t know Antonio. Perhaps Bill has had some male lovers. We know that Lorena and Diane were some of his female lovers. I am sure there are others. I know in the books there more.

            As far as Pam, her character will have a bigger part this season. Which in my opinion is a good thing. I love Pam on so many different levels. She is so talented, good looking and don’t forget the infamous eye rolls too.

            Let’s hope all of our vamps get lots and lots of action. That’s why I watch the show. Vamps please.

            75 days until Season Three!

      • jaxx

        I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Sookie will go to Fangtasia for help from Eric to look for Bill and catch Eric doing the nasty with Yvetta. Eric will know how Sookie feels but Sookie won’t know how Eric feels–YET!! And, I think there will be some slight jealousy whether Sookie wants to admit to it or not because she has had Eric’s blood. Should be interesting.

        • pbt

          Hey Jaxx we have to stop meeting like this. Yes, I have a feeling or perhaps a wish that Sookie would approach Eric about helping with Bill’s disappearance. She was very willing to run to Eric when MaryAnn bit Bill and made him sick. Bill encouraged her not to go to Eric. And if I remember correctly, Bill was very angry at the suggestion and then bruskly asked Sookie for her wrist to heal.

          Sookie walking in Eric at Fangtasia has all the markings of some really great drama. Because no matter how much Sookie denies that she loves Bill she has feelings for Eric. The writers have not developed this relationship yet but will continue to unfold this season.

          72 more days until the Season continues.

    • missyella

      Erotic nasties, now there’s a thought……………

  • phoenix

    well, we know that won’t last long…not with Sookie still in Eric’s radar..
    but can’t wait to see how it plays out with Sookie’s new bond
    with Eric and the new dancer…

  • Mocha 319

    Sounds great! It will make a nice ‘tide-me-over’ until it is really on between him and Sookie possibly by season 4 or 5….I hope… I hope:-)

  • kate

    Oh my god. I’ve already hate this new character … Erics dancer/lover Yvette. For me she looks like a bitch (sry for people who like her – but I absolutely not) … Oh i forget, she already is a STRIPPER!!! fancy that!

    I mean, I am excited because of the many naked bed scenes which will occur in this season and the following episodes but… Can he makes love or has a relationship with another girl?!

    I beg you Eric… you don’t want to become a (sry but I have to name it) a male prostitute… because this would destroy your character and also your image as bloodthirsty, little bad and sneaky vampires…for that we love you so much!!!

    You can have any woman you want… why her? drain her blood, left her lying in the corner and forget her…

    and Yvette, don’t be sad because I don’t like you… but sometime there will be a series where you can play a character but darling.. not in this one…

  • Robbin

    NO NO NO he needs to be with Sookie

    • pbartteacher

      Its OK Robbin. As long as the Viking is on the television screen we will take him. Yvetta is essential for a much needed plot line that will set up amnesiac Eric for Season four. IMO, we have had very little Eric and lover action. Let’s see the VVG get his freak on. Not just in dream sequences.

      Plus I am hoping that Sookie walks in on the duo while they are at Fangtasia doing the dirty deed. Now Sookie, would be one envious woman. Jealousy is a very powerful emotion. It may spur the telpath to move forward in her relationship with the Viking since poor Bill will be missing half of the season.

  • pbartteacher

    Loving all the speculations about Yvetta. She could very well be the character that you are talking about in the books. AB could again be putting his spin on the plot lines from the books. I think this can be very good for the Viking,s character. The more we get to see Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgard the better. OK typing on the blackberry so I will keep this post shorter than usual. Hello to Jaxx, Val and Missyella. Keep up the good work. All hail the Viking Vampire G*d.

  • Monica

    i’m not so worried…Eric can have anyone he wants, he’s beautiful and funny and books are from Sookies’ POV so we don’t what he does whrn he’s not wiht her……i think Yvetta could be probably one of the main reason for amnesiac Eric in season 4….you know, a dancer,she flirt with him maybe Pam too, he fly to Jackons, things with Sookie start to grown, he come back and this girl just want to be with him again….he refuses as he did with Hallow in the books….and Witches!!!….i really hope is going in that way…..btw a Eric san clothes is always good to see, but i wan tmore from his character….he is grreat in the books, really….hope AB will give us our Viking as I know him….^^

    • jaxx

      Hmmm, you know Monica, you may have something here. Who’s to say Yvetta ISN’T a witch. Your theory could make sense. Eric is with her then scorns her for Sookie and Yvetta puts a spell on him, hence introducing the witches and Season 4. Don’t forget Maryann in the books was really named Calisto so whose to say Yvetta can’t be a witch. Interesting theory, we’ll have to wait and see. 🙂

    • jay

      yeah I agree. As soon as I found out about the character and then found out Pam may also have a thing for her. I automatically thought ohh, she must be planted in the club to work her magic to set up season 4. If its true, I believe sookie maybe suspicious of her, maybe even jealous to an extent thus setting up great tension for season 3 between eric and sookie!
      Well, thats what I would do if I were the writers! But Im not LOL! Guess I’ll have to wait and see. How long to we have to wait till TB is back on?…..Too long! 🙁

      • pbartteacher

        177 days until the v-ddiction continues. Not that I am counting. Go True Blood.

  • Val

    Well all I can say is I’m THRILLED he gets to be with a woman! I don’t care who she is(though this one is definitly a hottie)! Eric sans clothes doing what he probably does best is enough for me-bring it on!!!!

  • jay

    how can a vampire 1000 years old ever have a standard that is reachable for a normal human woman? She is gorgeous and beautiful yes, but there would have been lots of them running around in erics millenium existence… I think yvetta will be just about sex.. Not only is eric a red blooded male… But a ‘dead’ red blooded male.. He needs action just like everyone else lol!!! so does sookie actually. What will she do with bill not around? I wonder if we will see her slowly understand what hugo said about being addicted to the sex? … lol! Poor sookie will be struggling with that tension, tension with eric and maybe a new attraction to alcide!!!
    Lucky girl sookie!!!
    Cant wait for s3.

  • What they couldn’t get a pretty women??!! OMG! She is to, good-looking!! Yeah, that crazy Eric, will be havin some fun!! Ugh…Sookie, who!!!?? What?? And Yes, I totally agree..Eric, WILL have his hands full….literally, and another..OMG!!! Who ever she’s with, will be saying that!! I don’t know how they got my twin to do the show??!! She never tell’s me anything…How rude…So, RUDE!!…and yes, I’m still bored…

  • I don’t see Eric going for this girl any more than he did the blood donor in Season two…..I think after 1000 years, Eric is pretty much bored with this type. I hope so. I don’t want to see him with anyone else but Sookie.

    • jaxx

      I think Yvette be like the girl at the hotel only for a little while longer. It would be unbelievable to think someone like the VVG didn’t have his choice of women. He has needs too. lol. Eric needs to do something while waiting for Sookie to stop being distracted by Alcide. hee hee. I can see a lot of jealousy all the way around for the characters in S3.

    • Amy

      LOL I agree with you both!! Jaxx you’re right Eric has his needs. So why not right? 🙂 I hope Yvette will only be a one time thing and nothing more. I wonder if Sookie and Eric will hook up at Russells mansion like the book. In my opinion I thought book 3 was the turning point where Eric started to form real feelings for Sookie. I just hope in season 3 Eric’s curiousity will turn into love for Sookie.

      • jaxx

        I agree book 3 was the turning point. I’m waiting for the bedroom scene with Eric/Sookie. Hope they do it.

        • lee

          I agree, I didn’t get my Hot Pink tank top in Season 2 so they better not cut out the bedroom scene as well…..not to thrilled about this “sexual” parthner for Eric…maybe Sookie will get weirly jealous leading to her own confusion….but then again she’ll just blame the blood bond

        • missyella

          Oh my I remember that scene sooooo well, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

          Yes Eric has his needs like All Vampires, but I think he has a tendancy to get bored very quickly

          I think this relationship will be purely sex and nothing more, unless she has some skill, other than being able to slide up and down a Pole, which I doubt very much.

          But if it means we get to see ASkars naked then who am I to complain!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Val

            Shame on you missyella!Naked indeed(God-Im having palpitations just imagining all that hot flesh)SORRY I got carried away~~~~~!

      • jaxx

        From this small part of the actual casting call, I think they are going to see how this character is received. “Potentially recurring role” to me means, let’s see how the public likes her. Hopefully she’ll only be in a couple of sex scenes with Eric in S3 and then move on. We need to make room for the S/E romance to start. YAY!!

        “Actress-model Natasha Alam (The Bold and the Beautiful) is joining the season 3 cast in the potentially recurring role of Yvetta, Eric’s new dancer at Fangtasia.”

        • Amy

          Oh I didn’t know it was a potentially recurring role. I agree hopefully its only a few scenes because we need the Eric and Sookie romance to start heating up!!

    • annm1969

      I have to agree with you on that. She’s hot looking but he’s probably seen it all. If she were special like Sookie, meaning she has some supernatual ability, I think the attraction would go over better. Part of Eric’s interest in Sookie seems to be because she is different, and somebody else’s. No offense to Sookie fans but she is cute/attractive but not a beauty.

      • missyella


        I think that Eric has been surrounded by “pretty, beautiful” Women during his 1,000 years wondering the earth.

        He has lost his humanity if Vampires can have such a thing now, as they are dead!!!!! But Sookie, whether she is with another “Man or someone else” has humanity in her core, she is by nature a kind person and will assist another even when it is against her better judgement……………….

        The whole point of Sookie in my opinion, is that yes she is blond, but her beauty is deeper than the surffice attractiveness and Eric knows this, her “disability” as she calls it is just surplus baggage…

        Yes Yvetta is beautiful, but looking at the picture of the Actress to play her, she seems rather vapid imho lol…………

        Let’s hope there is more to her than just being a “Dancer” I’m with other thoughts here, that she could be based in Hallow…

        • jaxx

          Hi Missyella, I agree. Eric has been surrounded with beautiful women for 1,000 years. He gets bored, even with the beautiful ones. Enter Sookie. She walks into Fangtasia and catches his eye. Initially, he sees another potential conquest even if she’s with another vampire. Don’t forget, traditionally vampires “share” humans with one another. Don’t forget the Season 1 episode with Liam, Diane, Malcolm and Bill. They were willing to share “Jerry”, so initially Eric doesn’t see anything wrong with wanting to share her with Bill until Bill states “She is mine” which means off limits to any other vamp. Anyway, after Sookie warns Eric and Pam about the cop, Eric realizes there is more to her than just another pretty face and actually is intrigued by her. Sookie has qualities no other human he has ever known possesses. She awakened something in Eric, feelings.

          Skay, although Sookie is blonde, she is intelligent and has an ever growing “street smart” presence as she matures. You have to be a strong person to live with the “disability” she has and go on with life on a daily basis. Eric has humanity and feelings for others. You saw that with Godric. Eric’s humanity has just been buried very deep over time. Sookie is the only one who can bring it out of Eric. It will take time. Can’t expect to see it come out overnight after 1,000 years of suppression. He felt love for Godric, he can love Sookie as well. Eric is fiercly loyal and WILLINGLY takes care of others returning that loyalty back. Sookie has returned that loyalty a few times already, especially helping with finding Godric. Sorry, but the Eric/Sookie relationship will grow.

    • skay

      I hope sookie and eric never get together. sookie is a j**k. I cant even believe bill is interested in her. Yes i have read all the books and i still dont like eric and sookie together. It is not beleivable. She uses eric in the books. the only time she calls him is when she wants something. I am also glad that alan ball is not having eric sitting around just waiting for sookie. I was afraid that was what he was going to do. He needs to develop erics character as much as he has everyone elses. I hope Yvetta stays so sookie cant get to eric. Let sookie and Bill fly off to vermont and stay there.

      • missyella


        I’m cannot believe it when you say you have read ALL the Books, because you are wrong calling Sookie a J**k, that is one thing she is not and never would be.

        Sookie has a good Heart and has “people” looking out for her welfare, (as you have read ALL the Books you would know this), I don’t think she would have “people” caring for her if she was stupid!! Naive maybe, but living in Bon Temps, does not make for being “worldly”

        As for Sookie only contacting Eric when she wants something, this is so not fair, the amount of times she has been in danger assisting others is too numerous… will find that she will contact Eric, it is to be paid for a job she undertook at the insistance of Eric, to get clothing because she is on an assignmentor or request from Eric or the Queen.

        Even in the show she has been in danger if not saving Bill from the Rattrays, then the Fellowship of the Sun and finding Godric storyline.

        I cannot accept the use of the term j**k to describe her………..when you think of the “Supes” she has met and will no doubt meet in the coming seasons, I think you will find she is of strong enough character..

  • Amy

    Wow she is stunning. I thought this Yvette character was only a rumor but I guess its confirmed now. I hope she’ll only be his lover for a little while. I’m all about Eric and Sookie getting together!! YAY

  • jaxx

    I agree. Great choice. Very believable. She is beautiful but I wouldn’t expect the Viking God with anything less.

    • pbartteacher

      Hey Jaxx:)
      So true about the VVG (Viking Vampire G*d) would only be found the most beautiful and desirable women. Thanks Ollie for the wonderful news. Now are we talking pole dancing or stripping? Do you think Eric will install a pole in his office or inside the Fangtasia bar? That would get the customers coming for sure:)

    • Val

      This is so true-its about time we see him with a woman who is up to his standards! I hope we will see at least as much as Bill and Sookie got to play-after all Eric is a red-blooded(excuse the expression)Viking with appetites as big as he is! Bring it on and give us ladies some dream material!

    • missyella

      hi Jaxx, pbartteacher and Val,

      My only worry is that she will be used as “fodder” for Eric.

      Yes she may be beautiful, but if we remember he is one bad ass Vampire who gets bored very easily.

      I just hope there is more to her than being “beautiful”

      • jaxx

        Missyella, the more I think about it and the more posts I read, Yvetta will be more than just a dancer, if she is a potentially recurring character. Every character AB puts in the shows has a purpose, whether we find out what that purpose is right away or not. IF she is supposed to be the Hallow character (just speculation), she may be trying to bewitch Eric right from the first episode of S3. ***SPOILER*** In the book, Hallow wanted Eric badly and he refused her advances causing the amnesia spell. This could be what we will be seeing here beginning to unfold. We already know in S4 that Eric will have amnesia as per AB. I’m sure the writing crew is devising a way to lead up to that. Interesting theory.

        • missyella


          You are probably right, AB does things for a reason (pity he allowed the Maryann storyline to go on to long), but that is now done and dusted..

          Yvetta I am really hoping is going to be a strong character, if the rumours are true that her character could be a recurring one….. but why does AB leave the Eric amnesia storyline until season 4 as far as I am concerned it should be now, Eric and Sookie together now, but then again, bearing in mind the plotlines of the show, it may be too soon!

          • jaxx

            Hi Missyella! I agree. Please Santa have Eric and Sookie together in S3. We’ve all been really good this year. And, also, could we have more than 12 episodes this year. So many new characters and storylines coming in S3. (Sorry all, just being silly now. LOL) With all the new character introductions and some recurring ones in S3, there probably isn’t going to be enough time in just 12 episodes for the amnesia scene. Besides that goes hand in hand with S4 and the infamous shower scene. (I will ask Santa for that one next year.)

          • Betty

            Yeah, I think maybe Eric losing his memory could be the cliffhanger at the end of season 3. This Yvetta could have a hand in this. On another note, doesn`t Alex play the part of Eric perfectly! He is almost identical to the character in the books.

  • pbartteacher

    Absolutely beautiful. Such a great choice. Yes, Eric will have his hands full literally. Full of all sorts of great things. 🙂