Stephen Moyer Audio Interview with Phoenix FM

December 31, 2009

As we reported early True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer (who portrays vampire Bill Compton) is back home in his native Essex in the UK and he took the time to do an interview with local radio station, Phoenix FM last night (Wednesday, December 30, 2009) during intermission at the performance of The Twits at the Brentwood Theatre where he is the theatre’s First Patron.

During the audio interview Stephen discusses the phenomenal success of True Blood and how much his life has changed due to its success.  He describes how he tries to fly back home to the UK as often as he can and when the show is on hiatus  he tries to fit in and juggle various projects he is involved with during that short time span.  During this past hiatus he mentions how he managed to filmed four projects, “Priest“, “Ice“, “The Caller” and “Open House” which also stars his co-star and fiance, Anna Paquin and was directed by Anna‘s brother Andrew Paquin.

He was asked he felt about all the True Blood fans donating money to help with the renovations of the Brewntwood Theatre and he stunned by response of it all. The interview was conducted in the section that was funded by the North America fans and has a wall with the bricks that holds the names of all the sponsors (both and our own individual bricks are on that wall). He mentioned some of the True Blood fan sites and stated how amazed he is at all the fund-raising that has occur on his behalf including the money that was raised for coaches (buses) to transport children to the Brentwood Theatre in order to see The TWITS which was organized by us “Tell Stephen “Happy Birthday” by Contributing to ‘Steve’s Coach Campaign!’” and was widely supported by other True Blood fan sites and fans.

The campaign was a huge success and raised £1,500 (about $2,400), which paid for three schools to have coaches to take groups of students on the field trip to Brentwood Theatre to see the production of The TWITS.

As Stephen mentioned in the interview he will be returning to Los Angeles on Sunday, January 3, 20102 and will resuming filming season 3 the next day on Monday, January 4, 2010.

Please click the button below to enjoy Stephen‘s interview with Phoenix FM.


SOURCE: Phoenix FM

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Stephen Moyer Interview With Local Essex Newspaper

December 31, 2009

Currently True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer (who portrays vampire Bill Compton) is back home in his native Essex in the UK and took the time to do a short interview with the local news media,, last night (Wednesday, December 30, 2009) during intermission at the performance of The Twits at the Brentwood Theatre.

As the news article states Stephen began his acting career performing with the Brentwood Operatic Society’s Youth Theatre Group and performed numerous times at the Brentwood Theatre where he is the theatre’s First Patron.

Stephen is back home in the UK for the holidays and is scheduled to fly back to the US next week to resuming filming season 3 of the HBO hit True Blood.

As Stephen states he was reluctant to speak with the press before True Blood but now he is thrilled to talk about the show and “wants to spread the word.”

“I’m really proud of the show so I’m really happy to talk about it.  It’s nice to be happy to talk about it. In terms of a job coming together and being everything I wanted, this ticks all the boxes.”

The second season of True Blood will premiere on the FX channel in February which will allow the UK fans to catch up with before season 3 airs in June in North America.


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Happy New Year From!

December 31, 2009

Everyone here at want to wish the entire cast and crew of True Blood and all the True Blood fans a very Happy New Year.  May 2010 bring you and your loved ones joy, happiness, prosperity and a fabulous season 3 of True Blood!  See you all back here in the new year!

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True Blood is One of the Top Ten Shows of 2009

December 31, 2009

True Blood has been put high on the list of yet another ‘Top 10 Shows of 2009‘ list. This time, it is number 3 on the list of Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel. Here’s what Hal had to say about True Blood:

True Blood” is television’s best vampire series. Its stellar second season featured fierce contributions from Alexander Skarsgard as the sexy, underhanded vampire EricMichelle Forbes as the mischief-making, orgy-throwing Maryann; and Ryan Kwanten as the surprisingly heroic Jason. Of course, Anna Paquin remains the show’s vital center as lovable, mind-reading heroine Sookie Stackhouse.

Of course, this synopsis of the reasons that True Blood Season 2 was so great missed a few other reasons, like the short-lived Godric storyline (which Allan Hyde was so amazing in), the tender, loving relationship between Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire love Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)  and the set-ups of future storylines that are sure to come up in Season 3.

To see the rest of the rankings, go to the Orlando Sentinel and take a look.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel

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HBO has an iPhone App

December 31, 2009

HBO has joined with the iTunes Appstore Revolution! They now have an app of their very own, one which is not only FREE, but allows fans of HBO‘s shows to take a look at their favorite shows, including upcoming times and information about the actors in those shows, including True Blood. You can also check out bonus content and watch the previews of upcoming episodes for True Blood and HBO‘s other shows.

If you have an iPhone or an iTouch, take advantage of this free app and enjoy!


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True Blood Season 3 Casting News Update: Crystal Norris

December 30, 2009

Although we are all well aware that Lindsay Pulsipher has been cast to play the role of Crystal Norris the main news is her status on the show.  According to

“… she’s been cast as a series regular, effectively confirming that Crystal will be a major player in season three.  This is either good or bad news, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, Jason might actually fall in love with a woman who won’t die on him (right away, at least) or turn her entire anti-vampire cult against him. (Again, not right away, that is!).”

Since she is to be a new love interest for Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) with whom she shares an “electric connection” it will be interesting to see how Alan Ball is going to expand her role from what we have all read in casting calls to make her a regular for season 3.

It seems so far away till Season 3 of True Blood returns in June when we find out what will happen next for everyone in Bon Temps.


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Carrie Preston and Micheal Emerson’s Performance in “A Woman Killed With Kindness”

December 30, 2009

True Blood‘s Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler) and her husband Michael Emerson from ABC’s ‘Lost’ starred in the Thomas Haywood production of “A Woman Killed with Kindness” at The Theatre at St. Clement’s on December 28, 2009. This domestic tragedy chronicles the fall of a pure wife, the fate of a young virgin, and dissects the nature of revenge.

Delia Sherman, a renown Science Fiction and Fantasy writer, had the wonderful opportunity to see the play and presented on her blog her perception of the performance.  We are deeply grateful to Ms. Sherman for giving us permission to reprint her account of the evening in its entirety here.

Red Bull Theatre is one of my favorite off-Broadway theatre companies.  They not only mount productions of such unfashionable wonders as Edward II, Women Beware Women, and The Revenger’s Tragedy (which last I did not see, and therefore do rue the day), but also put up semi-staged readings of a round dozen of even more unfashionable wonders every year.  I cannot for the life of me remember which ones we’ve seen, only that we saw them, and were glad–despite the sentimentality and Neanderthal sexual politics that are always part of Elizabethan Renaissance Drama.  Tonight it was Thomas Heywood’s A Woman Killed With Kindness (1603).

I could say quite a bit about the strange morality of the text–which presumed its audience would agree that a woman who starved herself to death in penitence for her adultery had absolutely done the right thing and that a man who owed a great sum of money to his worst enemy was demonstrating nobility in forcing his younger sister to prostitute herself to him.  I could talk about the poetry (admirably clear, although a bit jog-trot and not even slightly sublime), or the theme — which seems to be that if fate has decreed that you’re going to sin, you sin pretty much whether you want to or not, and then you have to suffer and suffer and suffer and suffer the rest of your life, after which (if you really have suffered and repented and cried so much you have permanent tear tracks in your cheeks) you may be allowed to die forgiven and have your friends cry at your funeral.  Unless you’re a guy, of course, in which case all you have to do is repent of having made your enemy’s life a living hell, pay his debts, and marry his sister instead of just sleeping with her.  But what I really want to talk about is the acting.

You may guess from my description that the characters in this play are a tough sell to a modern audience.  The men are all either prigs or pigs, and sometimes both.  The women are either pious, modest, and weepy (the wife and sister) or earthy and faithful (the servant wenches).  And yet, for the duration of the reading, there wasn’t a character up there I really hated.  It’s true that Geraint Wyn Davies, who played an old servant who spilled the beans to his master about his wife’s shenanigans, was guilty of playing the part for more laughs than Heywood intended, but really, once Carrie Preston, as Lady Frankford, and Michael Emerson, as her cuckolded lord, got the bit between their teeth, it hardly mattered.They were wonderful.  She delivered all those smarmy lines about her shame showing upon her cheek and her tears of repentance washing the spots of sin from her soul without the slightest bit of self-consciousness.  She went down on her knees and she wept real tears and smeared her mascara and imbued those utterly outdated and rather overwrought lines with a wealth of genuine emotion.  And he made Frankford less a jealous husband whose honor has been outraged than a bewildered man whose heart has been broken.  When they were speaking, it was like there was nobody else on the stage.  Now, that’s acting.

Then I come home and look up Carrie Preston because I know I’ve seen her recently, but I can’t  remember where.  And it turns out she was Arlene in True Blood, and I’d seen her in the finale of Season One, like, two days ago, where she was weeping over Sookie and Rene and her own bad taste in men, genuinely weeping, just like tonight, except it was completely different because Arlene isn’t Lady Frankford and wouldn’t understand her in a million years, and her face even looked different while she was doing it, so it my not being able to place her wasn’t just because her hair was a different color and she was dressed for a New York winter instead of a Louisiana summer.  It also turns out she’s married to Michael Emerson, who is in the TV series Lost, which two facts I am probably the only aware human being in New York over the age of consent not to know.  I’ve never seen Lost.  But now I may have to.  Because, you know, these people can act.

Once again thank you very much Delia in sharing with us your wonderful experience.  Please visit Delia‘s website at to learn more about her writing and accomplishments.


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Get BITTEN with the True Blood Love!

December 30, 2009

True Blood is taking over the world! Fans seem to unite worldwide at all sorts of events, including various conventions, fan websites, etc, just to talk about how much they love the show and to praise the cast and crew involved in the production of True Blood. In fact, from August 6 – 8, 2010 True Blood fans in the UK are getting quite a treat! Massive Events is putting on a three day event called BITTEN, just for True Blood fans! Better yet, there are two True Blood cast members who are confirmed to be at this convention! Attendees will be treated to the company of Sam Trammell (shifter Sam Merlotte) and Kristin Bauer (vampire Pam) during the events taking place.

On the BITTEN site, you can click through the links and see the current list of events and parties, though there is sure to be even more information available soon. So, if you’re in the UK and can afford to make the trip there (there are three levels of admission), take advantage and go have fun!

Here is just a sample of what will be held at the event:

  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Exclusive wine reception
  • Autograph sessions
  • Professional photo-shoot sessions
  • 2 themed parties
  • 1 Sunday night “chill out” party
  • Guest talks and panels
  • Souvenir programme
  • Dealers room
  • And much more!!
  • So don’t forget to check out their website for all the details and the latest updates.


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    True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Talks about Alcide – Part 2

    December 29, 2009

    Yesterday we presented part 1 of Joe Manganiello‘s interview with Micheal Auseillo from and today we continue his interview with his discussions surrounding Alan Ball’s approach to Alcide and if it will differ from Charlaine HarrisAlcide? His time commitment to True Blood? And perhaps one of the biggest question that many True Blood fans are wondering is should they be worried about Alcide getting in between Sookie and the two vampires vying for her attention.

    When asked if his portrayal of Alcide Herveaux on True Blood will be different from Charlaine Harris‘ version, Joe states that both him and Alan Ball had a discussion about it and as of now “it’s up in the air.” However at this point in time he is confident that the book fans will be happy with how his character is going to be portrayed.

    As to how Joe sees Alcide, he refers to him as a big, tender, romantic giant with heroic tendencies:

    “He’s really big. He’s giant. When Sookie first meets him, she opens the door and looks up, and then has to look up some more. So there’s this giant presence standing in the doorway with dark hair and dark features. He’s strong and protective. He comes from a construction background; his father is in the construction business. He’s heroic and romantic. I don’t think it’s a secret that he has a broken heart when he shows up. He had a really rough go of this relationship with Debbie Pelt, so there’s a lot of friction there. Debbie’s doing a lot of things to get back at Alcide.”

    As for how long he will be joining the cast, all he could say is that he is committed to the show for this upcoming season.

    When asked about what he can offer Sookie in a relationship that vampires Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) can’t, Joe states that although his character is not completely human (being a werewolf) he is warm flesh and blood and has a lifespan.  Taking notes from the book he knows that when Alcide hugs Sookie she can feel his skin the amount of heat that radiates from it which is completely different from the touch of the vampires.  As he states “it’s [similar to when] she met Bill and what a relief it was for her to not to be able to hear his thoughts.” Something new to her that she has never experienced before.

    In regards to being the thrown in the middle of the frenzy for Sookie‘s attention, that already has a huge, devoted fan following for both Bill and Eric to win her heart, Joe see it as a lot of fun.  He states that if he was a small, petite actress it may be scary being thrown into that type of situation but he is a big guy and “people don’t necessarily scare me that way.” Though he does admit he has had his share of stalkers that he had to go to the police to take care of the matter. As Joe explains:

    “They were really big… I don’t know how I want to describe it but they were guys. I’ve had two guy stalkers that I’ve had to go to the cops about. But other than that I think it’s a blast. It’s so fun to get caught up in that. It’s so fun to have fans care that much. It’s that whole Comic-Con, fanboy crowd. I love that. I started my career in Spider-Man, so I’m completely familiar with them and I love that kind of stuff. And you hear about love triangles all of the time, it’s going to be interesting to see how the love square works out.”

    All True Blood fans will be definitely interested in seeing how the potential triangle will be played out in season 3.  Till then we all will have to wait it out patiently till June.


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    What’s Cookin! – Lafayette’s Famous Fudge

    December 29, 2009

    Lafayette comin’ atcha here.  Youse know that I am an Entrepreneur!  I work on da road crew to keep myself lookin’ hot and SEXAY and line my pockets with a little jingle.  Then at nights I cook at Merlotte’s bar where all the local necks hang out.  So now I’m branchin’ out and I’m goin’ to be Bon Temps version of da BAM! man.  I mean no one has more Bam! Bam! Bam! than ‘lil ole me!  And I kin cook too! Every week or so I’m going to teach y’all to make food good enough to melt even Nan Flanagan’s heart. Bon Chika Wow Wow – Appetit!

    Lafayette’s Famous Fudge

    Happy Holidays, Hookahs.  Ya boy’s back wit some holiday cheer for ya heffers.  I hope each and every one of youse had a great holiday.

    I’m bout to impart some knowledge for ya that you can use for ya Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve feasts.  You just know round here we got that fire when it comes to da food.  Louisiana is da bomb!

    Lettie Mae had a spread that would make you want to slap ya mama. Errbody who’s anybody in Bon Temps was there.  Hell, Terry and Arlene was even there with the kids.  And Andy with his dumb self.  Get this.  Andy calls up Tara a couple days ‘fo Thanksgiving, talking bout, “Tara, Imma come over to ya Mama house and fry up a turkey ‘fo Thanksgiving.”  Yeah, well, I am more than certain you hookahs know how that went down.  Thank goodness me and Terry was off work and already over there helping wit da festivities or else Lettie Mae’s house woulda looked like da one those vampires was living in – crispy, crunchy and burned clean to da ground.

    Andy outside, right?  He got the burner going and he put da pot and da oil in it.  He gets da brilliant idea to get it to boiling and you know ol’ Andy – dat fool too proud to ask another man fo’ help and lo and behold, he dropped da turkey into dat boiling hot oil all by himself – ‘cept he knocked over the pot while he was doing dat.

    Child, listen to ya boy when I tells ya that ya don’t want to be nowhere round when dat oil hits da flames.  Lettie Mae’s backyard looked like a forest fire.  And yeah, then dat’s when Andy’s crazy self decides to yell for help. He better be glad that wasn’t his own house else I’d have let it burn, baby burn!  But youse know I can’t do that to my favorite auntie so I ran outside to see what I could do to fix Andy’s mess.  I saw what was happening and I said, “Lawd Andy, what you done now?!”  It was quite a sight to say da least.  For some stupid reason, Andy thought fanning the flame with his shirt was gonna help put it out.  Man, I grabbed the fire extinguisher and commenced to savin’ da day.  If ain’t learned nothin’ else workin’ on dat road crew, I learned how to put out a fire or two.  Jason was always doin’ stupid stuff and I done put out a few a his fires in my day.

    Once Andy finished burnin’ down half da neighborhood, I went back in da house to make my famous fudge.  Imma share dis’ witcha, but don’t tell nobody, or else I might have to ice ya:


    ½  cup light corn syrup

    2 sticks butter

    4 cups granulated sugar

    1 can condensed milk

    1 cup peanut butter

    1 tablespoon vanilla extract


    Spray a cake pan with vegetable spray and set is on da side til you finish making da mix.  In a large saucepan, mix up sugar, condensed milk, corn syrup, and butter.  Ya want to cook it on medium high heat.  Now you can’t be playin’ on da internet or “workin” while none of dis is going on, else you gonna burn the mixture.  Stir it like coffee – put yo hips in it.  Keep stirrin it til it’s completely melted and take yo candy thermometer and stir til it gets to 240 degrees.  Don’t let it get above dat else you’ll ruin da mix.  Once it get there, take it off da heat and stir in da peanut butter and vanilla.  Stir dat mixture good til it gets smooth and pour it in da pan and let sit til ya’ll ready to eat. Den cut into bars or squares.

    You can also give dis as a gift.

    Now dat’s whaassup!

    (Photo credit:

    Graphics Creation Credits: Steven Easterly

    To read more yummy Lafayette approved recipes go to the “What’s Cookin‘” archives!

    Disclaimer: These recipes are provided for entertainment and culinary purposes only and should be made by ordinary humans only with ordinary ingredients.  This column is a parody of the Gothic fantasy series, True Blood, and as such, is presented here for your amusement.  What’s Cookin’ and the various writers that contribute to it, have no relationship/affiliation to HBO, True Blood, or any of the cast or crew of said nor any relation to Charlain Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels.


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