True Blood Season 3 Spoiler: Bon Temps Happening

November 5, 2009 by  

True-Blood-PartyIt seems the True Blood Season 3 spoilers are going to be starting to trickle out on a regular basis from now and one of the latest ones coming out is regarding our favorite red-headed waitress, Arlene Fowler (Carrie Preston) and our post-traumatic stress vet, Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe).  It seems that all that Maryann spell- induced orgies have caused a little dilemma for Arlene and Terry.  According to, there is the possibility that all that hanky-panky may lead to the pitter-patter of little feet for the two. TV Guide got this little scoop from Alan Ball directly:

“Yep. Executive producer Alan Ball told us that the happy couple “will make a surprising discovery that will bring them closer together.” Translation: All that free lovin’ they did under Maryann‘s spell will result in an unplanned pregnancy. I hope the baby has hair that looks like a sunset after a bomb went off.”

Well we will have to wait and see how this little tidbit of information will play out or is Alan just teasing us again.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)

  • I wonder what Colby and Lisa will think of another sibling being on the way…

  • MYMY

    I’m counting down the days until season 3. I’m so bored without my “True Blood” fix. I saw a shirt that said, ” I didn’t like the weather in Forks, so I’m moving to Bon Temp to work at Merlottes”. Says it all huh?

    • Val

      as Layfayette would say-Hallaluyah,hallaluyah,hallaluyah!!

  • Arlene

    i cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • missyella

    I do hope that there is going to be some good relationships formed in Season 3.

  • The Phoenix

    I think the situation between Arlene and Terry is a little ironic but funny at the same time….can’t wait to see what alan will do with that relationship. (hopefully it wont have the same dissapointing end like Tara and Sam).
    i just hope they take the ‘She is mine’ triangle with sookie,bill and eric to the next level…i love to see the flames fly between eric and bill. the pair of them are quite funny when they go at it over sookie.

    • missyella

      This is so sweet but won’t it put the ‘Teacup Humans’ Noses out of joint?

      What fun……