True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: True Blood – Episode 3.02 – Beautifully Broken

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Yes True Blood fans it is true, spoiler news is coming out and this time it is regarding Season 3 Episode 2 of True Blood entitled “Beautifully Broken.”  According to SpoilerTV several casting calls are out and based on the descriptions of the characters we get some information about the scenes that they will be in.  Episode 2 is written by Raelle Tucker and will be directed by Scott Winant.



In season 3, episode 2 it looks like we WILL meet the folks from Hotshot (book readers will know who these people are as it seems Alan will be introducing them earlier then the books). We will meet Crystal Norris who is to have a very strong recurring role and is described to be in her 20’s, mysterious and hauntingly beautiful who will have an electric connection with Jason before she disappears into to the trees.   We will also meet Calvin Norris, described as a big, rugged bare-chested man in his 40’s who is upset when police arrive with a warrant to search his rundown trailer.  At this point Calvin Norris is stated to have a strong recurring presence on the show.

We will see the beginning of Sam‘s backstory as he starts searching for information regarding his family.  Listed as a strong recurring role, Melinda Mickens (according to previous spoiler reports she is Sam‘s mother) is a dirt-poor, hung-over, trashy-looking woman in her 5o’s wearing stained clothes and living in a shanty house that looks like it was previously a dumpster. Alongside side Melinda is her husband, Joe Lee Mickens who is also a dirt poor, poorly educated man in his 50’s who seems amazed when he realizes Sam‘s link to his wife’s early life. According to the spoiler he will also have a strong recurring role as well.

In this episode we will always have a flashback scene to World War II where we will see a were-bitch female in her 20′-30’s naked, trembling and speaking German pleading for help while Sgt. Kinney, a baby-faced American G.I. in his 20’s tries to assist her and gets a terrifying surprise by her transformation.

We also meet some other characters in this episode including Ruby Jean Reynolds described as an African-American woman in her late 40s to early 50s is who clearly mentally disturbed and is intensely religious and viciously homophobic.  She is being cared for in an elite private facility and by the name alone we may very well be meeting a relative of Lafayette‘s perhaps.

Tara will show her fury in this episode as two drunk, lowlife hillbillies (Shane and Kris) make fun of someone who recently died.  With Shane refusing to apologize to Tara about his remark, Tara proceeds to beat him up.

We will see a female new reporter interviewing authorities about some recent “animal” attack and we will also have our first encounter with a member of the biker gang as reported in previous spoiler reports.

It seems that a creepy biker, who is in fact a biker/werewolf will menace Sookie, but he will find out that she’s not the easy victim he anticipated.

With so much happening in this episode it will definitely be one that will require multiple viewing.

Can’t wait for season 3 to begin!  These spoilers will definitely help fill the time by allowing us to develop theories as to what we believe is going to happen in the show.

SOURCE:  SpoilerTV

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  • WHY hasn’t season 3 started yet?!?!? I NEED NEW TRUE BLOOD NOW!!!

    • Antonio

      They have already started filming season 3! They had started about 3 weeks ago! AB and the writers met about a month ago to discuss storylines and plot ideas. After the holidays break(and i’m glad they had 1) The cast and crew went back to work yesterday. By this point they should have at least the first episode of S3 done. There were pics of Sam Trammell walking about outside the soundstage or set and he was wearing a coat must have been cold. Anyway, They ARE shooting Season 3 We must be patient.

  • jen

    season 3! We don’t even have season 2 yet 🙁

  • Robin

    Season 3 seems to be pulling together great, but I wonder if they will bring on “Bubba”. Book fans know who he is. I think he is the most interesting character in the books. Hope Alan doesn’t omit him.

    • Robin, Alan Ball has mentioned quite a few times in past interviews that he will not be doing “Bubba”. Said he would be too awkward to cast and I guess, seeing he is based on EP, there is still family out there?

  • Kristi

    oh my god! yes! i neeed it now! season 3!

  • pbartteacher

    From everything that has been published to date, it seems that AB will be following the books/story lines with additions. Of course Sam’s back story, additional story lines for Jessica/Hoyt, Lettie Mae, Lafayette and his mother. All this will bode well for all of us Truebie fans. Between the vampires, humans, weres and perhaps another group of supes it will be another jam packed season of goodies. Get ready for another bumpy ride.

    The casting that has been done so far is absolutely awesome. And we thought the cast couldn’t get any better. It appears that the casting department has been working some overtime to fill all these openings for Season Three. Well done. Anxiously awaiting to hear who will be cast in the part of Alcide. But I am sure that is part of AB’s master plan to keep us talking about True Blood 24/7.

    Ollie, thanks for the wonderful update. Hope we get to see some spoiler videos and pics in January. We all have been good “Truebie” fans and deserve a little sneak peak of next season. Winking and blowing a kiss.

  • Jessica

    Does anyone know who will be playing Crystal Norris???

  • Amber

    I’m anxious to see who will be playing alcide!!!

  • txophelia

    This is all great information, but
    WHAT ABOUT ALCIDE???????!!!!!!

    I’m wondering if they’ll intentionally hold off on announcing it before the show starts, and just leave us all in suspense?! Man, I don’t think I can stand it. I hope we’re not disappointed. Then again, I think they’ve done a super job thus far. I’m pulling for SCOTT ELROD!

  • Yaaaaaay!!!! Love spoilers and to see who is getting cast for what

  • Lizzie 1701

    Thanks AdoreBill! Even though I am excited by this news, I hope they do not take over valuable Bill, Sookie and other main cast member’s time on air.

    Can’t believe they start filming this week!! Yippee!!

  • Nia

    Sounds like we are in for another wild ride. With the addition of all these new characters it should be incredible.
    Although I am awaiting news on the kidnapping!!!!!! I am sure we will have to wait till June for that one.
    Thanks AdoreBill!

  • jay

    next season cant come soon enough!!!

  • Antonio

    This is Great! Thanks Much! I like the title Beautifully Broken Very Desciptive if not Imaginative.