True Blood Stars at Boardwalk Empire HBO Premiere

September 21, 2010 by  

Now that Season 3 of True Blood has ended and the cast has a little time to relax before Season 4 begins shooting, they spend some time enjoying various red carpets and premieres. Recently Joe Manganiello, who plays werewolf Alcide Herveaux, and Denis O’Hare, who plays vampire king Russell Edgington, were found at the HBO Premiere of the newest and hottest show this fall: Boardwalk Empire.

Recently Joe was made a regular and will be joining the cast for Season 4, while Season 3 turned Russell from a king to sun burned and cement buried; however, the king of Mississippi isn’t dead, so maybe in the future Denis will come back to Bon Temps to stir up trouble. It’s no secret fans are desperate for Denis to take on the title of EGOT after his amazing performance in True Blood.  Regardless, both men look amazing at the premiere and it’s nice to see that in the midst of so much great opportunities that they they took a few minutes to indulge the fans with these video interviews. Enjoy!

Sources: — True Blood’s Joe Manganiello And Denis O’Hare at Boardwalk Empire Premiere Video Interviews, user account TheTVJunkieDotNet

  • jaxx

    Good show. I started watching it. It will pass the time until S4 of TB. Oh the long, long wait now until June. 🙁

    • ~ Caitlin

      Hi jaxx,

      I also thought it was a good show. I always like getting a chance to see what other eras were like. Sadly, it took over True Bloods time slot though. We might cancel HBO though since True Blood is done.

      At least the Companion book will be out but not until February. I hope Sookie doesn’t end up hooking up with Sam at the wedding. She is a serial kisser in the books so I wouldn’t be surprised if they kissed. I think their just friends now but I could be wrong. Then, the agonizing wait till the May release of the next book.

    • LOL, Jaxx, you could always head over to the Jeaniene Frost contest post and enter to win some awesome books! Actually, Charlaine Harris named the hero of the series as one of her favs!

    • pbt

      Waving hi to my Buffalo babe! Yes, the long wait is on but Boardwalk will help the wait. Well sort of. Nothing ever replaces our Viking and the vamps. Gosh, 5 months until the companion book. Yikes, off to find some new hot pics of the Viking in Hawaii. Sporting a blue soccer shirt. Lickable for sure. You know where to find them.

      • jaxx

        Hi pbt!! I’ll be sure to check out those pics soon.

        Isis, what contest. I must have missed that one.

        Caitlin, I can’t wait for the companion book. Did anyone read the short story in Death’s Excellent Vacation where Pam and Sookie go to a strip club and get into trouble??? Cute story.