What TVDoneWright Expects of True Blood’s Season Finale

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True Blood Cast, True Blood, HBOAdam Wright of TVDoneWright has written an article in anticipation of tonight’s True Blood Season 3 Finale. The article labels what he found to be the strongest and weakest points of this season to date, and how he thinks this season will close. Without further ado, here’s Adam, in his own words.

It’s been an interesting season of True Blood. Season three started off with the kidnapping of Bill by werewolves and from there went out of control. Some for the good, some for the bad, and some for the “what the F were they thinking?”

It’s quite remarkable when you think about it, season three has been the best season of the series, and yet at the same time it was the worst.

First let’s talk about the good. We’ve seen significant development involving Sookie Stackhouse this season. She began the season with her search for Bill, which is where she met Alcide the werewolf among others. We then learned that Bill might not be who we think he is, causing Sookie and Bill to break-up a bit. I have to admit, the time they were apart is when Sookie was the most interesting. Anna Paquin really shined this season with lots of good material to work with.

Most of what was happening with Sookie, Bill, Eric, and Russell made this season the best of the series. However, the roller-coaster ride had some lows.

The biggest problem this season was the introduction of too many characters in an already busy series. Last season they sort of made it work with most characters tying into the Maryann storyline. However this year, not every story is connected so nicely.

First there’s the Sam storyline. Ooops, I mean storylines. He started the season with the search for his family, who turned out to be shape-shifters also. Papa Merlotte used Sam’s brother to win dog-fighting matches. Of course, big brother steps in, saves little bro, and scares mean ol’ Papa away.

Of course, Adam had much more to say than just what’s shared above. To read the rest of his article, just click here and enjoy!

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SOURCE: TVDoneWright.com — Preview: True Blood Season Three Finale, Like Runaway Freight Train

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