VIDEO: Alexander Skarsgard Interviewed By HBO Hungary

November 15, 2009 by  

Alexander-Skarsgard-HBO-HungaryAlexander Skarsgard who plays the 1000 year Viking vampire and Sheriff, Eric Northman on Alan Ball’s HBO TV vampire series True Blood conducted an interview with HBO Hungary who will be launching Season 2 this week. Alexander does a great in-depth interview here! Just give the video a moment to load.

SOURCE:  HBO Hungary

  • Supe

    Alex is just great….Eric is fantastic and wonderfull, books and tv, and for me hear him say “I’ll never forget Eric, He’s always a part of me” is such a good thing, ‘couse he really undertand who Eric is, not tha bad or the villain, but someone who can truly love ad a loyal one….OMG…

    I’m happy Alex is growing in USA and here in Europe too…he’s such a great guy, very smart and soooo funny…and good actor, really good, he was great in Generation Kill
    Great Job Alex and Eric^^

    • pbartteacher

      I agree Supe. The way that Alexander explains the Eric character was very interesting. He has stated in other interviews that he has read the first 4-5 books in Charlaine Harris’ series. He understands the character very well and has done a superb job of translating the character to the True Blood series. Loyal, intelligent, intriguing and yes, sexy.

      The multi-layer Eric Northman will continue to be peeled away this season to reveal more about this 1000yr. old vampire. As Skarsgard has stated, there is so much more to Eric Northman than just being a bad-ass vampire. While it is fun to play the part of Eric, he is looking forward to exploring other parts of Eric’s life and personality.

      So looking forward to more True Blood news and especially my favorite Viking Vampire, Eric Northman. I am sure Season Three will be even better than the first two seasons if that is possible.

      • Antonio

        It’s Very possible. I had not see much of S1 I saw about 2 eps.
        I think that “Mine” was really good! I saw more of S2 eps I liked S2 I think that perhaps S2 was even better than S1 and who knows maybe S3 may be the best yet!

  • Lizzie 1701

    Yes, it was a nice interview. Glad I can separate the actor from the character.

  • Antonio

    Just wanted to put my 2 cents in here. Thiss was really a great interview by a talented actor. I enjoyed listening to him. When the interviewer asked him “Can you forget about Eric?” asking if he could put eric aside to make his new film Alex Says “I Can NEVER forget Eric He’s a part of Me!” I liked when he asked him if he wanted to be a vampire “No, That would kind of scary to Me!” I laughed He said he was pretty content with how things are. Of course that whole “Vampires dont need Botox” thing was Funny! He certainly is a charmer I’ll give him that! I guess Bill Isnt the Only 1 who can glamor people??
    LOL 🙂

  • rugby82

    OMG…he’s such a talented actor and I really love and feel positive about True Blood’s Eric becouse he really cares and understand him….
    such a nice and smart guy….with a really sexy voice….
    So happy for him and his career!!!^^

  • Nia

    Nice interview Alex.
    Funny, we finally get to hear a southern accent!!
    Also, he has a great left eyebrow lift!!! Cute.

  • redcs13

    wow. it seems that was taped a little while ago, before straw dogs. thank you for posting!!

  • pbartteacher

    Thank you Ollie for the wonderful interview with Alexander and HBO Hungary. Obviously an older interview, Since Alex talks about no knowing about whether Season Three will happen. All of us Truebies knew that all along. It just took HBO some time to decide.

    So warm,honest, genuine and sensitive. I especially enjoyed the conversation revolving around Eric being a villain. Alexander defending his character and Eric’s motives for his decisions. It was great to hear his “Straw Dogs” southern accent peaking through in the interview. Just love the Viking Vampire even more.

    206 more days until our v-ddiction continues. Go True Blood.

    • Hi pbartteacher I’m so glad you liked the video and so did everyone else! It is an older one and I am surprised that it did take so long for it to be released but regardless it is always wonderful to hear them speak! 🙂 I was so surprised to hear the country accent coming out as well and was wondering to myself “that doesn’t Swedish that sounds more country” LOL!

  • natasha874

    Aww I love his interviews.

  • He’s voice sounds country, a little different then usual. Really cute!

    • pbartteacher

      Hey Krystal: Yes that’s his “Charlie” accent from “Straw Dogs”. It kept peeking through in the interview. I wished the interviewer had asked him to do his Eric voice. He uses a lower range when speaking as Eric. Softer, subtler and sexier. Hot Damn.

      • A little Eric voice would of been nice. Really good interview.

        • Val

          Thanks for that great interview-we need all the Alex/Eric we can get till we can see and hear about TrueBlood 3(I’m sure after they start filming again next week we will get some “sneak peeks” again!)Love the “striking,Viking,Vampire”!