VIDEO: Nelsan Ellis Says True Blood is a Wonderland for an Actor

August 1, 2010 by  

Nelsan Ellis spoke with Rebecca Murray from at San Diego’s Comic Con 2010.  They talked about True Blood and Nelsan‘s fabulous acting talent as Lafayette.

Asked if he enjoys working on the set of HBO‘s hit series, Nelsan said they have a cool set and every moment working on it is fun.  In fact, even when they’re not working it’s cool to be on the set.  “Alan Ball is the coolest boss; he set a magical tone.” And as all the other actors on the series have said, “We’re all good friends.”

How easy is it for Nelsan to get into the character of the flamboyant Lafayette? Nelsan admitted that after a hiatus, it takes a while to get back into it.  During the season, though, he listens to Rhianna, gets his eyelashes on and he’s there.

Does he feel uncomfortable with any of the scenes he’s been asked to do so far?  Nelsan said no.  He likes being pushed and made to feel uncomfortable, challenged.  He said True Blood is “like a wonderland for an actor”.

Noting that the show is not just about supernaturals, Nelsan agreed.

“It’s a real world of people that just so happen to be in supernatural situations.  Because you know supernatural is something that’s not playable, you know what I mean? Vampires and werewolves and witches aren’t playable; human beings are playable.  We have to tap into the humanity in order to find the person who just so happens to be a werewolf or vampire or witch.”

So is Nelsan really comfortable with Lafayette‘s relationship with another man?  How does he really feel about Alexander Skarsgard?

Watch the video here and find out.

SOURCE: with Rebecca Murray