VIDEO: Rutina Wesley Dishes about Tara Thornton

July 29, 2010 by  

Rabid is the word Rutina uses to describe True Blood fans in an interview with Laura Saltman for Access Hollywood. The mass hysteria fans bring is exactly why Rutina enjoys her time at to Comic-Con 2010 promoting the 3rd season of True Blood.

Surprise seems to be the reaction on both Rutina and the fans’ faces when they encounter one another. Rutina is surprised and excited with how much intensity True Blood fans have when it comes to the cast and show. She enjoys meeting the real and honest fans dedicated to True Blood. Fans are pretty excited that Rutina, unlike Tara, is quite nice.

As for her character this season, Rutina agrees that Tara has been through a roller coaster of emotions. With the death of Eggs, Tara seems to be lost and broken. In her grieving process she has become involved with a crazy vampire named Franklin, who is more than a little obsessed with Tara. The 3rd season will find Tara tied up or running from this mad vampire. Rutina reveals whether Tara survives this time.