VIDEO: Rutina Wesley Talks Season 2 and Some Season 3

December 8, 2009 by  

Rutina-Wesley-Tara-ThorntonRutina Wesley recently spoke with, a French film site when she was in France in promote Season 2 of True Blood.

The video opens with a clip of the infamous Season 2 Promo, though with different background music, which leads into the first question for Rutina, which is about how Tara is going to change in season 2. As is the usual in these interviews, Rutina gives only the barest of information about meeting a certain woman, a special new boyfriend, and how insane life will be in Bon Temps.

Rutina also talks about the mother/daughter relationship of Tara and her mother Lettie Mae and how it works throughout season 2. She followed that up with comments on how she sees Tara as almost a “wounded animal,” because she’s never had to care for herself, just those around her like Lettie Mae.

This leads to Rutina‘s take on the current global love affair with vampires, and how True Blood is the modern adult version of that. More specifically, Rutina calls True Blood a world where “reality meets fantasy, and anything can happen,” a comment I have to agree with since as we’ve all seen, anything regularly DOES happen in little Bon Temps! This is evidenced by the next question, in which Rutina talks about the orgy scene and how it went.

Her first comment? “It was freezing!” Second? Rutina talks about how hard it was, and how grateful she is for how professional the set was. In fact, Rutina mentioned how fun it was for everyone, despite the cold and early awkwardness of the cast involved with the scene.

Finally, the video ends with a question about Tara and possible romance. Rutina hedged in answering this question by answering about how she’d like Tara to have a romance… Followed by an awkward edit that leads to Rutina saying that there may be a new romance, but she doesn’t know who it is.

Yes, this was a pretty short interview (under 4 minutes), but it does make you wonder a bit about Season 3 and how Tara will fare with love in the future.


(Photo credit:  HBO Inc. screencap by James)