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Being in the mist of the holiday season one would think that there would be little news on the True Blood front.  Well it seems that True Blood and the various cast members are so popular that even during the holiday season the news about them doesn’t take a break which is good news for True Blood fans.  This time thanks to the people at they were able to provide the latest interview that Alexander Skarsgard did with the UK publication SciFiNow Magazine.

Even though Alexander has probably been asked the same questions over and over again he never to seem to lose his enthusiasm to discuss his good fortune landing the role of Eric Northman on True Blood and working with Alan Ball.  As he has stated many times, and in this interview as well, that once he heard from his agent that Alan Ball was producing a vampire series he definitely wanted to be a part of it. He states that he was a big fan of Alan‘s work and once Alan told him about the part of playing a 1,000-year-old Viking vampire, and I was like “Hell yeah, I’ll do that.”

As Alex mentions the transition from shooting Generation Kill in Africa for seven months to True Blood was great because for him as an actor, he likes a challenge and doesn’t want to be typecast playing the same type of role over and over again.

For someone who hasn’t seen the show Alex describes it as:

“It’s really a wild ride.  True Blood is funny, and sexy, and it definitely has that Southern flavour.  But at the same time it’s very smart – it’s obviously fictional but you can definitely draw parallels to our society that we live in, and issues that we deal with.”

As Alex explains in the show vampires are trying to obtain civil rights which is used as a metaphor for whichever minority group one wants to imply that is trying to fit in and be treated as an equal in society.

When Alex is asked if he took any inspiration from the book version of Eric in Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels Alex states that:

“I don’t know about Eric, because he doesn’t play a big part during the first season.  But I got the books and read the first five when we started shooting just to get a bit of knowledge and to understand the character a little.  And it obviously helped me a lot to understand Charlaine Harris’s world that she created.”

In response to the question of the Sookie and Eric relationship developing, Alex mentions that he is aware that it does develop later on in the book series and plays a big part in the books but at the moment the tension is certainly there and Eric is intrigued by Sookie, which is definitely bound to grow.

With the enormous success of the show Alexander is still taken aback by it because as he states:

“Yeah, I’ve never experienced this before.  I really enjoyed it when we worked on it and I thought it was great, but you never anticipate that.  It’s so wild and it’s crazy how big it’s gotten – something happened between season one and two and it just seemed to explode when season two started.  I was in Sweden for a month and I got back as the first episodes of season two were airing in the States, and it was crazy how different it was.”

Of course when Alex was asked what we can expect for season 3 for Eric to which he responded he doesn’t know and that “we start next month we haven’t gotten the scripts yet – bloggers know more than I do” [Editor’s note:  apparently this interview took place a while back and was just recently published in the magazine].

As to where True Blood will be shooting season 3 Alex states they will be shooting in Hollywood, and in and around Los Angeles.  He further elaborated that there will be more flashback scenes which he is very excited about and looking forward to filming.

All True Blood fans will be anxiously waiting to see what Alan Ball and his team of creative writer will have in store for us for season 3. Till then we all wait impatiently.

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