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December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays to all True Blood fans everywhere from all the writers and staff here at TrueBloodNet.com!  We want to wish everyone a happy and safe Holiday Season filled with joy and happiness and a happy and very prosperous New Year!

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True Blood on CNN’s Best TV For 2009 List

December 24, 2009

True Blood is not only getting recognition from the entertainment industry for being one of the best television shows for 2009, but large media organizations such as CNN are giving Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series top marks.

CNN examines True Blood and right off the bat states that “this show doesn’t suck.” The large media outlet recognizes what makes this show a huge hit with fans with its infusion of:

“stories and characters that have bite to them, as well as lots of sex and violence served up among the residents of the steamy Louisiana town of Bon Temps.”

It found the “good versus evil” battle intriguing where one had a hard time telling who was the good guy and who was the evil one.  Was it the blood thirsty vampires or the religious fanatics from the Fellowship of the Sun bent on destroying the creatures of the night?

Another key component that CNN felt made the show such a smashing hit were the developing relationships between several characters particularly between Sookie Stackhouse and vampire Bill Compton.  As CNN states:

Sookie (Anna Paquin) continued to heat things up with Bill (Stephen Moyer), a relationship made even more thrilling for “True Blood” worshippers given that the actors are engaged in real life. But they weren’t the only passionate pair — Jason (Ryan Kwanten), Sookie‘s less-than-bright brother, managed to hook up with Sarah (Anna Camp), wife of the leader of the Fellowship of the Sun church, for some graphic action that became water-cooler fodder.  The healthy serving of gore, mystery and soap-opera-like shenanigans led New York Magazine to dub the show “cable catnip.” Meow!”

We are pleased to see a media outlet such as CNN recognizing what True Blood fans have already known.  That True Blood is a leader in quality entertainment and will continue to receive accolades for its superb writing and high caliber performances from its actors.


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True Blood Best TV Series For 2009

December 24, 2009

Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood received the #1 spot for the “Best TV Series for 2009” according to Ken Tucker from EW.com.  All True Blood fans know that the show is the best show on television right now and perhaps the best show that has come out in years, but it is absolutely wonderful to hear all the recognition and accolades that True Blood is receiving from the entertainment industry.

As Mr. Tucker explains that he was thrilled to see True Blood, a show he greatly admires, reach such a high level of popularity among fans and in popular culture. As he states:

“Creator Alan Ball took a great commercial risk in using Charlaine Harris‘ source materials — themselves big-audience best-sellers — and bending them to his own creative purposes. By doing things such as making Stephen Moyer‘s Bill and Alexander Skarsgård‘s Eric equal attractions for the affection of Anna Paquin‘s Sookie, and keeping viewer fave Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) around for further torture and campy repartee, Ball could have alienated the Stackhouse-books diehards.”

Alan has been able to do the impossible.  To create a show that has both book readers and non- book readers wondering what in is going to happen next and craving more after each episode. Season two continued to fuel the fire by providing intense storylines dealing not only with the lead, Sookie Stackhouse, but including every character in show.  From Sookie‘s shape-shifting boss, Sam (Sam Trammell), dealing with a demon from his past to vampires Bill and Eric being involved in a vast, complex and hierarchical society that adds to the tension between them. Ryan Kwanten‘s Jason Stackhouse helped expose the hypocrisy of the Fellowship of the Sun and it devious plans while budding relationships full of trails and tribulations were examined such as the ones between Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) or Tara (Rutina Welsley) and Eggs (Mehcad Brooks).  We cannot forget the surprising twist Alan provided for all by making Nelsan Ellis‘ character Lafayette live and develop a storyline of his own which we all know will perhaps develop further in season 3.

All in all, Alan Ball, his creative team of writers and the amazingly talented cast of True Blood will continue to grow and amass more fans to the show and become, what True Blood fans know will be a classic, and an unprecedented rival to others in the industry.


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True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Gets High Praise From Alan Ball

December 23, 2009

Ryan Kwanten‘s brilliant performance as the lovable Jason Stackhouse has not only caught the eyes of millions of fans but also that of True Blood‘s creator, Alan Ball who only has high praise for him.

Alan states that all the actors had to leave all their inhibitions behind whether it was removing their clothes for sex scenes to being seen by millions in not the very best way.  For Ryan he had to deal with both, exposing himself both physically for the sex scenes and mentality by playing the bumbling town fool to millions watching the show.

As Alan states:

“One of the things I really appreciated about Ryan is his willingness to look foolish, Jason is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and a lot of actors might need to wink at the camera to let the audience know that ‘I’m not really this stupid’.”

This is one things that Alan admires about RyanRyan is an incredibly talented actor whose performance as the slow-witted Jason is so flawless and believable yet Ryan, who is nothing like his character, doesn’t allow it to bother him if people make the wrong assumptions about him.

Ryan is smart and talented and skilled and he makes it (Jason) look effortless, but he’s really nothing like Jason in real life.”

Alan acknowledges there is a fair amount of sex and nudity in the show and as he states:

“All the sex is in the books,” he says. “When you think about vampires they kind of are sex. Part of the whole appeal of the vampire is the eroticism of it – of being bitten and the penetration of flesh by the fang.”

However, True Blood is more then sex and horror but also examines deeper social and personal issues such as loneliness, intimacy and the outcasting of others who may be different in some manner.  Without preaching and making the storylines “in-your-face” commentaries about issues in today’s society, Alan is a master in telling stories in subtle ways that does not cause people to get their guard up. As he says:

“… it’s all done in this light-hearted amusement-park kind of way so it never feels heavy-handed. The books [Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse novels for which the series is based on] walk this fine line between horror and adventure and romance and social satire. I got addicted somewhere around the third or fourth book. I thought, ‘this stuff holds up and it will be a really fun TV show’.”

Alan was right it is a really fun TV show and completely addictive as millions of True Blood fans wait anxiously for the return of season 3 to see what stories Alan and his creative team of writers have in store to tell regarding our favorite characters.

SOURCE:  heraldsun.com.au

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True Blood Season 3 Spoiler News: Lafayette’s Love

December 23, 2009

Here is a little True Blood holiday treat. Micheal Ausiello from EW.com is giving us a little teasing spoiler for season 3 of True Blood by providing us some details about what we may see happening with our lovable short-order cook Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) in the area of his love life. Michael states that Lafayette will be getting a boyfriend and Alan Ball is quietly searching for a sexy Latino actor in his 30s to play a lust interest for everyone’s favorite Bon Temps citizen.

In previous casting calls this character is not specified as having an encounter with Lafayette, however his description makes him seem like a good candidate! Jesus Velasquez is an attractive Latino male nurse in his 20s-30s. Taking care of people in a nursing home, this young man is good-natured even in the face of occasional racist remarks from his elderly patients. If he is in fact the one that will have a relationship with Lafayette, wouldn’t that be a great contrast to our flamboyant, outspoken fry cook?

So who do you think would be great in the role of Lafayette‘s hot latin lover?


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True Blood Leaving Its Mark on 2009

December 23, 2009

If these numerous “best of” list rankings are proving anything, it is what a lasting impression True Blood left on viewers this year. Critics praise the show for being fun and outrageous. Months after the Season two finale, everyone still remembers what a good time we all had as True Blood fans this summer.

One popular TV blog, Televisionary, ranks True Blood as one of the best US dramas, along with other HBO series Big Love, AMC’s Mad Men, and ABC’s Lost.

In its second season, HBO’s vampire drama True Blood went from being a guilty pleasure to a series that balanced the outright campy with the truly transcendent.

It credits the show for growing from the first season into a deeper universe with fascinating supporting characters like Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric, Nelsan Ellis’ Lafayette, Rutina Wesley’s Tara, and Deborah Ann Woll’s Jessica. The story arc with Eric’s maker Godric, played by young Danish actor Allan Hyde, only lasted a few episodes, but it was emotionally compelling and memorable. Alan Ball has created a wonderful combination of the light-hearted and the heavy, so that the show can be fun and exciting, but also powerful.

There are few series that are as gleefully unpredictable than True Blood, a series that rewrites the rules about storytelling while spinning a bloody good yarn.

Here’s to more unpredictable and thrilling fun in 2010 with Season three!

SOURCE: televisionaryblog.com

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True Blood’s Michelle Forbes On TV Guide’s Top List

December 23, 2009

Is it any surprise that TV Guide has done a “Best of the Year for Performance” and once again someone’s name from True Blood showed up? Michelle Forbes showed up in the second season as the strange and mysterious friend of Tara, and was tied into alot of the on goings in the second season. Michelle‘s character had so much depth, that it turned into another extended stay, as did Lafayette‘s character. Michelle, as many of you did or didn’t know, played Maryann Forrester. She showed up just as Tara thought she was going to have a meltdown and was all too nice while planting her roots and evil influence among the unknowing residences of Bon Temps. It turned out that later, our suspicions of her being something not so kind were confirmed and that she was in fact a Maenad (servant of Dionysus, the Greek God of Wine) and so complex and diverse her role, that the Battlestar Galactica vet was named number 6 out of 26 choices for this year’s list. With season 3 starting in June, I’m sure we’ll expect to see much more of this type of recognition for a great show like True Blood.

Source: tvguide.com

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True Blood On Most Desirable Male Characters of 2009 List

December 22, 2009

The men of True Blood are once again being recognized for being some of the sexiest and most desirable characters on television.  This time ExtraTV lists the “Most Desirable Male Characters of 2009” and of course True Blood is on the list with not just one, but two male characters that have set millions of women’s hearts fluttering and have become part of their fantasies.

ExtraTV includes True Blood‘s Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer on its “Most Desirable” list for being,

“Louisiana’s most hospitable vampire on “True Blood” — and Sookie isn’t the only girl swooning over his Southern charm.”

The other “Most Desirable” from True Blood included in ExtraTV‘s list is Jason Stackhouse, played by Ryan Kwanten, who “charms the ladies with his boyish features and Southern accent.

All True Blood fans have to agree that the show is full of many sexy and desirable males characters who we fantasize about from time to time.


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True Blood Leads The Way For 2010

December 22, 2009

With the year coming to an end we find ourselves bombarded with “The Best of 2009” lists to “The Top of” lists that it is very hard to resist not mentioning them especially if True Blood or one of the cast members are featured. This time the morningsun.net examines what is “in” and what is “out” in society, politics, fashion, the arts and life in general and narrowed down their lists to five things that are in and out in several categories including News and Politics, Entertainment, Sports and Life in the USA. What we are interested in is the entertainment section that places a focus on True Blood.

According to the moringsun.net Vampires come in at the number 2 position as the “in” thing for the end of 2009 and start of 2010.  As they state:

“If you’re watching a movie or a TV show or reading a book right now, I can only hope someone in it is getting his or her blood sucked, or else whatever you’re watching or reading is out. Vampires are everywhere, thanks to “Twilight,” “True Blood” and books like the Darren Shan saga — they’re the new black. But 2010 will see the release of the “Wolfman” reboot, so you can expect werewolves to come roaring back in as well. Frankenstein is still out. Sorry, Frank.”

Interestingly werewolves are to appear in season 3 of True Blood which will only re-emphasizes what all True Blood fans already know.  True Blood is one of the hottest shows on TV and will continue to be so in 2010!

SOURCE:  morningsun.net

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Ryan Kwanten Discusses Acting, Family, and Jason Stackhouse

December 22, 2009

ryan-kwanten-2magazineRyan Kwanten plays the super-confident Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, but his personality in real life is not at all like Jason’s, and certainly not like most actors. For someone who admits to being not very good in social situations and uncomfortable with publicity, it seems like Ryan might have chosen the wrong profession, but in a revealing interview with the Sydney Morning Herald from his native country of Australia, the thoughtful and hard-working actor shows why he is exactly where he should be.

Anyone with eyes can see how athletic Ryan is. He has been extremely active his whole life, competing in triathlons and doing yoga and just about every physical activity possible. He considered becoming a professional athlete, or a lawyer. The 33-year old is close to his family, speaking admiringly of his two brothers and his parents. He became an actor almost by accident–Ryan was 15, went along to his brother’s audition, and ended up with a job.

When he first moved to L.A. in 2001 and was looking for work, he rode the bus or a bicycle because he couldn’t afford a car. He went to countless auditions, and tells a funny story about one audition at DreamWorks where he chained his bike in Steven Spielberg’s parking spot.

What Ryan loves about acting is that it gives him a feeling of security, like he can truly be himself, and in doing so allow all his different characters to come from “a place of truth and sincerity.” He describes how he came to feel that way:

“It wasn’t until the roles started having a little more meat to them that I thought, ‘Okay, I could probably hide behind these characters and bring out things. Things that I’ve always wanted to do.’ I guess I began to see acting as this open forum, where there were no limits…A liberation.”

It is probably this mindset that allows him to be so genuine in his portrayal Jason Stackhouse, bringing out humor and innocence in one who could otherwise be a one-dimensional moron. True Blood was a great opportunity for Ryan, and when he found out that he had been cast, he danced around his apartment.

“It was one of those things where every man and his dog were trying to get involved. I mean, a guy with that sort of pedigree [meaning executive producer Alan Ball], and the fact that it’s an HBO thing … People who are 20 years too old or too young are trying to audition.”

It seems that Ryan is just the right man for the job. Alan has praised him many times for his talent and ability as an actor, and it is perhaps because of this that Jason is his favorite character to write for:

“[The way Ryan plays Jason] is perfect. He doesn’t comment on him, he doesn’t judge him, he doesn’t feel the need to let us know he’s not really an emotionally stunted, sexually compulsive jock. He just plays it.”

Ryan may not like to be the center of attention, but he doesn’t seem to mind shedding light on his thoughts about acting in general or True Blood, specifically. He says that he is happy to talk about the show because he is truly proud of the work.

Playing Jason has been an important experience for Ryan and taught him not to analyze things so much. And while Jason often seems like he’s not thinking enough before doing something, Ryan believes there’s more to him than there seems to be:

“I really like Jason. I feel very fortunate to play him. He’s definitely got his flaws, and I know the audience may hate me with a passion after three episodes. They’re like, ‘What the f… is this guy doing? Why does he keep having sex with these women? There’s nothing to him.’ But over the course of the series, I hope they think, ‘Oh, okay, I take that back.’ When you learn more about him, you realize he’s quite a bruised guy who’s had his heart torn out more than once.”

Ryan adds a very important element to the show, and the development of Jason has been one of the most fascinating to watch over the course of two seasons. The success of True Blood has given Ryan a sense of responsibility to bring his work to another level, which fans will be able to see in a couple of movies that he filmed recently, Red Hill and Griff the Invisible, both of which are Australian. Acting is his primary focus at the moment, so that he doesn’t have time to date right now, but he sounds as though he couldn’t be more thrilled with where life is taking him.

SOURCE: smh.com.au

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