Joe Manganiello in January’s Cosmopolitan Magazine

December 31, 2010

Savor 365 Days of True Blood’s Alcide:

Joe Manganiello for Cosmo Jan 2011Be on the lookout! True Blood‘s very own Joe Manganiello was recently interviewed and featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. Even better, our favorite superhot werewolf poses shirtless for his very own pull-out calender in the magazine’s January 2011 issue!

In this latest interview, Joe shares how much he loves his job on True Blood, which he explains is like  ‘dressing up for Halloween’ each day. He goes on to dish about his character Alcide, his sexiest date ever, and who makes better lovers – vampires or werewolves.

“You know how annoying it is when someone has supercold feet in bed and they rub up against you? Vampires are like that all the time. Werewolves are hotblooded. They’re the obvious choice.”

What do you think? Are werewolves the ‘obvious choice’? Or could you get over those ‘supercold feet’? Let us know in the comment section below!

Joe Manganiello for Cosmo Jan 2011

Joe Manganiello for Cosmo Jan 2011

Be sure to pick up Cosmopolitan’s January issue to read the full interview and for your very own Joe Calender!

Source: – Joe Manganiello Gets Shirtless For Cosmo Calendar

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New Stills From Ryan Kwanten’s ‘Griff The Invisible’

December 31, 2010

True Blood’s ‘Jason’ Moves from the Supernatural to a Superhero:

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten, the Aussie actor who plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO‘s True Blood, has a starring role in a new movie coming out.  Entitled ‘Griff The Invisible’, Kwanten stars in the lead role as a geeky office worker by day, superhero by night who sets out to rid Melbourne of crime and protect the innocent. Griff meets and falls hard for his co-star Maeve Dermody‘s character, ‘Melody‘, with whom he has a lot in common.

Written and directed by actor Leon Ford, the film made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 10, 2010, and will be released in theaters in March of 2011.

What do you think of the new pics?  Do they further entice you into wanting to see ‘Griff The Invisible’?

Maeve Dermody in Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Ryan Kwanten's "Griff The Invisible"

Source: – Griff The Invisible All New Gallery Pics!

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Alexander Skarsgård Has No Problem Getting Naked

December 31, 2010

True Blood’s Eric Has Nothing to Hide:

Alexander Skarsgård as Eric Northman in True BloodAnyone who watches premium cable TV knows that nudity is par for the course on an HBO show. True Blood is no exception with its gorgeous cast having little problem stripping down for the camera. Earlier this week we found out how Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) feels about being nude on camera, but how do the men of our favorite supernatural show feel about the topic?

Recently E! correspondent Mark Malkin caught up with one of our beloved True Blood cast members and discovered a few juicy tidbits about Alexander Skarsgård, who plays our favorite Swedish Viking vampire, Eric Northman.

Kristen Bauer van Straten, who plays Eric’s progeny, the deliciously devious ‘Pam,’ told Malkin:

“He was once naked for about eight hours and he’s completely comfortable with it. He’s Swedish. My husband’s band toured in Sweden and he said that just how it is. There’s no puritanical background there. It’s nice because it makes all of us more comfortable with it.”

Interesting. I wonder what was being shot on that particular day? Perhaps it was the dungeon scene in which Sookie finds Eric in flagrante delicto with Fangtasia dancer Yvetta (Natasha Alam)?

This is not the first time the subject of Alexander Skarsgård being naked on set has come up. The actor declared in the same Rolling Stone issue he stripped down for, that he opts not to wear ‘the sock of destiny’ as it has been referred to by the cast, because it ‘feels ridiculous.’

Eric in Pink Spandex?

Kristin Bauer van Straten as Pam in True BloodIssues of nude-colored modesty garments aside, what else is in store for Eric Northman in season 4? Although True Blood showrunner/creator Alan Ball and the cast are notoriously tight-lipped about what will happen on the show, one question that has come up several times is, ‘When will Eric appear in pink spandex?’ The character famously dressed in the bright, stretchy material in the second Charlaine Harris-penned novel ‘Living Dead in Dallas’ so as to give the impression that he was gay.

While there has been no official word about whether we will see Alexander don that particular costume, his on-screen partner in crime, played by Bauer van Straten says:

‘If it doesn’t happen, I’m going to just beg him to do it just for me.’

Oh Kristin! It seems that the fun-loving relationship of Eric and Pam extends off-screen as well. The dynamic duo shared a lot of fun moments this past season along with several very tender ones as well. We hope that the trend continues long into season 4 and beyond.

Sources: E! Online – ‘Naked Alexander Skarsgård Gets Nude, Stays Nude for Eight Hours!’

Rolling Stone, 9/2/2010, Issue 1112- ‘The Joy of Vampire Sex’

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True Blood Starlet Sings Her Way to a Record Deal

December 30, 2010

Evan Rachel Wood May Sign with Interscope Records:

Fans of True Blood and of Evan Rachel Wood have wondered when the star will bare not only her fangs on the HBO series. After her stunning singing performance in the film Across the Universe, many of Evan’s fans were hoping that the Queen of Louisiana would have the same angelic voice.

While Sophie-Anne may not be sinking her fangs into a mic any time soon, it seems that the actress may be spending the hiatus before Season 4 in the recording studio. Sources say that the Evan is very close to signing a deal with Interscope Records, which is the same label Marilyn Manson is signed to.

Negotiations are still in the works, but it seems news of the deal will make its way to fans in the upcoming weeks. The execs see Evan as the woman who can break the actress to singer crossover jinx that has plagued many starletts including Lindsey Lohan.

It’s great to see that execs are finally seeing what True Blood fans have known all along: Evan Rachel Wood is bringing the glitx and the talent of old Hollywood into the future!

Source:–Evan Rachel Wood to sign with Interscope Records

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Top 10 Vampires for 2010 According to Betty

December 30, 2010

Hot Blooded

Betty Confidential’s website has released the “Hottest Vampires for 2010” and True Blood made the list!

Who Made the List?

True Blood did very well on the Top 10 list. In the ninth position is the hot and pouty Queen Sophie Anne, played by Evan Rachel Wood. She made a big apprearance during the last season of True Blood as the plot thickened between herself and the other vampires in Bon Temps.

Next on the list representing True Blood was Eric Northman in the sixth spot! The vampire sheriff of Area 5, played by Alexander Skarsgard, has been front and center for many True Blood fans since Season 1.

Top Five

From positions 5 to 3, the vampires mentioned all belong to one group; the Twilight series. However, the person in the #2 spot is someone that Anna Paquin will have to agree is her favorite vampire. Bill Compton, played by Stephan Moyer, topped the list second only to Robert Pattison, who plays the teen obsessed Edward Cullen from Twilight.

This list is not surpising and has some awesome actors and actresses, there are a few though that I thought should have made the list. I am a big fan of Pam (Kristin Bauer), Eric’s sidekick at Fangtasia and also I thought Russell Edgington should have made a “royal” entrance to True Blood as well and would have definately topped my top 10 list. Who else do you think should have been in the Top 10?

Source: – Top 10 Hottest Vampires in 2010

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Stephen Moyer to Attend People’s Choice Awards 2011

December 30, 2010

True Blood’s Bill Compton Will Appear On 37th Telecast:

True Blood's Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) at the 2010 Golden Globes

The ‘People’s Choice Awards 2011′ has announced the celebrity attendees at this year’s live awards show and included in the starry, starry list is Stephen Moyer (Vampire Bill Compton)!

In addition to Moyer, there will be a star-studded selection of talent from film, TV and music including Zac Efron, Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry, Natalie Portman, Emma Roberts, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Swift, Ashton Kutcher and Hugh Laurie, to name just a few.

True Blood Garners Noms in Two Categories!

Our favorite supernatural show, HBO‘s True Blood, is in the running to win a People’s Choice Award in not one, but two categories!

True Blood, which begins it’s fourth season on HBO in June 2011, is nominated in the ‘Favorite Sci-fi Fantasy Show’ category along with Fringe, Smallville, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.

In the aptly-named ‘Favorite TV Obsession‘ category, True Blood is competing with Burn Notice, Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, and White Collar.

Though we may be slightly biased about who we wish to win, we congratulate all the nominees and wish them the best of luck!

Queen Latifah will host The People’s Choice Awards in a live broadcast from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Jan. 5 (9:00-11:00 PM, Eastern) on CBS.

About People’s Choice:

The People’s Choice Awards, now in it’s 37th year, celebrates fan favorites in music, film and TV.

Fans choose the categories, nominees, and winners for the annual awards show by voting at .

Sources: People’ – People’s Choice Nominees

The Futon Critic – People’s Choice Awards 2011 Announces Celebrity Attendees

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Anna Paquin is Not Afraid to Get Down and Dirty

December 30, 2010

Embracing the Life of Sookie:

Anna Paquin

Despite her Academy Award-winning film career, Anna Paquin is probably best known as the sweet yet scrappy Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood. In just three seasons—only months in Bon Temps time, Sookie has lost her beloved ‘Gran(Lois Smith), dealt with a murderous maenad, endured betrayals of the heart and has both staked a vampire (Lorena) and been saved by the staking of another vamp (Long Shadow), resulting in a complete drenching in vampire goo, giving her the appearance of  ‘Carrie.’  And despite all this, she has managed to hold down her job as a waitress at Merlotte’s!

Recently, the Oscar and Golden Globe-winning actress sat down with New Zealand Women’s Weekly to discuss being Sookie, how she stays in shape, and what she thinks about her infamous Rolling Stone cover, among other topics.

Paquin has embraced the emotional, physical, and often bloody challenges of playing True Blood’s leading lady. Indeed, she confirms that she likes the stranger things in life and that she was never much of a girly girl:

“I love getting really involved in it and getting into weird, physical, dirty, vampire, blood, whatever. That, to me, is the fun stuff. …I was never one of those prissy, girlie girls that didn’t want to get their clothes dirty. I never cared. When I grew up in New Zealand, I was always barefoot and hanging upside down from a tree.”

The blond Bon Temps waitress/telepath/faery goes onto say that she loves to play a strong woman like Sookie because: “She can handle a chain, or outrun a serial killer. She’s hardcore, in a very sweet, southern, charming kind of way.”  In fact, Anna says that because of playing Sookie she has found herself being nicer to people as well as being happier, too.

Anna on Staying in Shape and the Issue of Sex in America:

Playing Sookie also requires the actress to have a fantastic body in addition to her acting chops. So how does Anna keep in shape? Well for one, she has a thing for boxing. Not only is it good for getting out aggression, it’s also something that she can spend time doing with husband and co-star Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton). She’s also a fan of pilates, running, and yoga. Anna maintains that exercise is very important when faced with the task of getting naked on camera, like it or not. Luckily she enjoys it.

Speaking of getting naked, Paquin was also asked about the cover of Rolling Stone which featured her pressed up against her husband and our favorite Swede, Alexander Skarsgård (Eric Northman), all three of whom appeared as if they had just had a ménage a trois the way only two vampires could with a human; covered in blood. The pose sparked a bit of a controversy due to its sexual nature. She addressed the issue of sex very articulately saying:

‘People seem to be a lot more uptight about that here [in the US],” she says. ‘I don’t care. I don’t see what the big deal is. People have sex; people are usually naked when they do it. They’re not usually wearing a bra and having the sheets really delicately placed… are you kidding me?’

Paquin says her outspoken nature can be attributed to her upbringing in New Zealand as the youngest of three children, which gave her confidence and made her learn to speak quickly if she wanted to be heard at all.

On Being Blonde:

Born a brunette, Paquin bleached her hair for the role of Sookie and finds that blonds really do have more fun. Her golden locks also seem to get her noticed more, she says. Paquin’s theory is the attention is due to how bright and shiny her hair appears. She goes on to say that she’s very happy right where she is on True Blood and that she will continue to do the show for as long as people will watch it.

There will be certainly plenty to watch in season four with Sookie seeming to have disappeared to the land of the Fae in the final moments of last season. While we will be kept guessing for a good six months regarding the fate of Sookie and our other beloved characters, it certainly is nice to know this leading lady loves the show as much as we do.

Source: New Zealand Woman’s Weekly – Anna Paquin Hangs Tough

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Michael McMillian Talks About Writing True Blood Comics and Playing Steve Newlin

December 29, 2010

Multi-talented When it Comes to the True Blood Universe

Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin)It turns out that the actor who plays Fellowship of the Sun baddie, Steve Newlin, is also adept at comic writing. Michael McMillian has teamed up with veteran comic book writer, Marc Andreyko, to write six issues of the next True Blood comic series for IDW Publishing. Recently MTV News had the opportunity to speak to McMillian about this new endeavour.

True Blood Comic Storyline

The first issue, it appears, will focus around a batch of contaminated Tru:Blood drinks and what happens when the True Blood fave, Jessica Hamby, drinks it. It explores what occurs when one of the elements of the synthetic blood is tampered with. What happens when an ingredient is added that reacts with the vampires who are drinking it. An ingredient that makes them go crazy or even feral. And what with this end up doing to the whole vampire-human inter-relations?

Writing for True Blood

Michael found writing for the True Blood comics challenging but also rewarding. He found it interesting to write lateral story lines for the True Blood Characters, where as the HBO series moves the characters forward in their story arcs. He also made sure his own character, Steve Newlin, made an appearance early on in the first comic.

I think Steve makes a cameo as early as page three in issue #1, so I got him in there as quickly as I could. [Laughs]

Other series favorites also make it to the comic series. Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton will be there along with Hoyt Fortenberry, Terry Bellefleur and Arlene Fowler.

While these comics will have a certain continuity with the TV series, it is a loose connection. Since the three seasons so far cover the span of roughly a month and a half, the comic series will fit within this time frame. The first comic covers a 24 hour time frame, the others will probably follow a similar time frame also.

When asked about how much input Michael will have versus the input of Alan Ball, Michael replied:

Yeah, Alan [Ball] is overseeing the entire process from his bloody throne. [Laughs] He reads all the scripts, and read the outline that Marc and I turned in. Before that, he was the one who ultimately selected which story we would do from the group of pitches. It’s fun because the comic really does feel like an extension of the show, which is terrific. Marc and I have made it our goal to have it feel just like that. We want the audience to pick up the comic and feel like they’re getting a little extra show while they wait for Season Four.

True Blood Characters

McMillian is enjoying the exploration and further development of the True Blood characters. He enjoys both the vampire-human relations involved with both endeavors and how the combination of the two can be quite challenging. He also likes to explore how the True Blood characters’ lives have changed with the introduction of mainstreaming vampires. Some for the better, and ultimately, some for the worse. Sookie’s life is the first that pops to mind in this instance.

McMillian was also asked about whether some of the True Blood actors have made suggestions for their characters in the comic series.

[Laughs] So far I haven’t gotten any requests. I think those guys have enough to think about with the TV show, and trust me not to make their characters look like a-holes in the comic. However, I definitely got some messages from Stephen Moyer and Alex Skarsgard, who I’m friends with. They were very excited I was working on the book.

McMillian and ‘Lucid’

This comic series is not the first that McMillian has been involved with. He also writes for ‘Lucid.’ Currently, issue 3 and 4 will be hitting the stands shortly. Michael worked with artist Anna Wieszczyk and feels that they have really hit their stride with issue 3.

While only four issues have been commissioned so far for ‘Lucid,’ he is hoping for an expansion of this due to certain story lines that could be expanded upon. While it could be considered as complete with the first four issues, he is obviously hoping for the green light for more issues.

The second volume of the “True Blood” comic book series kicks off February 2011, featuring a story by Michael McMillian and Marc Andreyko, interior art by Joe Corroney, and covers by J. Scott Campbell.

Source: MTV News – Michael McMillian On ‘True Blood’ Comics, TV Crossovers, And Steve Newlin’s Return

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Alexander Skarsgard Talks About True Blood, Soccer, and the Swedish Marines

December 29, 2010

Skarsgard Dishes to TV Guide:

Alexander Skarsgard, who plays viking vampire Eric Northman on True Blood, poses for a magazine photo shootFrom child actor to heart throb, Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) knows how to captivate an audience. Whether he’s portraying a transvestite, a football player, or a viking vampire, Skarsgard’s acting chops are pretty intense. He has prided himself on not being afraid to take on a role because it was too ugly, as well as not being that actor who continual plays the same types of characters over and over. And when the cameras aren’t rolling, Skarsgard has shown again and again what a down to earth, patient, and funny guy he really is. TV Guide caught up with the busy actor for one of their Cubicle Confessions.

In the Army Now:

In ‘Generation Kill’ Skargard played The Iceman, a calm and cool Gunnery Sergeant in the Marine Corps. Perhaps the authenticity he brings to his role as real-life Sgt. Bradley Colbert comes in part from his stint in his homeland’s military, which he’s described as “mentally and physically very very tough.  I hated it.” However, Skarsgard has said that playing a real-life hero is what drove him to bring his A game to the set everyday. He was terrified when he got the role, mostly because he worried incessantly that he wouldn’t be able to pull off Colbert’s confidence, but also because of all the military lingo that went way over his head.

It’s definitely capricious making a painstakingly accurate drama about events so current the smoke is still rising from the barrel, but ‘Generation Kill’ was one of those short lived miniseries that really stuck with you even after you changed the channel. Sgt. Colbert gave Skarsgard his seal of approval, admitting that he thought the tough Swede did a great job portraying him on screen.

True Blood Goes Skarsgarding:

We know him and love him most as the dark and not always sinister vampire sheriff, Eric Northman. His role as the 1,000 year old vampire started off as a supporting role in seasons 1 and 2, and quickly launched into a more regular role in season 3. Creator and director Alan Ball thanks his lucky stars that he found Skarsgard, who brings a level of authenticity to the role that none of the others who auditioned (mostly models and professional wrestlers) were even touching on.  Skarsgard leaves the “tough guy” shtick out of the equation and goes more understated with his portrayal of the sexy vampire, which really makes him more menacing. The camera loves him, but it’s the show’s writers who have really launched Eric as one of the standout characters in the show:

“Our writers write as we shoot this…when we started season 2 they didn’t know exactly how this would end. They have kind of a vague idea but they’re always on set and they watch us work and they adapt to that.”

He Ain’t No Parsy!

Skargard’s biggest passion outside of acting? Football. The European kind. Whenever possible, Skarsgard indulges in his mostly doomed love for the Chicago Cubs of Stockholm football, Hammarby IF, which won its first title in 104 years in 2001. As much as he loves the team, he does admit it’s a curse being born a Hammarby fan since they’re “that bad,” but he’s always optimistic and thinking, “there’s always next year.”

Skarsgard spent the summer and fall filming ‘Battleship’ and earlier this month he went back to work as Sheriff of Area 5 in Shreveport, Louisiana. A couple of season 4 pics have been leaked, but nothing yet of our favorite Nordic vampire. We will, of course, keep all you Truebies up-to-date on any and all breaking season 4 news and spoilers!

Source: TV Guide – Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) Confesses all to TV Guide Magazine!

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Video: Ryan Kwanten Teaches Yoga

December 29, 2010

Ryan Kwanten, Actor and Yoga Instructor

True Blood's Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) at b105We all know Ryan Kwanten (who plays Jason Stackhouse on HBO‘s True Blood) has a smoking hot body, but how does he maintain it?  He exercises, of course.  He’s an avid bicyclist and surfer, and has competed in biathlons and triathlons.  He also does yoga, and after completing 400 hours of training, is a certified yoga instructor.

Kwanten was recently interviewed by Labby and Stav of Brisbane’s b105 radio station, and was asked to show them some yoga poses.  If you want to see an appealing close-up of Ryan’s backside, you must watch the video.  Enjoy!

Source: – Yoga with Ryan Kwanten

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