Video: Joe Manganiello on White Collar

January 30, 2012

Manganiello on Matt Bomer and Becoming an Animal:

Joe Manganiello HBO promoJoe Manganiello, better known to Truebies as the hottest werewolf around, Alcide on HBO’s True Blood, will be appearing on tomorrow night’s episode of White Collar. The USA series stars Matt Bomer, an old college classmate of Manganiello’s from Carnegie Mellon University. The pair will also be seen together on screen this summer, in Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike, a movie about male exotic dancers.

Check out the video below to see what Manganiello has to share about his buddy Matt and their college days, and don’t forget to catch White Collar Tuesday, January 31 at 10 pm ET on USA.


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Season 5 Graphic Tease and New Game of Thrones Trailer

January 27, 2012

Be There or Be Square This Sunday Night:

True Blood promoTruebies, HBO is all abuzz with True Blood activity, and we’ve gotten word that there will be a short, graphic tease about Season 5 this Sunday night at 8:58 pm. Immediately following will be a new trailer for Season 2 of Game of Thrones, an extended look at the new season, for all you dedicated Thronies! These teases will precede the series premiere of Luck, a drama which we reported on here.

The Game of Thrones trailer will be available here and here, and the True Blood graphic tease will be available at and the True Blood blog after debuting on the network.

Don’t miss out on the first glimpse at Season 5 of True Blood, folks!

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True Blood Costume Designer on Season 5

January 27, 2012

On Clothing Bon Temps and Her Intimate Encounter with Michelle Forbes:

Michelle Forbes as MaryAnnAudrey Fisher, a costume designer for HBO’s True Blood, talked about the experience she has had clothing the residents of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Fisher has been researching for Season 5; her research includes informing herself on what’s in the stores nowadays, maintaining contact with companies, and keeping in touch with the actors. She and creator Alan Ball will have a costume meeting for the purpose of finding the look of the season so she can begin her designs.

Fisher on her weirdest encounter on the True Blood set:

“When Michelle Forbes was the Maenad Bride [MaryAnn Forrester] during the climax of season 2, she was wearing her giant 3-fingered claw hands and this giant 1940s bridal gown and floral headpiece, and the poor dear was so hungry but couldn’t hold her own sandwich… so I fed her. It was very intimate.”

Fisher’s favorite scenes of True Blood:

“I’m partial to the historical flashbacks because it’s so fascinating to see the characters in that new environment, watch the actors be transformed in their period costumes and witness it all unfold in the gorgeous sets… choosing a favorite scene is almost impossible because there are so many stories behind each costume, and every character and every element of their costume.”

We can’t wait to see what Audrey Fisher has in store for our favorite characters, how about you?

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Steve Newlin Is Back for Season 5!

January 25, 2012

The Rev. Returns To Visit Jason Stackhouse:SteveNewlin

Season 4 left us with a ton of changes and questions at its end. We shouldn’t expect any less from Alan Ball. Tara‘s fate is in the air, Jessica and Hoyt are finished, and Sookie has no man! Perhaps one of the most surprising things to happen was Steve Newlin showing up on Jason‘s doorstep. This was hands down the most surprising moment of that episode for me. Newlin was the best part about Season 2 and now he’s back and with fangs? It can’t get much better than that in my opinion. From what I’ve read people seem to be divided on the meaning of that look Newlin gives Jason when he opens the door. Actor Michael McMillian gave his take on the whole thing saying:

“It seems really clear to me that Steve was always just as attracted to Jason as his wife was… In his eyes, Jason Stackhouse is the guy that Steve really wanted to be. I think he had a really heavy man-crush on him… that might have gone a bit deeper. And I think Steve is more heartbroken that Jason slept with Sarah than he is that Sarah slept with Jason, if you know what I mean.”

I can’t wait to see what Steve Newlin brings to the table in Season 5. I think this is a surprise that not a lot of us were expecting and I’m sure Alan Ball will deliver in ways that will definitely please the fans.

Source: Inside True Blood – Michael McMillian Comes Back with Fangs as Rev. Steve Newlin

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Video: MTV Talks to True Blood Cast at the Golden Globes

January 25, 2012


Season 5 Looks To Shake Things Up!

Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse Recently, MTV got to speak to not one, but FOUR cast members from HBO’s True Blood! Ryan Kwanten, Janina Gavankar, Carrie Preston and Joe Manganiello were present, even though True Blood was overlooked for nominations this year. While there is a bit of a wait until Season 5 starts up, the stars were happy to drop a few snippets of information.

Ryan Kwanten hints at maturity developing in Jason Stackhouse, especially since Andy Bellefleur is not currently being the best Sheriff.

Janina Gavankar suggests nothing ever stays perfect in Bon Temps, so perhaps there will be more complications for the Luna/Sam Merlotte relationship? She hopes not:

“I will always have hope for Sam. They are meant to be. Nobody understands you like another shifter.”

Carrie Preston also suggests there will be trouble between Arlene Fowler and Terry Bellefleur — especially now that an old friend of Terry’s has arrived!

As for our fave werewolf, Alcide? Well, his is the quote of the clip:

“We’ve seen that he’s a sweet guy; we’ve seen that he’s the kind of guy that would be great in a relationship. I think that you’re going to be introduced to a side of him that’s going to slam you up against the wall and go for it.”

Really? I’d like to see that!

Make sure you check out the full video and let us know what you think will happen in Season 5.

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Source: MTV/Hollywood Crush – Joe Manganiello’s ‘True Blood’ Plans? ‘Slam You Up Against The Wall And Go For It’!

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True Blood Writer Alexander Woo Talks Season 5

January 22, 2012

New Characters, Stories, and Locations to Stir Up the Waters in Season 5:

True Blood promoHBO’s True Blood cast and crew are back at work gearing up for season 5. Looking back on season 4, we met some great new people and lost some classic characters. (I’m still bummed about losing Queen Sophie-Anne and Nan Flanagan!)

Writer Alexander Woo, who will be authoring two episodes this season, is back to the drawing board. He and the other writers have discussed storylines and themes of season 5 so they can tackle the scripts of the first half of the season.

Alexander Woo on Season 5:

“Some of the things that people loved in the first four seasons of True Blood, you’ll be getting more of. And there will also be some surprises that hopefully delight everyone. We have a sense of what the fans have already enjoyed in the previous seasons, and we’re doing our best to give our fans more of that but also leave some room for novelty and surprise.”

Creator Alan Ball on Season 5:

“We’re really going to find out what the vampire Authority is all about.”

Okay Truebies, who’s excited for season 5?

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Video: Season 1-3 Re-Cap of HBO’s True Blood

January 19, 2012

Take a Look Back at the First Three Seasons:

Looking Back at the First Three SeasonsBon Temps, Louisiana is just your typical small town right? WRONG! Filled with vampires, werewolves, werepanthers, witches, shapeshifters, and fairies, Bon Temps is anything but your typical town. HBO’s True Blood first created chaos when scientists discovered how to make synthetic blood that allowed vampires to live with humans peacefully…sort of.

Let’s take a look back at the first three seasons of mass chaos in small-town Bon Temps, Louisiana.

 Season One Major Findings and Happenings:
Sookie Stackhouse can read minds but not those of vampires and starts dating vampire Bill Compton
Tara Thornton, Sookie’s best friend, has a crush on Sookie’s brother, Jason Stackhouse, and has been abused by her alcoholic mother
-Sookie’s grandma, Adele Stackhouse, is murdered in her own home
-We meet Vampire Sheriff of Area Five Eric Northman, his child Pam De Beaufort, who both run the vampire club Fangtasia
Rene Lenier was the serial killer of the Merlotte’s waitresses, not Jason Stackhouse

Season Two Major Findings and Happenings:
-Maenad Maryann Forrester comes to Bon Temps to stir things up, putting the entire town under a sexual euphoric spell
Arlene Fowler and Terry Bellefleur get engaged while Sookie rejects Bill’s proposal of marriage
– Tara falls in love with Eggs while Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica Hamby fall in love
– Jason joined and left The Fellowship of the Sun
-With Bill’s help, Sam Merlotte kills Maryann

Season Three Major Findings and Happenings:
-Arlene is pregnant with Rene’s devil baby
-Bill is kidnapped by the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, who is on a quest for power
-With the help of Alcide Herveaux to protect her, thanks to Eric Northman, Sookie sets out to find her vampire lover
-Sam tracks down his real family and finds out he has a shapeshifter brother, Tommy Mickens, who is forced to particpate in dog fights by his family
-After finding out Russell killed his entire family, Eric kills his lover Talbot and enlists the help of Bill to bury Russell in cement

Check out the short video for the re-cap of seasons 1-3! Excited for season 5 Truebies?

Source: HBO on YouTube

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True Blood’s Anna Paquin Makes PopSugar’s Top 10 List

January 19, 2012

Top 10 Iconic Golden Globes Gowns:

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse in HBO's True BloodFans of HBO’s True Blood already knew Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) was a snappy dresser, but PopSugar has now made it official! Our fave telepath has made it to their Top 10 List of Iconic Gloden Globes Dresses from decades past.

And it was an auspicious list too. The likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Garner, and Nicole Kidman are all there.

Thanks to @arlenefowlerbt for sharing this news!

Let us know what you think of the dress by commenting below.


Source: – Top 10 Golden Globe Gowns

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True Blood’s Pam Dishes on the Upcoming Season

January 19, 2012

Need Another Reason to Look Forward to Season 5?

Alexander Skarsgård and Kristin Bauer van StratenIf you are anything like me and my friends, one of your favorite things about True Blood is Pam‘s great one liners. Between her and Lafayette there are plenty of great quotes throughout each season. E! Online sat down with Kristin Bauer van Straten to talk about the upcoming season and what’s in store for her character.

Though she was reluctant to reveal any plot details concerning the new season, Bauer still gave Pam fans plenty to look forward to. She gushed:

“Every script I get I go, ‘Oh my god, that’s better than I thought it would be.’ And wardrobe fittings, ‘Oh my god, that’s better than I could have imagined.'”

When you see one of the show’s actors this excited about things to come, you can’t help but to feel some of that energy and excitement. Bauer also spoke about working with Alexander Skarsgård, the sexy Eric Northman, and if his increasing fame has changed him at all. She spoke of Skarsgård’s fame, saying:

“He’s the same guy…We’re buddies. But watch I’ll go watch the movies and then get starstruck all of a sudden.”

Good to hear that he is still the same down to earth guy.

Though Bauer didn’t give away any plot point from the upcoming season, in my opinion that’s a good thing. That way we can all be shocked by those OMG neck twisting sex moments we all love!

Source: E! Online – True Blood‘s Pam Talks Season Five “Goodness” and Working With Superstar Alexander Skarsgård!

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Game of Thrones – Season 2 ‘In Production – Croatia’ Sneak Peek

January 17, 2012

Exclusive Clip of Another Fantastic HBO Show!

Fans of  True Blood and Game of Thrones alike will be thrilled to see this exclusive sneak peek at Season 2 promo video ‘In Production – Croatia’ clip for Game of Thrones. Check out  new interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the series while it was shooting in Croatia. It will air on the network at 4:30 pm EST/ 1:30 pm PST, but we are lucky enough to be able to show it to you here first!

In Production – Croatia

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