Ask Alan Ball a Question in Charlaine Harris’ Book

January 31, 2010 by  

One of the projects that author Charlaine Harris is currently working on is The Sookie Companion, which is set to come out later this year. It will be a supplement to her bestselling Sookie Stackhouse series. As of May, the series will consist of 10 books telling the highly imaginative and addictive story of the telepathic waitress named Sookie and her relationships with both human and supernatural friends. Fans who can’t seem to get enough Sookie will be fascinated to see all sorts of extras about the world of Bon Temps included in the Companion. Charlaine just announced on her official website that one part of the book will feature fan questions for Alan Ball, creator and executive producer of True Blood, the HBO series based on her novels.

You have two weeks to submit your questions about the show for Alan, that is until February 12, 2010. The place to send them is Charlaine’s assistant and editor will go through them to remove redundant questions before sending them along to Alan. So, Truebies, this is your chance to get answers to your burning questions from Alan Ball–ask away!


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