Video: Stephen Moyer on Regis & Kelly

September 26, 2011

Our Favorite 175-year-old Vampire:

Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) HBO promo S4Stephen Moyer recently made a guest appearance on Regis & Kelly.  During his visit to the show he made the announcement that he and his wife, Anna Paquin just celebrated their first anniversary together!  Happy Belated Anniversary, Stephen and Anna!  When discussing married life he admitted that he was constantly surprised that their life together was always getting better and better.  How sweet!  They asked him if he considered himself to be a romantic — he said, “I am fairly romantic, I think I am!”, and quickly realized he would need to offer an example of just how romantic he is.  Moyer began to talk about the fact that he and Paquin are huge fans of boxing and that he recently flew to Las Vegas in order to get her a gift.  Want to know what the gift was?  Amir Khan’s boxing wraps from his match!  He also talked a little bit about what their summer consisted of.  After they finished shooting the last episodes of True Blood, he, Paquin, and his kids visited a ranch in Montana.  According to Moyer, they rode horses for hours daily and went tubing, and the overall experience and beauty of the place was breathtaking.  He also talked about his recent venture to Yellowstone Park with his children while his wife had other obligations to attend.  Sounds to me like they had quite an amazing summer!

Truebies, what’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for anyone, or anyone’s ever done for you?  Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube – Stephen Moyer Interview on Live With Regis & Kelly

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Video: Deborah Ann Woll Rolling Stone Interview

September 8, 2011

Mint Chocolate Flavored Blood?

Rolling Stone Photo Shoot with Deborah Ann WollDeborah Ann Woll sat down with Rolling Stone for a photo shoot this summer and also answered a few questions submitted to her through Facebook and Twitter.  During the video interview, Woll poses in black, lacy lingerie for the shoot and notes that she has always been a huge fan of horror films.  According to her, playing a character such as that of Vampire Jessica Hamby has always been a career goal of hers.  She is also asked in the interview what the best tasting blood is and she’s quick to answer that O+ is the best, and that the blood has a minty chocolate taste.  Interesting!  The final question she is asked is if it is fun to shoot the feeding and fighting scenes on the show.  She adds that while it is really fun to shoot those scenes, sometimes it’s a little more difficult than you might expect.  She adds that one time during a scene she left a huge hickey on Jim Parrack’s neck (Hoyt Fortenberry), and points out that they then had to explain to his wife that it was all part of the job.  Oops!

If you were given the chance, what question would you like to ask Deborah?  Let us know in the comment section below!

Source: Rolling Stone:  Sexy Star Reveals ‘True Blood’ Secrets

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Stephen Moyer Discusses Role in Thriller, “The Caller”

September 5, 2011

“The Caller”, Moyer’s Newest Film Hit Theaters August 26:

Stephen Moyer in The CallerStephen Moyer recently interviewed with about his newest movie that just premiered in select theaters.  The Caller, directed by Matthew Parkhill, tells the story of a lady named Mary (Rachelle Lefevre) who has just recently been granted a divorce from her abusive husband.  Moyer plays the role of Mary’s new boyfriend, John.  After moving into her new apartment, she begins to receive random phone calls from a lady named Rose that she didn’t know previously.  Rose and Mary begin to form a bond together over their failed relationships, and eventually Rose reveals that she has been calling Mary from the past.  Mary doesn’t believe her and from that point on attempts to avoid Rose’s calls.  Eventually, Rose begins taking revenge on Mary for ignoring her and choosing John over her.

During the interview Moyer was asked why he was originally interested in playing Mary’s abusive ex-husband in the film, but eventually decided that the role of her new boyfriend, John, was a better fit for him.  Moyer’s response:

“I felt like the ex-husband was a little dark.  I had just come out of a season (of True Blood) with Bill being dark, and I felt like I should do something a little bit more nice, a little bit more ordinary.  I really liked the fact that he’s the one central figure in Mary’s life in the movie that’s a warm one.  It takes her a while for her to trust him, but ultimately, she does trust him.  I really liked the kind of dynamic of that.”

Some other questions asked during the interview were; How did you prepare for the role of John?  When Mary first tells John that Rose is claiming to be calling from the past, why do you think it’s important that he doesn’t believe her?  For the full interview click the link below!  Any thoughts on Moyer’s new movie?  Has anyone already seen it?  Let us know in the comments below!

Source:  Shockya –Interview:  Stephen Moyer Talks The Caller

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Video: Joe Manganiello Interview with Syfy Germany Part 2!

August 30, 2011

Sock or Sausage Casing?

Joe Manganiello as Alcide HerveauxIs neither an option?  Totally kidding!  If you enjoyed watching the first three videos from Joe Manganiello’s interview with Syfy Germany then you are bound to enjoy the newly posted videos from their interview as well!  During his interview one of the questions he was asked was what scene he remembered most from True Blood.  He answered that so far his most memorable scene was during the filming of Season 4, Episode 4.  (I think we all remember that episode clearly.  Or at least I do!)  He added that during that episode his character gets into a confrontation with Alexander Skarsgård and that there was a lot of nudity involved and a wild animal as well.  Manganiello notes that whenever there is a wolf on set, there are trainers there who must keep its attention, and in order to do so during this episode they waved raw meat over his shoulder, while he was naked (aside from his “sock”), which he describes as a “wild experience.”  Lastly, he explained that his brother would joke with him and threaten to sneak into his trailer and switch his sock out for a sausage casing which would make him very nervous.  Honestly though, would anyone complain if that had happened?  My guess is probably not!

When asked how he manages to stay fit for his role as Alcide Herveaux, he explained that he just has to make time to do it, because it’s his business to do it.  He admits that it’d be easier for him not to work out and stay in shape, but then adds that he loves the show and that being fit is part of his character.  He then points out that he used to idolize Robert De Niro (Raging Bull, Cape Fear), as well as Edward Norton and Brad Pitt (Fight Club) for what they each were required to do physically for their roles and the body transformations they were able to make.  He then explains that in the books the character of Alcide is described as “an animal with biceps the size of boulders,” and that he wanted to match that because werewolves are supposed to possess supernatural strength.  (Personally, I think he fits that description just fine!)

Manganiello goes on to discuss which genre he prefers to perform in, and also points out some of the struggles we face each day that fit hand-in-hand with some of the storylines on True Blood.  (Example:  Should vampires and humans be allowed to marry? Should members of the same sex be allowed to marry?)  When he is asked what other role he’d enjoy giving a try on the show he states that he’d like to play a vampire.  He goes on to describe an event from his past when he was three years old involving a Dracula costume, a haunted house, a vampire, and a coffin which was particularly amusing!  (Watch the video for the whole story!)  One of the last questions he is asked is why he feels that True Blood is so successful worldwide.  His response:

“I think it’s funny.  I think it’s very poignant.  People find it true on a human level which is interesting, because it’s a show about vampires and werewolves and fairies and witches, but it’s really about people struggling to be human.  It talks about love and death and also, I thinks it’s the sexiest show on TV.  I think it’s the sexiest show ever made, and I think it’s got the best cast ever put together, and Alan Ball is an incredible writer, and the rest of the writers are unbelievable, and the costume department is amazing, and the set designing department is amazing, so it truly is a collection of the best people in the business, and we have such a huge international cast.   Actors from countries all around the world, from Greece and England and Sweden and Denmark and the United States, and you put them all together.  Put them all together, get everybody naked, throw some blood in there, and it’s a lot of fun.”

I don’t think he could have described the show any better!  Be sure to watch the videos posted below and let us know what you think in the comment section!

A huge thank you to NBC Universal for the contribution!

Source:  Syfy Germany

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True Blood Season 4, Episode 8 “Spellbound” Recap

August 28, 2011

Sookie in Wonderland?

Sookie and Eric ShowerEpisode 8 begins rather intensely considering Jessica is on the verge of meeting the sun, thanks to Antonia’s summoning spell.  Lucky for Jessica, Jason learns of the spell just in time to run through the doors and tackle her to the floor before the sun is able to do any damage.  Jessica, still under the spell, wants nothing more than to sink her fangs into Jason’s neck, but right before doing so she is released from the spell and realizes that he saved her life.  She then kisses him.  Jason, of course, kisses her back and then takes her back downstairs, where he re-chains her down with silver.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he told Jessica to “think about the good things, like hot summer days and barbecuing,” even though Jessica is unable to enjoy either of those things considering she’s a vampire.  It’s the thought that counts, right?

Alcide and Debbie attend Marcus’s party with the rest of their newly joined pack, and Marcus makes it known that he intends for their pack to stay out of the newly formed war between the vampires and witches.

Sam and Luna also begin to reconnect after the whole “skin-walker” situation with Tommy.

Meanwhile, back in Eric’s “hidey hole” at Sookie’s place, she begins to remove the chains off of Eric as painlessly as possible.  Eric is weak and explains to Sookie that it will take him extra time to heal, but she insists that he take her blood so he can heal quickly.  As soon as she gives her donation, he gladly offers her his blood as well.

Jessica finally explains to Hoyt that she just can’t handle being in a relationship anymore.  Hoyt then begins to cry and beg her not to leave profusely because if she does he suggests that he would surely die.  She simply replies, “then die!” and smashes his head.  Thankfully, all of this was only a dream and Hoyt was unharmed.  Later in the show, when she does actually break things off with him though, crying is the last thing he does.  Rather than respond in any way similar to what she had dreamt earlier, he instead goes off on her, making more than one extremely hurtful retort.

Andy ends up being called in to investigate the surprising vampire suicide (Maxine Fortenberry’s neighbor, Beulah), and can’t seem to remove his focus from the remains laying strewn about the ground.  It’s more than obvious his V addiction is really beginning to come to a head and Jason notices rather quickly.

Before long, we are back to more of the Sookie-Eric love fest.  For most of the episode, Sookie and Eric take turns exploring each other’s bodies. First, it starts snowing while they’re in the shower, and then a beautiful bed randomly appears in a wooded forest outside the shower stall.  And from that point on, you can only imagine what happens!

Back across town, at Marcus’s party a fight breaks out between two werewolves.  During the fight Alcide intervenes and holds one of them back.  Marcus appears to be impressed by Alcide’s sudden action and points out to him that he has alpha in him and suggests a possible political position.  Alcide is hesitant of course and turns down the offer, but Debbie seems enthused with the idea.  Later, Debbie suggests that Alcide cut ties with Sookie, because she doesn’t want to lose the acceptance of the pack.

Once again, Tommy is back to his old habits and decides to steal clothes, shoes, and make up from Maxine in order to skin-walk as her, so that he can sell her land and keep the money for himself.  After going back and forth with Paul McClatchy for a few minutes he finally decides to sell the entire plot for $5,700, or in other words he just sold Maxine’s entire home and land without her knowing.

Once Sookie and Eric take a break from their love making, she convinces Eric that the two of them should stand up and join in the fight with Bill and the other vampires in order to take on and bring down the witches.  After disagreeing with her statement at first, he finally agrees to join in the fight with her and the others.  Bill, however, doesn’t like the idea of Sookie having any part in it, but gives in to her once she demands to be a part of it regardless of the risk.

The woman who has been seen talking to baby Mikey from time to time ends up taking over Lafayette’s body.  Once in control of him, Lafayette breaks into the Bellefleur’s home, steals Andy’s gun, takes the creepy doll and baby Mikey, and leaves.

In a not-so-surprising twist, Marcus ends up being the possessive ex-husband of Luna.  He drops by Luna’s house unexpectedly and upon seeing Sam immediately tries to be the “alpha”.  Surprisingly, Sam does not appear to be scared of Marcus, or at least not yet.

Jess decides to visit Jason and attempts to finish what was somewhat started at the beginning of the episode and has been hinted at for the past several episodes, but is unsuccessful.  Jason refuses to do that to his best friend and ends up rescinding Jessica’s invitation into his house.

Finally, Bill and his fellow vampires and Sookie, and Antonia and her followers show up.  The original plan was for Bill and Antonia to meet alone, but it is apparent that neither of the two trusted the other, which wasn’t surprising.  The battle begins and it looks as though Pam is probably going to finally get what she has been wanting for quite some time, but just as she is about to destroy Tara, Bill shows up and forbids her to do so.  During the battle, Antonia ends up casting yet another spell over Eric, and Sookie gets shot in the stomach and falls to the ground.  Bill attempts to help her but he ends up being silvered, so Sookie is then picked up and carried off by someone else.  Wanna take a guess at who takes her?  You guessed it!  Alcide.  Debbie is then seen, watching from the sidelines as Alcide picks Sookie up and runs through the forest in an attempt to get her back to her house and help her.  Debbie is infuriated and it seems as though Sookie may have yet another enemy.

Any thoughts on Episode 8?  What about Lafayette?  Any guesses as to what may happen to him now?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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True Blood Season 4, Episode 7—“Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

August 26, 2011

There’s a Lot of Loving and a Lot of Hating Going Down in Bon Temps:

Once again, True Blood grabbed our attention from the beginning of the episode and didn’t let up throughout itsLafayette and Jesus (Nelsan Ellis & Kevin Alejandro) entirety. Was there anyone who didn’t get enough Sookie/Eric loving last week? If so, this episode will gladly satisfy your thirst. All I’m going to say is the porch, the floor, AND the bed… Need I say more? (No complaints here, though!) Anyone curious to know more about what happened during “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”?

The Vamps:

Speaking of Sookie and Eric, Eric confesses to Sookie that he doesn’t want his memory back and that he would rather continue being the person (or vampire rather) that he is now, than gain all of his memories and revert back to the “old Eric.” Not only has Eric changed, but Sookie has as well. Is it just me or is Sookie’s love for Eric different than her love was for Bill? There’s something about her being in love with Eric that I like more than when she was in love with Bill. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bill Compton, but there is just something about Sookie and Eric that I love more! As for Bill, this was an intense episode for him and his progeny, Jessica, as well as all the other vamps. Because of the current situation with the witches, all vampires in the area were forced to evacuate, aside from those of higher importance, (Bill, Jessica, Eric, Pam, and the other Sheriffs of Louisiana) and Maxine Fortenberry’s neighbor, Beulah, who unfortunately met the sun in this episode. Those who didn’t evacuate were forced to bind themselves down with silver, other than Pam who bound herself within a rather striking pink coffin. Because of Pam’s current zombie-like physique, she is given a “new” skin and required to take six shots, four times a day. Can you say OUCH?! So we’ve experienced the Sookie-Bill-Eric love triangle for quite some time now and this season a new love triangle is being brought into the open. You guessed it, Jessica, Hoyt, and Jason. It’s depressing to see Hoyt’s sadness over the feeling that he is slowly losing Jessica, but the worst part is that he does not yet know he might possibly lose his best friend as well. At first I really enjoyed the Jessica-Hoyt romance, but lately I’ve gotten bored with it. When Jessica was first brought onto the show, the last person I saw her in a relationship with was Jason. Surely I wasn’t the only one that felt that way? Anyhow, I am really enjoying the Jessica-Jason storyline that has been going on lately. It’s just a matter of time before something happens, regardless of how much they try to fight it! Jason has always been crazy about women and a good time, but after his near-panther experience in Hotshot, I think his views have changed.

The Witches & the Mediums

Marnie (AKA: Antonia) views Antonia as a victim who suffered drastically throughout her incarceration, but so far all that we have witnessed about Antonia’s previous life was her imprisonment and horrific death. What did she do to get arrested in the first place? Most likely it was for practicing witchcraft, but how can we be sure? Tara feels drawn to Antonia and completely supports her cause. She has been harassed, attacked, and raped by vampires, why wouldn’t she feel compelled to join her? Tara also decides to cut all ties with her girlfriend during this episode. While it was the right thing to do, I have a feeling that it will take her a little while to get back on track. Who knows, maybe if things don’t work out for Luna and Sam, Tara and Sam can hook up again. As for Holly, I was a little disappointed that she joined the clan. I can see why she might support the cause, but not knowing how things could turn out and the fact that she has children to worry about frustrated me a little. Who would take care of them if something happened to her? Enough about witches, let’s move on to the mediums. According to Jesus, Lafayette is a medium, just as Marnie is. Scary, huh? That has me very curious as to what’s in store for Lafayette in the near future…

The Shifters

So from the previous episode, Luna was under the impression she slept with Sam and then he turned into a complete jerk. Unfortunately for her, she slept with Tommy unknowingly because of his skinwalker abilities, and now she and Sam are stuck in quite a sticky situation. How would you get over something like that? Granted, neither she nor Sam had a clue what was going on, but regardless that would have to be extremely awkward to work around. So after the revelation of the Luna-Tommy/Sam situation, Sam decides to officially ban Tommy from his life. I don’t blame him, but now I have a feeling that Tommy is going to end up doing something extremely stupid, although I doubt he’ll attempt to steal money from Sam again after what happened last time. As for Alcide, he and Debbie seem to be getting along just fine, but she can’t seem to get over the idea that he has feelings for Sookie. He definitely cares for Sookie, but at this point I’m not sure just how much he cares for her. Does he care for her in a sibling sort of way or something more?

The episode ends with Jessica breaking free from her silver chains, crawling up the stairs, and opening the front door of Bill’s house.  The sun shines brightly through the door and the credits begin to play across the screen.  Will Jessica meet the true death?  What thoughts do you have about this episode?  Where do you think the Jessica-Hoyt-Jason storyline will end up if she survives her meeting with the sun?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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Video: Joe Manganiello Interview with Syfy Germany

August 23, 2011

Werewolf and Monster Sympathizer:

Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux)Joe Manganiello was recently interviewed by Syfy Germany during his tour in Munich.  When asked if he believed in the existence of supernatural creatures he replied:

“I hope there are.  It would make things very interesting.  You know, True Blood gets into ghosts a little bit, and I’ve witnessed some things that I can’t explain.  Out of all of the creatures, I think that if any of them exist, I think that ghosts are probably the most likely.  As far as the werewolves, I haven’t met one yet.”

He also discusses the anxiety he felt about joining True Blood during the third season and how blown away he was during the first table read with the cast because of their amazing talent.  When asked about the role of Alcide Herveaux in True Blood, he stated:

“Since I was a young boy I always sympathized with monsters, movie monsters.  I loved the old Bela Lugosi Dracula, Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein, of course Lon Chaney, Jr.’s Wolfman.  I always felt like I understood monsters and people didn’t.  They were afraid of them, but I just thought that they were misunderstood.”

So what is everyone’s opinion on the possible existence of supernatural creatures?  Which do you feel has the highest probability of being factual?  Anyone else ever experienced anything that you couldn’t quite explain?  I’m sure we all have at some point, so tell us your story below!   Be sure to check out Joe Manganiello’s interview with Syfy Germany below as well!

Many thanks to Florian from Syfy Germany for the scoop!

Source:  Syfy Germany



Charlaine Harris Confirms Completion of 12th Book

August 19, 2011

Nearing the end of the Sookie Stackhouse Series:

Charlaine Harris, author of Sookie Stackhouse novels (credit: NY Times)According to Charlaine Harriswebsite/blog she has officially completed the 12th novel in the Sookie Stackhouse Series!  I know that I’m not the only one out there who is ecstatic to hear this news!  Don’t get too excited yet though, because the newest book, Deadlocked, still has to pass through the hands of her editor, as well as several others who read, edit, and make suggestions to her before she makes the final changes and it is published.  I personally have not read the 11th book yet, because I have decided to put it on the backburner until it’s closer to time for the next book (Deadlocked) to be released.  The suspense is killing me, though!   So, how many of you guys are looking forward to the release of the next book?  I am a HUGE fan of True Blood and didn’t begin to read the books until after the completion of Season 3.  Once I began to read the books though, I was completely unable to put them down!  As crazy as this may sound, I read the first ten books of the series within about 3 weeks (and I hate reading most of the time)!  So if you haven’t taken the time to read the books that True Blood is based on, please do so because you will not regret it!

How many of you have read some or all of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels?  Which was your favorite so far?

Any thoughts on Deadlocked?  What about storylines that you would like to see come into play in the newest book that haven’t yet happened? (Please be sure to put SPOILER at the top of your comment if anything included is a possible spoiler from one of the other novels.)  Spill your thoughts below!

Source:  Charlaine Harris

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Alexander Skarsgård in Battleship

August 14, 2011

Skarsgård Plays Key Role in Upcoming Navy Film:

Alexander Skarsgård in BattleshipBattleship is an upcoming science fiction naval war film directed by Peter Berg that is planned to be released in May 2012.  Throughout the movie the Navy is taking part in an intense battle against an alien race that has come to Earth with destructive plans.  Alexander Skarsgård will play the part of Stone Hopper, a by-the-book kind of guy, who plays the older brother to the main character, Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch).  Also starring in the film are actors Liam Neeson and Brooklyn Decker.  R&B singer Rihanna also makes her acting debut in the film.  The relationship between Stone and Alex is an important element within the story.

“Stone is older.  He’s already in the Navy.  He’s stayed out of his brother’s business, but now it’s kind of time,” said Skarsgård.

Kitsch then adds that along with being the younger brother, he is afraid of failure.  His character truly looks up to his well-groomed, faultless big brother and because of that he holds himself back and is unable to reach his full potential.  When asked how acting on True Blood is different from his scenes for Battleship, Skarsgård replied:

“How is it different?  We don’t shoot most of our stuff on the U.S.S. Missouri. [laughs]  Day 1:  I land, go out on this gigantic barge 10 minutes offshore with cranes, boats, jet skis, 5,000 people, floating basecamps… I come from a shoot in Europe for a Lars Von Trier movie where the catering crew here is bigger than that entire crew—crazy!”

Interested in seeing the first trailer released for Battleship?  If so, click HERE!

In my honest opinion, I think it definitely appears to be worth a trip to the local movie theater upon release!  The special effects look amazing and not only do I love alien-related films, I also love watching Alexander Skarsgård, but then again, don’t we all?

Any thoughts on the film?  Be sure to check out the newly released trailer and let us know what you think!  (FYI:  Alexander looks quite stunning in his uniform.  See above picture/trailer!)

Source:  Fandango – You Sank My…!  Aboard the Set of ‘Battleship’

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Charlaine Harris’ Plans for a New Graphic Novel Series

August 11, 2011

Graphic Novels Next On Charlaine Harris’ List!

Charlaine Harris, author of The Southern Vampire MysteriesCharlaine Harris, author of The Southern Vampire Mysteries aka: The Sookie Stackhouse Novels, has recently spoken up about her plans to create a new 3-book series of graphic novels! Harris revealed:

“I’m going to be working on a graphic novel next. I’m very excited about that. It’s called Cemetery Girl with Christopher Golden, and it’s a very exciting opportunity.”

The article also states that Harris first considered creating this storyline as a traditional novel, but decided to put it on hold until the horror and fantasy author, Christopher Golden (Hellboy/Buffy the Vampire Slayer), convinced her that it would be an excellent fit for a graphic novel series.  The graphic novel series will be centered on a woman who finds herself living in a cemetery with no recollection of her past, but she has a clear sense of some sort of mysterious burden hanging over her head.  No artist has joined Harris and Golden in their creation of the series yet, but Harris added:

“The publishing company that I’ve been with, Penguin, is going into graphic novels, so it’s a great book with a very original concept.”

I have never really taken an interest in graphic novels, but with Charlaine Harris on board, I’m game!  With as much as she has accomplished in her past writing escapades, you know that a graphic novel series will be just as amazing as the rest of her work!  What do you all think about Charlaine’s idea for a new series?  A woman+a cemetery+amnesia+worry is bound to equal a thrilling new series!  Any thoughts on the topic?  Be sure to leave us your comments below!

Source:  The Beat  – Charlaine Harris plans new 3-book graphic novel series

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