Lindsay Pulsipher in “The Story Of Bonnie and Clyde”

September 30, 2011

True Blood Werepanther to Play Bonnie:

Lindsay Pulsipher as Crystal Norris in HBO's True BloodIt has been announced by Cypress Moon Studios that True Blood actress, Lindsay Pulsipher (werepanther Crystal Norris in the HBO series), will replace Hillary Duff as Bonnie in their upcoming movie, The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.

The studio cites that it was schedule differences and not Hillary’s pregnancy as the reason behind replacing her. The actor signed to play Clyde (Kevin Zegers) has also stepped down from his role. While the studio will begin production later this year, Duff stated that she would not be available until June next year and Zegers was not available until January.

This opened the door for our favorite crazy werepanther to step into the role of one of the most famous fugitives in history. The movie will be shot on location in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and possibly Missouri.

Anyone who lives in these areas will need to keep an eye out for Lindsay. Let us know if you spot her!

Source: Hollywood Reporter – ‘True Blood’ Star to Replace Hillary Duff in ‘Bonnie and Clyde’

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True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis on Playing a Character Within a Character

September 30, 2011

Lafayette on Being Possessed:

Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette ReynoldsNelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette Reynolds on HBO’s True Blood, shared his experience on playing a character within a character.

On Lafayette’s major dose of possession, Ellis said:

“I talked a lot to Fiona and tried to figure out what “possession” meant to me. I realize that I don’t become the person- the person becomes me. They get into a body where the mechanics are already there… I tried to figure out what subtle nuances I could take from [Mavis] that would remind the audience of who she was inside of me but also stay true to what Lafayette is, what his body does and the fact that he’s still there.”

On why trouble always seems to find Lafayette, Ellis said:

“Because he knows what to do with it… Lafayette is a survivor. Trouble comes, and then he surmounts it and moves on. I don’t know why he has all these problems. He got on this moving train that just won’t stop, and it just takes him deeper and deeper. I just hope he calms down next season.”

We do too! But will he? My psychic senses are screaming: NO!

Source Credit: HBO Inside True Blood – Body Snatched: Interview with Nelsan Ellis

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Kristin Bauer van Straten on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”

September 29, 2011

Vampire Pam Takes a Turn as a Witch:

Kristin Bauer van Straten HBO promo S4

Kristin Bauer van Straten revealed via her Twitter account that she was heading to Vancouver to film an episode for ABC’S “Once Upon a Time.”  According to, “Once Upon a Time” is set in Storybrooke, a New England town full of fairytale characters who have forgotten who they are and have been thrust into the modern world.  While she didn’t give away too many details, she did mention getting ready for the role (and who she will play!) on Tuesday:

“Just got to Vancouver & had fantastical wardrobe fitting! Not sure Maleficent’s future But the present is pretty fun!”’s Meg Masters also revealed that Bauer will appear in the series’ second episode which will air on October 30th.  She will be joining a list of regulars from other shows who will be making one-episode appearances.  So, not to worry, Truebies!  Her cameo does not suggest that Vampire Pam will be going anywhere any time soon.  Though information is light, fans won’t have long to wait before seeing her take a scene-stealing turn on another supernatural show.

Are you excited to see Kristin Bauer van Straten in a new, fantastical role?  Do you think that this may lead to her being typecast in “supernatural” roles?  Share your thoughts below!

Sources:  TVLine, @BauervanStraten and

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Help A University Student With Her Dissertation on True Blood

September 29, 2011

5 – 10 Minute Survey on True Blood:

True Blood Promo PosterRecently a survey popped up on requesting that people fill out a survey on the effects of social media to promote True Blood.

Ina is a student from Denmark and attending the Aarhus School of Business. She is currently writing her dissertation in corporate communication. The aim of her short survey is to discover how and why people belong to True Blood communities and the promotional role this plays.

I got a chance to speak to Ina about the reason behind choosing True Blood as a topic, and here is what she had to say:

“I waited quite some time before deciding on a topic for my dissertation. I have a big interest in many fields within corporate communication but I always loved integrated market communication and PR. I’ve been a True Blood fan since season one when my very good friend Ana and I coincidentally stumbled over the show on Swedish television. Being a fan of the show I started researching when True Blood would air in Denmark etc. and discovered this whole online world of True Blood related sites and social media dedicated to the show which were full of HBO’s promotional material. Also my friend is writing her dissertation on how SVM innovates the Southern Gothic genre. So I took a clue from her and decided to combine two of my greatest loves, marketing communication and True Blood.”

So make sure you follow the link below and help Ina out. Let us know what you thought of the survey. And thanks to the Tina at Sookieverse for passing on Ina’s contact details.

Take the Survey Now

Source: – True Blood Marketing Survey

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Video: Denis O’Hare of True Blood Shocked by Finale

September 29, 2011

O’Hare Did Not Know About Nan, Tara or Jesus:

Denis O’Hare as King Russell EdgingtonApparently Denis O’Hare was just as shocked as the rest of us at the “bloodbath” which was Season Four’s finale.  In his interview with PopSugarTV he compared the episode to the end of Hamlet — the famed Shakespearean tragedy in which everyone dies at the end.

When asked about the return of his character, PopSugarTV noted the changing power dynamics occurring in the vampire community.  Where will Russell fit in?  O’Hare said:

“He’s a very flexible character, obviously. He’s lived for 2800 years — he’s very good at sussing out where the political winds are blowing. I think he could go with anybody. He’s really the loner, not necessarily a joiner, but I could see him joining forces with whoever is capable. If Bill or Eric want to come on board, I’m sure that he could find an amenable situation. The Authority’s got an opening, so he could take that…”

The Authority opening that he referenced was of course, the (un)fortunate True Death to Nan.  O’Hare went on to say how shocked he was about the death of Rutina Wesley‘s character, Tara Thornton and Kevin Alejandro‘s Jesus.

Beyond that, we’ll all just have to wait the eight months and watch what happens in Season 5 for the epic return of O’Hare’s Russell Edgington.

So, Truebies, who do you think let the King out of his cement grave? Any guesses? Share them with us below!

Source: PopSugarTV – Denis O’Hare Calls True Blood’s Season Finale a “Bloodbath”

(Photo: HBO)


Video: Jim Parrack on Hoyt and True Blood at the Emmys

September 28, 2011

Parrack Wants Hoyt to Go Crazy:

Jim Parrack talks to Pop Sugar TV at the EmmysRecently Jim Parrack talked to Pop Sugar TV while at the Emmys. He was asked about what direction he would like to see his character, Hoyt Fortenberry take on HBO’s True Blood. Here is what he had to say:

“Someone with that much inherent goodness, you can spend your goodness up like a currency, and pretty soon the account is empty. Right? So I don’t know what is going to happen next, but I do know that the three people that [he’s] had in Hoyt’s life… have betrayed him terribly and in a very short amount of time.  So what does someone do who’s used to living for other people and suddenly they’re all gone?”

Parrack was happy to answer his own question. He would like to see Hoyt just go crazy. He would like to see booze, drugs and women involved. Murder was not out of the question for him either.

Make sure you check out the full video interview below.

Source: YouTube – PopSugarTV: Jim Parrack Wants to See Hoyt “Go Crazy” on True Blood

(Photo Credit: YouTube/PopSugarTV)


True Blood’s Evan Rachel Wood Talks to

September 28, 2011

Queen Sophie Anne Grows Up:

Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie AnneIn her latest interview for NYMag.comEvan Rachel Wood talks about her lack of shock in political scandals, her latest “grown-up” movie, Ides of March, and working with George Clooney as both a director and a fellow actor.

When talking about her Ides of March co-star Ryan Gosling, she muses that he may be this generation’s James Dean:

“There’s something really special here. It’s that striking. I think he’s the James Dean of now. And he’d better kiss my ass for saying that.”

Wood also shows her lighter side, discussing a recent YouTube video that popped up with her covering Justin Bieber:

“I was in China randomly — I know, it’s already weird [laughs] — and I’m a big karaoke fan and I also love Justin Bieber unashamedly.”

She mentions that she also made a Janis Joplin video.  Wood goes on to talk about her love of making music and while it’s always been a personal passion, it may become something she’s interested in pursuing publicly in the future.  It seems that she may join the rank of actors who are a double force in the creative world!

So, do you agree with Evan Rachel Wood that Ryan Gosling is this generation’s James Dean?  Do you share her unabashed love of Justin Bieber?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: – Evan Rachel Wood on Her Justin Bieber Video, Making Music, and Her Ides of March Co-star Ryan Gosling

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A True Blood Halloween Party at Club Fangtasia

September 28, 2011

Tickets are Selling Out Fast!

Club Fangtasia PromoFor Aussie Truebie fans, there is a very special True Blood inspired Halloween party being held again this year at Seamus O’Toole’s. I attended last year, and loved it so much that I will be there again this year. However, I have some bad news as well as some good news.

The good news is that there will possibly be a very special surprise for ticket holders this year. The bad news is that tickets are almost sold out! There are less than 80 general admission tickets left. The VIP tickets were sold out long ago. If you miss out now, your only chance is to hang around the club and hope that someone leaves early.

So if you are in Melbourne this Halloween and are looking for the best party in town, make sure you order your tickets here now.

Sources: Seamus O’Toole’s – Club Fangtasia

Club Fangtasia – Facebook Page

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True Blood’s Joe Manganiello on Two and a Half Men

September 28, 2011

Alcide Herveaux vs. Ashton Kutcher?

Joe Manganiello as Alcide HerveauxAlcide Herveaux is packing up his bags and leaving Bon Temps for Malibu – but don’t worry, it won’t be for forever!

HBO’s True Blood star Joe Manganiello is set to appear on the Oct. 24 episode of the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men. Manganiello’s character will be the hunk-sicle boyfriend of Bridget, the ex-wife of Walden, who is played by Ashton Kutcher. Bridget will be played by Judy Greer.

Manganiello has also been reported to play Big Dick Richie in a Steven Soderbergh movie about male strippers. He will also star opposite Matthew Bomer in an episode of USA’s White Collar which will air sometime in January.

Source: – ‘True Blood’ star to heat up ‘Two and a Half Men’ — EXCLUSIVE

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)


Video: Ryan Kwanten’s New Quirky, Indie, Aussie Film

September 26, 2011

On Griff the Invisible and True Blood Season 4:

Ryan Kwanten HBO Promo S4Genevieve Loh interviewed Ryan Kwanten about his role in the new indie film Griff the Invisible and his True Blood character, Jason Stackhouse, for the Singapore-based digital news show, Today.  About the film, Kwanten said, “It was the kind of story I felt needed to be told.”  The film is Australian-written and directed, but that’s not the reason for  this sexy Aussie’s participation. “That character really felt like he represented different parts of me… I’m very much sort of an introverted heart.”  He was pleased that the humor of the film was culturally transcendent, noting that it was well-received by a German audience despite the common problems that tend to arise between languages and was hopeful that a similar opinion would form with Singaporeans.

It appears that Kwanten enjoyed working on the quirky, superhero-romance because “there’s more to play within the indie world” than the more formulaic, studio-based movies that come out of Hollywood.  “The writing is more raw,” and “I like playing sort of tortured characters.”

Beyond the scope of his new indie flick, Kwanten commented a little bit on his fourth season of True Blood.  He said that his favorite co-star to work with was Chris Bauer’s Sheriff Andy Bellefleur because, as he put it, “in real life [Chris] is a big kid in an adult body.”  Because Jason Stackhouse is well-known for his lack of thoughtfulness, the combination of the two actors together on set is quite fun, according to Kwanten.

Finally, Twitter queries about his physique arose during the interview.  After watching his copious nude and shirtless scenes over the past four seasons of True Blood, it is not surprising that the public wants to know how he stays in shape.  Other than genetic blessings, he says that he doesn’t adhere to any wild diets or have any surprising exercise tips.  He thanks a combination of running, boxing and yoga for his lick-able hipbone muscle-lines.  All in all, Kwanten is an intelligent, grounded, and ambitious individual… qualities his character on True Blood does not share, but that will probably come through in his new role in Griff the Invisible.

Watch the video, and share your thoughts with us!

Source: Today Digital on YouTube – Today Talks With Ryan Kwanten

(Photo: HBO)


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