Evan Rachel Wood Will Be Tripping The Light Fantastic on Broadway

November 8, 2009

Evan Rachel WoodTrue Blood‘s Evan Rachel Wood (Sophie-Anne Leclerq) will be tripping the light fantastic on Broadway as Mary Jane in “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.”
Mary-Jane is Peter Parker’s love interest in the well known comic series of Spider-Man. Spider-Man is about a teenage boy who gets bitten by a genetically modified spider. He wakes up the next day to find himself upside down on his ceiling. Spider-Man is the hero!

Spider-Man:  Turn off the Dark” is directed by Julie Taymor, and has the likes of U2 band mates Bono and the Edge providing the music and lyrics.  All however, does not seem to have run smoothly as expected.

The production has been rumored to have had a budget of $52 million, this is more that twice the budget of “Lord of The Rings“. The show has also received a few setbacks this year with its very public shut down of production is August. There has also been rumors that the show is to be delayed until the spring instead of the late February opening.

As yet the production have no confirmed male lead however some are speculating that Reeve Carney will play the role of Peter Parker/Spiderman..

What can be assured however is that it will be great to watch Evan Rachel Wood in the role of Mary Jane.

Lets hope the show opens on time!

Source: Playbill, MTV.

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)


PHOTOS: Alexander Skarsgard’s New Movie “Beyond The Pole”

November 3, 2009

As many True Blood fans are aware, Alexander Skarsgard stars in the film entitled “Beyond The Pole,” a comedy mock documentary with Stephen Mangan, who plays a role a an environmental crusader. The British film is set to be released sometime in 2009 with Alexander playing the role of Terje.

Over the weekend some amazing photos have surfaced from the set of the movie that are quite incredible and really worth taking a look at.

There are nearly one hundred photographs to intrigue you so it was difficult which to feature her because they are spectacular. Enjoy them because I was truly mesmerized!

Alexander Skarsgard

Beyond The Pole







If you want to see more photos of Alexander Skarsgard on the set of “Beyond the Pole“, you can visit the Facebook pages at Beyond the Pole On set and Beyond the Pole Behind the Scenes.

SOURCE:  Beyond The Pole Facebook Fan Site

(Photo Credits: Facebook Page for Beyond The Pole)


UK Third Installment of True Blood Season 1 – Mine

November 1, 2009

Three Nasty Vamps and SookieIt is now apparent that True Blood throws you back to where the previous episode left you, which is kind of refreshing. In the past with drama series’, we usually have to build up the new episode to gain momentum, but True Blood is fresh and new and throws you back to full pace at the start of each episode.
Last week we saw Sookie arriving at Bill‘s. She was faced with three very different vampires, who were quite scary looking! (They remind me of what I used to imagine vampires were like) They try to “glamor” Sookie to which she responds “it doesn’t work on her”. The vamps are taken by surprise, wanting to know why, and Sookie answers honestly: she doesn’t know why.

The three vamps eventually let Sookie into the house after she explained that she had some business to attend to with Bill. Sookie walked in to Bill‘s home only to find two scantily dressed humans waiting for their “masters”.
The vamps are crude and you see a tougher Sookie come into play. As we are are already aware from previous episodes, Sookie is not one to discuss sex or anything around that topic. You could tell Sookie was scared, but she stood up for what she believed in. They commented about how good she smells and that they can tell she is a virgin. Just as the vampires attempt to feed on Sookie, Bill jumped up, shouting “STOP! Sookie is MINE!” The vamps reluctantly obeyed Bill‘s orders and backed away.

One of the vamps offered the male human (Jerry) for Bill to feed on, to which Bill agrees. As he is about to bite the human, Sookie hears the human’s malicious thoughts; he has “Hep D”.Sookie shouted “STOP!! he has Hep D” Bill stopped and the human pounce on Sookie and try to strangle her, but Bill broke Jerry’s hand and pushed him away. The other vamps grabbed Jerry and head out but one of the vamps wanted to know how Sookie knew about Jerry, however, Bill communicated with Sookie, letting her know not to say anything and the other vamps swiftly disappear.

Once they have gone, Bill apologized to Sookie for her encounter with the other vampires. Sookie asked Bill what Hep D is and Bill explained it as the only human disease that can affect vampires.  Hep D is harmless to humans but weakens vampires for about a month, it makes them weak, and easier to stake.

Sookie then asked Bill what on earth he meant when he said to the others that she was his. Bill explained that he was communicating with the others to let them know that he was the only one who could feed on her. Sookie was appalled and said that he “most certainly cannot” feed on her. However, had he not said what he had said, Sookie would have been fair game.

Sookie was angry with everything that she had encountered that evening. She explained to Bill that she found some contractors that have agreed to see Bill after dark. When she told Bill that she had to go home, Bill asked Sookie if he may kiss her good night. She refused, explaining that she “couldn’t stand it after them”.

Meanwhile, Tara and Sam as they finished their shift at the bar, they started to have a heart to heart. Tara knew that Sam was in love with Sookie and didn’t hold back when she asked why Sam has not made a move yet. Sam shot back at Tara about her love for Jason. It was like a tennis match between them, with comments being thrown back and forth.

Let’s not forget Jason, who we last saw tied to Dawn’s bed while she went to her shift at Merlotte’s.  She returned home after her shift to find her bed empty. Dawn was then molested, and forced on to the bed by an oddly dressed man. Dawn, at first thinks its Jason, but the man explained in a Scream-esque telephone voice that Jason was his starter and he was coming back for main course with Dawn. While Dawn is in a state of terror about the situation, Jason revealed himself from the mask. When Dawn realized that it was Jason, she lashed out. Jason cheekily told Dawn it was foreplay and he ended up getting his way with her again!

All was not well, part way through their very erotic sex, Jason lost his erection. Jason, being Jason, was understandably very upset. Dawn told him it happens to everyone, but Jason assured her that it had never happened before. Dawn returned from putting some clothes on with a gun, telling Jason to get our of her house.

He thought that she was messing around until she fired a warning shot at the floor. Jason made a run for it, while the neighbors came out to witness the commotion. While fumbling to get into his truck, Jason yelled towards the street that Dawn is a “crazy bitch”.

Back to Tara and Sam, who continued their heart to heart. Tara suggest that they should sleep together. At first, Sam flatly refuses Tara, but after persuading himself, he agreed to have no strings sex with her.

Tara returned home after her raunchy night with Sam, only to be confronted by her drunk mother who hit her with an empty liquor bottle. Tara left with haste and head straight to Lafayette’s.

Although Lafayette was ‘busy’ with a state senate (who pretends to someone he isn’t), he lets Tara in and gave her some TLC and a little extra.

The episode then jumped back to Sookie working hard on her grandma’s garden. Sookie has kept herself busy, trying to figure out her dilemma of what to do over Bill. She was not sure whether to follow her heart or her head.

She headed over to Bill’s and sat outside; it was midday, while Bill was fast asleep (or whatever it is he does when its daylight!)

Sookie thoughts take over her,  and she had a few ‘private moments’ before she was rudely interrupted by Sam calling her on the phone. Sookie was on her day off and she promptly told Sam that she was not coming in. However, all Sam wanted Sookie to do was to go and check on Dawn as she had not turned up for her shift. Sookie unenthusiastically agreed to go to Dawn’s.

Sookie arrived at Dawn’s, knocked more than once before inviting herself in. She walked in to find Dawn’s alarm clock  still ringing. Sookie made her way to Dawn’s bedroom only to find Dawn sprawled across the bed….Dead.

So yet again True Blood leaves you hungry for more.

This episode had a lot going on. I didn’t think it was as fast paced as the previous episodes and I kind of missed seeing Bill! However, we did get to learn a little more about Sam, Jason, Tara, and Lafayette.

More Bill in the next episode please!!!!

True Blood is on Every Wednesday at 22.00GMT on Channel 4.


Deborah Ann Woll’s Movie Causes A Stir

October 24, 2009

Deborah Ann Woll JessicaAs many True Blood fans are aware Deborah Ann Woll is filming Mother’s Day in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, a remake of 1980 cult horror film.  Recently the residents of Winnipeg had an unexpected shock. The local police received a call from a passerby who advised them that they had spotted two bloodied men with guns in a vehicle in the local area.  Police immediately responded to the call.  Once they arrived at the scene, it was explained to the police that they were shooting for a film. The blood was fake, the guns were fake however the police were real. The police quickly resolved the matter and no-one got hurt or arrested.  A source within the film company was quoted saying, “They all had a good laugh about it.”

Kenny Boyce the City’s manager of films and special events advised “such things shouldn’t happen”. Boyce went on to say that “they had permission from the city for a travelling shoot, but not for a gun shoot, they were granted permission to shoot in a moving vehicle. Through a glitch, the art department decided to include a gun in the scene.”

Boyce also advised that “we have a whole protocol around guns and gun safety.” When a film uses guns the police should be made aware well in advance, if a scene involves guns and a moving vehicle they have a police escort so that residents are aware that its just a movie.

The residents can rest at ease for now as the filming continues indoors.

Source: Winnipeg Free Press

(Photo credit:  HBO Inc.)


The UK Second True Blood Installment – First Taste

October 22, 2009

Last week we were left high and dry with a cliff hanger. The episode throws you back to where the last episode left us; it’s at full pace from the start. The Rattrays are beating Sookie, to within inches of her life, and the mysterious dog from the first episode reappears trying to distract the Rattrays, but one of them pulls a gun on the dog.  Sookie makes a grab for the gunman, but something throws him up into the air and against the trees and slits his throat, closely followed by the remaining Rattray. You kinda guess that they are both dead.
You know it is Bill that has Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhousecome to the rescue and he picks up Sookie, taking her to a secluded area, while she falls in and out of consciousness. He rests Sookie gently on the ground and Sookie explains that she cannot feel her legs. Bill then takes a bite from himself and tells her she must drink his blood. She refuses as she doesn’t want to become a vampire, however, Bill assures her that she won’t and he forces her to drink his blood before his wound heals.  Sookie reluctantly drinks Bill‘s blood, and it turns into a very sensual moment. After the reluctance fades, you realize that she is enjoying it far, far too much.

She then loses consciousness, and the scene cuts to her waking up to see Bill licking blood off her forehead.  Bill asks her “what are you” to which Sookie replies that she is a telepath.  Bill asks if she can hear his thoughts but Sookie states that she can’t and that is why she likes him so much because it is so relaxing after a lifetime of hearing “blah, blah, blah.” As Sookie starts to move she realizes that she is healed. She is shocked and asks Bill if doctors know what “V juice” can do; he explains that it is indeed a secret between them. Whilst Bill is walking her back to her car, Sookie asks his age.  Bill explains that he became a vampire in 1865, when he was just 30 ‘human years’ old. Sookie inquires about whether he was in the Civil War, which he confirms that he was. Sookie asks him to come and speak to her Grandma about the Civil War. Bill thinks about this for a moment and agrees to go because it will make Sookie happy. Bill arranges to visit Sookie the following day…after dark.

Meanwhile, Jason is being questioned by the police over Maudette’s murder. The police wait twelve hours before showing him a video that they have recovered of Maudette and him being particularly intimate, including a snippet of what happens when Jason leaves the scene. It shows Maudette is only playing dead and once Jason has left, she unhooks herself from the position she was in and turns the camera off. The police release Jason, and he goes straight to see Dawn (a waitress at Merlotte’s). All Jason wants is his way with yet another women, especially after the day he has had and, inevitably, gets what he wants!  In the second episode you learn a little bit more about the various characters. You find out that Tara‘s mother is a drunk and that Tara hates living at home with her. She has her cousin Lafayette to call on when she doesn’t want to be at home. I really like Lafayette; he is a wicked character, he is fun, hilarious, and brings people out of their shells.  I only hope we see more of him as the series progresses.

You also meet Sookie’s Grandma, who dotes on both her grandchildren as they are all she has left of her family and she is all Sookie and Jason have too.  Sookie and her Grandma seem to have a special relationship. Sookie’s Grandma is very similar to Sookie in her  acceptance of vampires and is very excited that Bill has agreed to talk to her about the Civil War.  Bill arrives at Sookie’s; however, not only is he meeting Sookie’s Grandma, he also has the pleasure of meeting Jason and Tara, who are extremely rude to Bill. Sookie’s Grandma puts Jason firmly back in his place; she will not tolerate rudeness in her home. Bill agrees to talk at the church for Sookie’s Grandmas club.

With the acceptance of Sookie’s Grandma, Bill takes Sookie for a walk. Sookie pesters Bill with more questions. She wants to know what effects Bill’s blood will have on her, to which he explains that her senses will be heightened, as will her libido, and his ability to feel where Sookie is (he will even know if she is in trouble). Sookie demands that Bill try and work his magic in influencing her, but is surprised when he is unable to take control of her. They both accept each others special abilities and start walking again. Bill takes her to his home, and explains to Sookie that he is renovating the place and she offers a lending hand in helping to find contractors.

Bill then takes things a little further and is overwhelmed as he tells Sookie that that he can “smell the sunlight on your skin”.  Sookie is so drawn to him and grabs onto to Bill and they kiss passionately until Bill‘s fangs make a sharp entrance and Bill pulls himself away from her.  Bill is embarrassed about his fangs and decides to take Sookie home.

You really start to see that both characters are falling for each other when Sookie keeps having adult dreams about Bill. It’s clear that Bill is falling for Sookie as well; he understands that Sookie can only be herself around him because she cannot hear his thoughts.

The next scene between Sookie and Bill, Sookie arrives at Bill’s home to deliver the contractors details however, she is greeted not by Bill, but three not so friendly vampires, one of which looks strangely familiar.

What will happen to Sookie, will Bill save her again?

This was another cracking episode which left me scared for Sookie again; will the poor girl ever have an easy life?? We shall have to wait for the next installment of True Blood on Wednesday at 22:00 GMT on Channel 4.


Another Night Of Solid Ratings For The Second Episode Of True Blood

October 18, 2009

SookieWednesday night the UK saw its second installment of True Blood with a respectable 1.5 million viewers a 10% share between 10pm and 11.15pm.

Wednesday was a huge night in football with England playing Belarus for the final world cup qualifier, which slightly clashed with the beginning of the second True Blood episode; however, 136,000 viewers watched True Blood on Channel 4+1 (which airs all channel 4 programs an hour later).

These are respectable rating figures for a Wednesday night and it will only grow as season progresses. Tune in for the third installment on Wednesday night at 22.00 GMT Channel 4.

SOURCE:  Guardian


True Blood UK Terrestrial Channel Debut

October 15, 2009

Bill Compton and Sookie StackhouseWith the roaring success vampires have been having recently with the massive international success of the first feature length installment of the Twilight Saga and the vampire fictional worlds growing ever stronger, it was no surprise that True Blood would be any different; in fact, it has been a huge phenomenon in the States. With the eagerly anticipated UK terrestrial channel arrival of True Blood on Channel 4 and its raunchy ad campaign (which had you begging for more) I, for one, waited with baited breath as True Blood landed on our screens last Wednesday.  Within the first few minutes I was hooked with its catchy theme tune, which gets into your head and has you singing “I wanna do bad things to you” throughout the day (which to be honest is not a great thing in an office environment!!).  The show itself is based in a small town called Bon Temps, Louisiana, where everyone knows everything. Sookie Stackhouse is the lead female character (played by Anna Paquin), and is an ordinary girl who works as a waitress in Merlotte’s Bar. Except she’s not so ordinary; she has a special power. She can hear peoples thoughts. Her gift is sometimes a hindrance: she has not been able to have a boyfriend, not for the want of trying, but she hates hearing what they want to do to her and what they think of her.  Oh, and I should also mention that in this world vampires live amongst the humans, no longer in secrecy. They have their own rights, and no longer need to feed off mortals to sustain their needs; the new invention of Tru Blood, a synthetic blood, satisfies their nutritional needs. Sookie soon realizes that vampires cannot always take care of themselves. She ends up rescuing a vampire from the Rattrays (a pair of low-life trash) who are trying to drain him of his blood, which is very sought after by us mortals.

It all starts off with Sookie having a bad shift, her worse customers have arrived (the Rattrays). As Sookie puts it so very eloquently “no count, backwards, trash”.  As always Sookie is polite and deals with them as she does with every other customer.

Her world is turned upside down when Merlotte’s gets its first resident Vampire coming into thew bar. Sookie knows straight away what he is; she has no preconceptions and dives straight in, head first to introduce herself. She doesn’t care what people think: she is intrigued by the vampire, and confused that she cannot hear his thoughts, however, she hears the Rattrays’ thoughts and knows there is going to be trouble.

But will Sookie’s rescue land her in trouble??

So with the Rattrays taken care of by Sookie‘s intervention and the vampire in debt to Sookie, he introduces himself as Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer). Sookie is amazed that she cannot hear his thoughts. She is at peace because for once she has no-one else’s thoughts to hear but her own! Sookie is not the only one who is taken by surprise; Vampire Bill is taken aback when Sookie refuses to take the blood that the Rattrays have drained.  There is definitely something different and unique about her that he has not expereinced in a long time. Sookie says her goodbyes and cannot secretly wait to see him again.

Sookie has alot of people looking out for her, she has her brother Jason who is the complete opposite to Sookie and keeps his brain firmly in his trousers. I think secretly we all wish we could bottle what Jason has and bring it out every Saturday night; he is a bag of fun and is one hell of a ladies man. His heart is in the right place when it comes to family and he loves his sister dearly.

Then there is Sookie’s boss Sam Merlotte (the owner of Merlotte’s bar, funnily enough) who is constantly looking out for her. Except he has his own agenda, he is truly in love with Sookie. Despite being a supporter of the vampire rights amendment, he is not too keen on them coming into his bar, especially the ones who have a keen interest in Sookie!

Last, but by no means least, is Sookie’s childhood best friend Tara Thornton. She is the punch first, ask questions later kinda girl! She loves Sookie like a sister and just wants to protect her.  All three do not want Sookie talking to Bill Compton; they are fearful for her and are afraid of change. They all think they know whats best for Sookie Stackhouse!

However, Sookie has a mind of her own. She arranges to meet Bill after her late shift at Merlotte’s. Bill thinks it’s a good idea to keep low as he does not want to rock the boat with the locals. He is already concerned that they are all talking about him. All Bill really wants is to fit in as best possible and live as much as a normal life as a vampire can lead.

Sookie leaves the bar at the end of her shift and gets into a spot of bother, to which point the episode leaves you high and dry!

Will Bill get to Sookie in time to save her……..

To sum up True Blood in five words (I could not narrow it down to three) would be, exciting, fun, sexy, different and down right RUDE! (I know its a little more than 5 words but it just had to be said!)

The opening episode of True Blood had me craving for more, it is probably one of the best openings to any series and I cannot wait to see episode 2 on Wednesday 2200GMT on Channel 4.