True Blood UK Terrestrial Channel Debut

October 15, 2009 by  

Bill Compton and Sookie StackhouseWith the roaring success vampires have been having recently with the massive international success of the first feature length installment of the Twilight Saga and the vampire fictional worlds growing ever stronger, it was no surprise that True Blood would be any different; in fact, it has been a huge phenomenon in the States. With the eagerly anticipated UK terrestrial channel arrival of True Blood on Channel 4 and its raunchy ad campaign (which had you begging for more) I, for one, waited with baited breath as True Blood landed on our screens last Wednesday.  Within the first few minutes I was hooked with its catchy theme tune, which gets into your head and has you singing “I wanna do bad things to you” throughout the day (which to be honest is not a great thing in an office environment!!).  The show itself is based in a small town called Bon Temps, Louisiana, where everyone knows everything. Sookie Stackhouse is the lead female character (played by Anna Paquin), and is an ordinary girl who works as a waitress in Merlotte’s Bar. Except she’s not so ordinary; she has a special power. She can hear peoples thoughts. Her gift is sometimes a hindrance: she has not been able to have a boyfriend, not for the want of trying, but she hates hearing what they want to do to her and what they think of her.  Oh, and I should also mention that in this world vampires live amongst the humans, no longer in secrecy. They have their own rights, and no longer need to feed off mortals to sustain their needs; the new invention of Tru Blood, a synthetic blood, satisfies their nutritional needs. Sookie soon realizes that vampires cannot always take care of themselves. She ends up rescuing a vampire from the Rattrays (a pair of low-life trash) who are trying to drain him of his blood, which is very sought after by us mortals.

It all starts off with Sookie having a bad shift, her worse customers have arrived (the Rattrays). As Sookie puts it so very eloquently “no count, backwards, trash”.  As always Sookie is polite and deals with them as she does with every other customer.

Her world is turned upside down when Merlotte’s gets its first resident Vampire coming into thew bar. Sookie knows straight away what he is; she has no preconceptions and dives straight in, head first to introduce herself. She doesn’t care what people think: she is intrigued by the vampire, and confused that she cannot hear his thoughts, however, she hears the Rattrays’ thoughts and knows there is going to be trouble.

But will Sookie’s rescue land her in trouble??

So with the Rattrays taken care of by Sookie‘s intervention and the vampire in debt to Sookie, he introduces himself as Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer). Sookie is amazed that she cannot hear his thoughts. She is at peace because for once she has no-one else’s thoughts to hear but her own! Sookie is not the only one who is taken by surprise; Vampire Bill is taken aback when Sookie refuses to take the blood that the Rattrays have drained.  There is definitely something different and unique about her that he has not expereinced in a long time. Sookie says her goodbyes and cannot secretly wait to see him again.

Sookie has alot of people looking out for her, she has her brother Jason who is the complete opposite to Sookie and keeps his brain firmly in his trousers. I think secretly we all wish we could bottle what Jason has and bring it out every Saturday night; he is a bag of fun and is one hell of a ladies man. His heart is in the right place when it comes to family and he loves his sister dearly.

Then there is Sookie’s boss Sam Merlotte (the owner of Merlotte’s bar, funnily enough) who is constantly looking out for her. Except he has his own agenda, he is truly in love with Sookie. Despite being a supporter of the vampire rights amendment, he is not too keen on them coming into his bar, especially the ones who have a keen interest in Sookie!

Last, but by no means least, is Sookie’s childhood best friend Tara Thornton. She is the punch first, ask questions later kinda girl! She loves Sookie like a sister and just wants to protect her.  All three do not want Sookie talking to Bill Compton; they are fearful for her and are afraid of change. They all think they know whats best for Sookie Stackhouse!

However, Sookie has a mind of her own. She arranges to meet Bill after her late shift at Merlotte’s. Bill thinks it’s a good idea to keep low as he does not want to rock the boat with the locals. He is already concerned that they are all talking about him. All Bill really wants is to fit in as best possible and live as much as a normal life as a vampire can lead.

Sookie leaves the bar at the end of her shift and gets into a spot of bother, to which point the episode leaves you high and dry!

Will Bill get to Sookie in time to save her……..

To sum up True Blood in five words (I could not narrow it down to three) would be, exciting, fun, sexy, different and down right RUDE! (I know its a little more than 5 words but it just had to be said!)

The opening episode of True Blood had me craving for more, it is probably one of the best openings to any series and I cannot wait to see episode 2 on Wednesday 2200GMT on Channel 4.