A Busy Year for Carrie Preston

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Carrie Preston, True Blood’s Arlene Fowler, has had a busy year working on True Blood, acting on several other movies, directing, and producing. Carrie sat down with Runway Magazine for a short interview and discussed some of her projects, favorite fashion designers, and fashion no-no’s.

For her character Arlene, True Blood fans will get to see a deeper and more emotional side of the normally erratic and humorous Merlotte’s server. Carrie says that Arlene is:

Grappling with something quite big and personal, so there will be more of an insight into how she deals with stress and pressure. She’s still serving up a lot of the humor of the show, but it was a nice change of pace for me to be asked to tap into a deeper well of emotions this season.

Carrie is also busy running her production company, Daisy 3 Pictures. The company has already produced two features and one short film, and will be teaming up with Locomotive to produce the screenplay “That’s What She Said” by Kellie Overbey, which Carrie will also be directing. Carrie describes it as “an East Village Sex and the City” and is a response to all the “men are boys” movies flooding the theaters (think… any Judd Apatow movie). As for being in front of the cameras, Carrie is also working on three movies: “What’s Wrong with Virginia,” with Jennifer Connelly, “A Bag of Hammers,” alongside Rebecca Hall and Jason Ritter, and “Sironia,” with Wes Cunningham.

While incredibly busy, Carrie notes that she is “someone who gets around fashion wise,” and lists her favorite designers as Catherine Malandrino, Nanette Lapore, Theory, and Betsey Johnson. Carrie says that, “they all tend to have silhouettes that are inventive, flattering and even a bit whimsical. Those are the designs I gravitate towards.” How can others make sure that their fashion choices are also flattering and whimsical?

Carrie notes that her top 3 fashion disaster rules are:

1) I think the micro-shorts where the bottom of the butt is hanging out just doesn’t look good on anyone no matter how rocking the glutes. The same goes for the thong bikinis. I think the rule there is to leave some things to the imagination; it’s sexier.

2) If someone’s fingernails can double as tools or weapons, they are too long.

3) Don’t wear long full jackets with long full skirts. I don’t think they look flattering, no matter the person’s body type.

With such a busy career, True Blood fans have several ways to get their Carrie fix: True Blood, or any of the movies Carrie will be directing and acting in this year.

SOURCE: Runway Magazine

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